Construction engineering welding mesh film

As the name suggests, the welding mesh is a mesh formed by the high -quality low -carbon steel wire after being cut off and then welded by the welding equipment. The application of the welding mesh is very wide because it has the advantages of simple structural, fast production, beautiful and practical, and easy to transport. It is mainly used for construction net tendons, and can also be used for supermarket shelves, seedling breeding, etc.

The types of welding mesh are: stainless steel mesh, black iron wire mesh, galvanized iron wire mesh, plastic mesh, and frame mesh. The welding mesh is made of high -quality wire, which is made of precision automated mechanical welding. After the welding mesh is formed, galvanized (electroplating or hot -plating); galvanized wire welding mesh system uses high -quality galvanized wire through precision automated mechanical welding through precision automated mechanical welding production.

The above -mentioned product has a flat surface, strong structure, strong overall, and has strong corrosion resistance.

The welding mesh is a kind of high -quality Q195 low -carbon steel wire welding, and then cold -plating (electroplating), heat plating, PVC wrapping and other surface passivation, plasticization treatment, flat surface surface, uniform mesh, welding, welding, welding, welding, welding Point solid, good local processing performance, stable, anticorrosive, and anti -corrosion -like mesh network products. Galvanized (electroplating or hot -plating) after the welding mesh is formed; the product system is made of high -quality galvanized iron wire through precise automated mechanical welding. It has the characteristics of solid welding joints, reasonable structure, uniform mesh, etc., flat surface, strong structure, strong overall, and strong corrosion resistance. The area is widely used.

Application of construction engineering

The welding mesh is mainly used for construction engineering. It has strong corrosion resistance, uniform mesh, and strong overall performance of the floor heating. It has been widely used in many regions of China.

Construction electric welding mesh construction is convenient to ensure quality. The welding mesh is made in the factory according to the design drawings, and the construction is paved. Therefore, compared with traditional artificial losses, it not only guarantees the quality of the project, but also accelerates the shortened construction progress.

Building brick belt mesh is also a type of welding mesh. It has the characteristics of convenient construction and fast. It is mainly used in the construction of new rural areas. To enhance the wall resistance and prevent earthquake use.



Nets with vitality colors are widely used in exhibitions, sample racks, etc.


Material: Low -carbon wire, electroplating wire, electro -galvanized filament, stainless steel wire, etc.

Advantages: strong welding, uniform mesh, flat surface surface, corrosion resistance, strong strength, and strong protection capacity.

The welding network is widely used in industrial, agriculture, breeding, construction, transportation, mining and other aspects. Such as machine protective hoods, beasts and animal fences, flower and wood fences, window fences, channel fences, poultry cages, egg baskets and family office food baskets, paper baskets and decoration.

Building electric welding mesh can be used for the construction industry as the Shuleshe board network and partition network, which is an ideal material for high -rise new buildings.


The structure of the welding mesh is concise, widely used, beautiful and practical, easy to transport, installation is not limited by terrain, especially for mountains, slopes, and multi -curved areas to adaptability, low prices, and suitable for large areas.

Main market: railway closed network highway closed network, field fence, community guardrail, various isolation nets

The welding network can be made into a mesh form. The surface treatment method of the mesh can be performed or a plastic spraying process. A protective film is formed on the surface of the welding network. Sexual substance isolation can effectively increase the use time. The plastic spraying process can make the surface of the mesh show different colors and make the mesh achieve a beautiful effect. Plug -plastic mesh is usually used for outdoor and connected to the column, which can protect the effect of protecting and anti -theft.


The surface treatment method can be divided into:

Hot -dip galvanized welding mesh, electro -galvanized welding mesh, stainless steel welding mesh, soaked welding mesh, copper -plated welding mesh, chrome -plated welding mesh, etc.

It can be divided into::


Building electric welding mesh, decorative welding mesh, guardrail welding mesh, ore sieve welding mesh, etc.