It is more important than the heat pipe! The mystery of the efficiency of the cooling fan of the decryption notebook

The performance of the laptop can be used for geometry, and the design of the heat dissipation module is crucial. As one of the “three elements” of the laptop cooling module, the role of the fan is undoubted, so when choosing a notebook, many users think that the more the number of fans is, the better. In fact, there are still many factors that affect the performance of the fan. Looking at the same fan, efficiency always has a large difference due to these factors.

Deep analysis of the cooling fan

Among the three elements of the laptop cooling module, the cooling fan can largely make up for the insufficient heat conduction and heat dissipation efficiency of heat pipes and heat dissipation fins, and this is why the hardware configuration is the same, the number of heat dissipation fans, heat pipes and heat dissipation fins design design There are the root causes of the same difference between the same laptops.


Ensure the smooth duct

The cooling fan dedicated to desktop processors is mostly axial flow structure. We can understand it as a reduced electric fan to promote air in vertical direction, thereby accelerating the heat loss of the heat sink at the bottom.


The internal space of the notebook is limited, and the fan and heat dissipation fins cannot be arranged vertically. They can only be placed in the horizontal direction, so this requires the fan to blow off in the specified direction on the side.


Therefore, the cooling fan dedicated to the laptop is mainly turbine structure. The fan blades and rotating surfaces are arranged in a ring vertically. During the work process, the air surrounded by axis into the ring fan blades. Plug it out horizontally, form a vortex scattered airflow on the periphery of the fan blades, and is blown out from the wind grille mouth to the diversion of the runner.

In other words, the axial flow fan often used by desktop machines seems to be a “scattered shotgun”, and its heat dissipation area is distributed; the turbine fan dedicated to the notebook is like a “sniper rifle”. Its heat dissipation area is mainly point. The collected cold air converges to a point facing the direction of the heat dissipation fins. If you want to use 100%efficiency, you need to avoid unnecessary loss of air volume.

Therefore, when disassembling notebooks, you will find that most of the laptop fan and heat dissipation fins are affixed with a piece of black acetate tape to block the gap to prevent “leakage”. Be sure to re -put the acetate cloth tape back, otherwise it will affect the efficiency of the air duct blowing.


It should be noted that many thin and thin books have adopted a “sinking” rotor in order to pursue thin slim design. If the air outlet is located at the back of the fuselage, the bottom B surface of B surface will inevitably block some air outlets, so as to thus, so as to thus, so as to thus, some air outlets will inevitably block the outlets, so as to thus, so as to thus Lost a certain heat dissipation efficiency.

Want to avoid this embarrassment, either the design of the outlet side of the outlet, or use the vertical shaft, or on the basis of the “sink” rotation, “dig” a groove at the bottom of the screen B surface.


In addition, the heat dissipation fan generally relies on the cooling hole in the inside of the notebook to “suck the wind” and then blow it to the heat dissipation fin to ensure that the smoothness of this “air duct” can also improve a certain heat dissipation efficiency.

Some notebooks do not have a dust -proof net in the position of the heat sink in the bottom cover, and the hidden dangers that are prone to ash have been exchanged for a larger air volume; some light and thin books use a unique “hip -lifting” design, and the behind -screen shaft can be used to open the shaft behind the screen. Press the keyboard up up to a certain angle to ensure the circulation of air at the bottom of the notebook;


When the notebook is placed near the wall or near the partition, the heat wave discharged from the rear outlet will rebound back to the bottom of the notebook. The “contact” of the drooling of the D surface and the rear outlet is blocked. Similar details design will have a certain gain effect on the actual heat dissipation of the notebook.

The size and working voltage of the fan

For the heat dissipation fan, the larger the size, the greater the air volume under the same speed; the higher the operating voltage, the higher the operating voltage, which can run on a higher speed, thereby forming a larger air volume. Although many light books and game books are equipped with two heat sink fans, they are large and small, and the specifications are not uniform.

The working voltage of the notebook fan is generally 5V, and a few high -end games will be equipped with a 12V voltage fan, which corresponds to the fan speed under the “violent mode”. However Suitable for the use scene of playing games with headphones.


The difference between bionic fan blades and materials

When the size and working voltage of the laptop cooling fan, its air volume, noise and heat dissipation efficiency will be determined by the number of leaves, materials and bionic design.

The number of blades of many thin and light fan is between 50 and 60 pieces, and the number of leaves of the game book fan will be more. The most representative of which is the ASUS ROG ice blade series. At the ice blade 1, its built -in fan blades are 71 pieces, and the fan blades of ROG Ice Blade 3 have increased to 83 pieces, and the thinnest part is only 0.2mm. The question comes, the more the leaf of the notebook fan, the better?


The answer is that there is a critical point of the number of fan blades, which must be balanced between the number of leaves and their spacing. Too many leaves in too small space means that there is not enough air to be launched. In order to find this balance point, OEM manufacturers often evaluate airflow changes through industry standard simulation software.

In terms of noise, “Bionic Design” is needed to appear. The “Eagle Fan Fan” focused on ThinkPad’s high -end models, and the “Blade Speed ​​Cold Fan” pushed by Acer plunder game refers to the feathers unique to owl wings. Each fan is not a plane, but uneven uneven The sawtooth can also provide a large amount of air volume in ultra -thin spaces with less than 5mm thickness, and the noise at full speed is also well controlled.


In addition, the material of the internal blades of the fan is almost all plastic. If it is replaced with metal materials, the air volume will be greater at the same voltage and speed. The fourth -generation 3D blade speed cold metal fan represented by the Acer plunder game, which is officially said that its air volume is increased by 45%compared with the same size plastic fan.


However, although the metal fan blades are good, its assembly difficulty and cost are higher. Once it is mistaken during assembly or usually falls into debris, the fan blades deform, but it will affect the heat dissipation effect. Therefore, more OEM manufacturers prefer the fan of plastic leaf, so that the deformation and shape of each fan blade are within the control range.

The necessity of dust removal

Due to the closedness of the laptop heat dissipation module, it is destined to face the problem of accumulating dust for a long time. Therefore, it is necessary to regulate the fan regularly to re -apply silicon grease between the heat sink and the chip. As far as the dustproof ability of the fan, ASUS should be the most experienced. In many ASUS new games, the fan of the concept of “Anti-Dust” is introduced. When the dust enters the fan cavity, the dust particles can be discharged from the preset dust dust channel to the fan for a long time. It will block the heat dissipation fins (.


The material of the notebook fan shell will also slightly affect the heat dissipation effect. Some laptop fan uses the plastic body and metal top cover, which uses the better advantage of metal thermal conductivity to improve a certain amount of heat dissipation ability.

In addition, whether the laptop fan shell can be demolished and easy to disassemble, it will affect the difficulty of dust removal in the future. Some notebooks use a conjoined heat pipe, fan and heat dissipation fin. Clean the internal fan leaves at a fixed -point cleaning, and there is a “dead corner”.


In short, these details affect the heat dissipation ability of the notebook, and at the same time affect the performance of the laptop. Finally, you need to remind everyone that the power adapter is also very important to buy notebooks, especially the game book. Many games with GTX1050TI are only equipped with 120W power adapter. The power required. Generally speaking, light and light books require at least 65W power adapters to be sufficient, while GTX1650 game book requires 150W, GTX1660TI, or higher -grade independent gamebooks, which requires 180W or even more than 200W.