Fashionable | Yes, it is the predecessor of pedagogy and pants!

In the 1990s, everyone had a pair of pants in China. Some people called it to step on their foot pants, and some people called bodybuilding pants. They all refer to the kind of width and narrow upper and lower, with a band or directly designed in a ring under the pants to step on the pants that step on the feet.

After putting it on, a sense of stretching will be produced, which sets off the slenderness of the legs, which reflects a kind of lines of lines.

时髦办 | 对,是脚蹬裤,打底裤的前身!

It carries many people’s memories of that era.

时髦办 | 对,是脚蹬裤,打底裤的前身!

“Regardless of whether the figure is fat or thin, borrowing today’s words, I feel shameless if there is no pedagogy.”

时髦办 | 对,是脚蹬裤,打底裤的前身!

“Classic pedals, memories of a generation, wearing college students’ fashion performances, which shows its status and scale at that time.”

“Step on your feet and run away if you walk too much.”

时髦办 | 对,是脚蹬裤,打底裤的前身!

“When I was young, I saw girls wearing stepped pants and pinching sandals. Don’t mention more sexy”

“Stepping on your feet is more sexy than pantyhose, the strap that steps on his feet and the feeling of looming restraint.”

时髦办 | 对,是脚蹬裤,打底裤的前身!

“There is a fight on stepping on the pants and hanging crotch pants. It used to be called the trend, but now I dare not wear it.”

“We were called bodybuilding pants. My mother was wearing it at that time. When she said to see me at school, she was joked by her classmates.

“This is fashion, the participation of the whole people, and the small white shoes of the heel, the tide is dying”

Later, pedal pants slowly faded from our lives with the trend.

时髦办 | 对,是脚蹬裤,打底裤的前身!

But now it is hot again, and only talents who are active at the forefront of fashion are worn.

People take it with a variety of high heels, some step on the soles of the feet, and some are directly hooked outside the high heels. In short, they are worn by fashionistas.

The material is much thicker than before, and there are even jeans that are stepped on.

时髦办 | 对,是脚蹬裤,打底裤的前身!

Then the problem is coming. Although the pants are popular again, will you still wear it?

时髦办 | 对,是脚蹬裤,打底裤的前身!

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时髦办 | 对,是脚蹬裤,打底裤的前身!

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时髦办 | 对,是脚蹬裤,打底裤的前身!

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时髦办 | 对,是脚蹬裤,打底裤的前身!

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