How much is the size of a computer desk? After reading it, solve all confusion!

The continuous development of the times has changed the lives and work models of many people. Many times people like to work at home, so they can’t do without a computer desk. The biggest advantage of choosing a computer desk is that it can integrate the desk and computer desk, and sometimes it can also bring a cabinet design to add a storage function. Although it can save a lot of trouble directly in the market, we still need to choose the appropriate size standard, otherwise it will bring a lot of trouble to use. What I want to introduce to you is the size of the computer desk. Let’s do it!

Generally speaking, the size of the home computer desk is to keep the two basic vertical when they are sitting. The first is to keep the two feet flat on the ground and keep the thighs and calves vertically. The second is that when the two arms are naturally drooping, the upper and lower arm are basically vertical. At this time, the desktop height should just be in contact with the lower surface of the forearm. In this way, the standard design can keep people’s correct sitting positions and writing postures. If the height of the table and chairs is unreasonable, it will directly affect people’s sitting positions and bring great harm to the user’s body. At the same time, the height of the space below the desk of writing cannot be less than 580mm, and the width of the space cannot be less than 520mm. The height and position of the computer desk are very important.

At present, the length of the computer desk is generally 80, 100, 150, 150, and 200cm. The height is generally 75 and 80cm. Most of the current computers are liquid crystal displays, so the height is mostly 50, 60, and 45cm. my country’s national standards are the height difference between the supporting tables and chairs and the height difference of the table and chair should be controlled within 280 to 320cm, and there are also relevant standards for tables and chairs height. Among them, the table height is 700, 720, 740, and 760mm. The chair has three standards: 400, 420, and 440mm. At the same time, it also collects the size of different tables and chairs in home life

There are three types of computer desks: 0.5*1, 0.6*1.2, 0.7*1.4 meters

The size of the computer table is 890*460*980mm

The size of the desktop computer is, 1400*500*760mm

The size of the 1.2 -meter computer table is, 1200*600*750*25mm

The size of the 1.4 -meter computer table is, 1400*600*750*25mm

The size of the 1.6 -meter computer table is, 1600*600*750*25mm

The summary summary of the size of the computer desk, and everyone will have a better understanding of it. With the gradual popularization of computer desks in family life, each family needs to purchase or work. However, the choice of size will also have a great impact on the user’s body, especially the computer desks used by children must choose reasonable sizes, so we need to be more cautious, and we hope that the above standards can help everyone!