Fierce cooling and warmth, warm, strong, just needed Jingdong clothing down jacket, and pants sales have increased significantly

Yesterday, the Central Meteorological Observatory issued a cold wave warning. In the next few days, the temperature in most parts of my country will decrease by 8-10 ° C, and the local area will decline to reach more than 16 ° C. From the 5th, the precipitation in the north will increase. Until 8th. Affected by the “all -round” cold air, the warm -thermal supplies market ushered in explosive purchasing waves, and consumers concentrated “heating” through various channels of online and offline channels.

Data from Jingdong Clothing shows that in the past few days, the sales of all -categories such as down jackets, woolen coats, sweaters, warm underwear, autumn jackets, winter boots, and home clothes have increased rapidly. Within 24 hours as of November 4, more than 30 million people search for warm clothing in Jingdong. Among them, the highest searches are down jackets, warm underwear, cotton clothes, and women’s boots. Boshima windbreaker down jackets, UGG short boots, UBRAS muscle undergoing series, Blue Erdos cashmere sweater, etc. have become the most popular trendy items for consumers.

The sales performance of black technology series of down jacket products such as Poziden, Xuefei, Hailan House, and black technology series of down jacket products such as black technology such as extremely cold, peak skiing, and aurora goose down. Related search volume of down jackets has increased by nearly 5 times month -on -month. Thick down jackets with a volume of more than 200g increased by 6.5 times year -on -year, and TEX down jacket fabrics have increased by 11 times year -on -year. In addition, the turnover of velvet pants increased by nearly twice year -on -year.

The sales performance of the sales of technology represented by bananas, UBRAS, and Songshan cotton shops, non -sizes -free warm, and high -end fabric warm products are particularly eye -catching. Related search volume related to warm underwear increased by nearly 3 times year -on -year, and at the same time, the turnover of the virtue -free warming increased by 3.6 times year -on -year. The transaction turnover of the warmth of the heating goods containing silk and amino acids increased by 5 times year -on -year. The amount of body warmth and anti -static functions increased by 7 times year -on -year.

The home -keeping category also ushered in the sales boom. The grinding pieces, wool quilts, down quilts, bathing, charging hand -warming treasures, and electric towel racks are greatly welcomed by consumers, becoming an absolute explosion since the winter. Among them, Yuba’s related search volume increased by 453%year -on -year, an electric heating towel rack recently increased by 54 times year -on -year, and the turnover increased by 6 times year -on -year.

In order to help consumers accurately buy down jackets, Jingdong Clothing 11.11 also launched the “Plel Concerian Purchase” branch venue. Based on the north -south winter area and temperature field differences, the “Five Elections Purchase Scenes” are set up. Precise matching, helping consumers worry -free and efficient purchase of good quality goods that meet their own needs.

剧烈降温保暖成强刚需 京东服饰羽绒服、加绒裤销售增长显著

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