How to choose a shutter? HVAC provides 5 reference opinions to help you with one arm

How to choose the air outlet?

Here are a few reference opinions.

1) Under normal circumstances, use the louver to send the air outlet. The difference between a single layer and double layer is that the former adjustment of the wind direction is limited to one dimension, and the latter is two dimensions. If the amount of wind is required, the node valve is required.

2) In the case of a ceiling, the air supply can be used to obtain a better airflow tissue.

3) Tall space, rotating air outlets or spray mouths should be adopted.

4) The work area requires large air supply and small wind speeds, such as purifying areas, etc., and can be used to send air off the air.


5) Backwind can be passed by louver, grille, etc. Should not be located in the shot area where people stay for a long time. When the side delivery is used, it should be located on the same side of the air outlet. When conditions permit, (Teacher Du on the bird education on the tree) can use a concentrated backwind or corridor backwind, but the wind speed of the corridor’s section should not be too large.


How to choose a shutter?


Generally, according to the air volume and economic wind speed, determine the section area of ​​the air outlet, and then find the same area from the sample. If the suitable one is not found, you can also set the size by yourself. The manufacturer can be customized according to the size. The following is a recommended wind speed and air volume table.

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Blosswood air volume table (L/S)

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