Girls who are afraid of cold necks in autumn and winter, learn these “scarfs” advanced methods, keep warm and fashionable


Women who can match

There is one


,that is

Pay attention to accessories

Essence especially

Autumn and winter season,

Most people wear clothes


This color is really



At this time

The difference between fashionistas and passers -by

It appeared,

Fashionable people are more good at using the fashionable accessories of scarves to create a ever -changing shape.

In shape

People’s demand for scarves is polarized

One is to think

The scarf only has the effect of keeping the warm effect band does not drive the overall effect

Another kind of leaving scarf

I feel myself

Style is always disadvantaged

Incantant scarf,


More and more valued by fashionistas

Essence actually

As a fashionable dress

, It’s not just


Even more

Light up the role of the whole body.

How to choose a scarf that suits you


As a fashion item and a certain amount of warmth

,you could say so

Gustles and temperatures are both

How to choose a scarf that suits you.

1. According to the budget


The scarves on the market are all overwhelming


When choosing a scarf


Choose according to the budget

, Big -name scarf is as small as thousands of to more than thousands, so the budget is not limited, you want

According to your own consumption strength

◇ Budget: quality effect


Try to buy as much as possible





Word of mouth brand

There are some printed scarves



Good technology


Not only will the color fall, but the color will fade after a long time

And one and one

The easiest truth is,

There are some brands with word of mouth, and the quality of the scarf is usually good.


2. Select according to the material

When it comes to scarves, everyone must think of

Cotton scarf and cashmere scarf

In addition to these two

Silk texture

And winter

Pilling texture


Common scarf materials,


The cheapest one must be cotton and linen texture

☆ Material: Different ways of managing

Cotton and linen scarf


is very

Take care of

In our daily life

Wash it with water


Cashmere scarf, silk scarf, and down scarf

It is recommended to send it to

Specialized dry cleaning shop, this is also because their materials themselves are more delicate,

But it is undeniable

The three latter

The scarf does look

More grades, there are many colors.

3. Select according to style

◎ Advantage: Multi -style

The scarf has a variety of styles



Simple and atmospheric style

,have something

Graffiti style with high personality

,and also

Grade -grade silk dyeing style

In short, everyone must

Choose according to your own style


◎ Recommended: Su Ya & Exaggence

If your usual clothing is all

Su Ya’s style


Choose some colorful scarves boldly

, Exaggerated patterns are better

Increase the fashion degree of overall shape

, Also make the shapes be available


, Extremely

Eye -catching effect

If you



The style is exaggerated

Essence Choose

Solid color style

, Try to do it

Simple and elegant,


It will not appear horizontal and messy as a whole

4. Select according to the occasion

※ Recommended: formal occasion -silk


Daily attendance is more important occasions

It is not recommended to choose a thick cashmere scarf, or a cotton scarf that looks less high. As much as possible

Choose a silk texture scarf

, Silk scarf can



Meanwhile also

Light up the overall shape and highlight the temperament.

※ Recommendation: Practical & cost -effective — cashmere scarf

People who pay attention to practicality

You can choose

Scarfs with high cost performance,


For example

Cashmere scarf

Essence Pure -colored cashmere scarf,

Very versatile,

Can match

Winter coat down jacket

The down scarf is relatively small in daily, basically it is winter. Therefore, you must consider it clearly when you start with this scarf, and the cost of a down scarf is not cheap.

Analysis of scarf circumference

French knot

This is

The most classic and the easiest to learn


Anti -knot method for scarf

, And very

Suitable for autumn and winter

And usually in

Long strip -shaped scarf

○ Playing details

Fold the long scarf into two halves around the neck

Take out the end of the scarf and pass it over. Pull the upper half of the lower part

Pass the end of the scarf through the small ring

Hanging knot method


The way of knotting is very fashionable

Scarf up

More decorative effects


,And is

It is recommended to be on a jacket similar to a suit jacket.


The pattern must be colorful

There is a visual impact to fully show its fashion.

○ Combination details

The coat must be open to wear,

Turn a long scarf behind the neck, no matter what

Square or square

Both ends

Hang evenly. Combined with a suit jacket


Catably jacket

To achieve the best visual effects by adjusting.


Lazy knot method

For some

Disabled party

For example, no matter how you teach, but

The scarf knot hit is never so good

, It also does not seem to be neat.

○ Recommended basic model

And one at this time

The easiest way,

Just tie a colorful scarf on the neck

Essence In the neck

There is no need to make any knots above,

Look like

Very fashionable

Essence Be sure to pay attention, the best is

Use the basic clothes to pair with a bright scarf.


Tie knot method

This way is very

Suitable for handsome neutral style

Modern girl

, The method is very simple, just like us

When I was a kid, it was a scarf

○ Suitable for long models

forming one

Small V

,can reach

Thin purpose

Circle the scarf directly

, Randomly in front of you. This kind of matching method is very

Suitable for long scarf

Scarf match


△ Color: Black

Black items are the most indispensable in autumn and winter seasons

No matter how the trend changes, some women have always been right

The black scarf has a soft spot, black and camel

At first glance, the color matching is autumn and winter.

in spite of

What color coat jacket

Okay sweater

Bleeding with black, casually

So so on the neck

One by one

That is warm and casual


,The key is

Fashion has also been improved

△ Color: Bright Orange

The warm and bright orange color ignited the streets of autumn like flames.

No need to use any matching skills

,if only

Pay attention to the layering between different materials

△ when to note: skin color & color

The same color system can also easily show the fashion style,

But this color


Compared to other colors, it is relatively skinny

It looks dull when the match is not good.


△ Color: gray

Gray has always been posted

Old label

Essence In fact, it is just a lack of matching skills. This is not the reason for the gray itself. Like the above set of matching, it cleverly uses a variety of colors, but it will not be too messy.

△ Color: emerald

Emerald’s suit

Jackets are rare, but also very picky.


Avoid this color that makes the skin look mentally without spirit,


Use gray to make a part of isolation and transition.

△ Color: Cold color & earth color

Mao Wa suit and cashmere scarf

The combination is also autumn and winter season

A match that women in the workplace are more favored

The silhouette woolen jacket and soft cashmere will bring visual expansion

And at this time

Try to choose cold tones or earth colors



Two colors


Not particularly bright colors,

The saturation is very high

It’s easy to let you be there

A sense of ancient feeling on the streets of autumn,

Popular Old School style

Color combination

△ Color: same color system

Same color matching

Also this season

The most indispensable combination technique,

Can’t master the color,

The single itself is jumping more

, You can adopt this way of matching the same color.

The scarf is not good -looking. It is too sloppy. Be

In the autumn and winter seasons of heating artifacts

The scarf is not only kept warm, but also fashionable

Essence If you feel that your shape lacks a sense of fashion, you may wish to go out to explode the street with this fashion accessory.





Girls who are afraid of cold necks in autumn and winter, learn these “scarfs” advanced methods, keep warm and fashionable





,that is

Essence especially






























Essence actually


is very



If you