Six factors affecting the curing speed of the sealing glue, road repair problems, one -time solution

Six factors affecting the curing speed of the sealing glue, road repair problems, one -time solution

Sealing glue is a commonly used adhesive in the construction engineering and decorative industry. It has the functions of preventing leakage, waterproof, vibration and sound insulation, heat insulation, and weather resistance, excellent chemical stability and corrosion resistance. Everyone knows that after the sealing agent is applied, it requires a certain curing time. The adhesive adhesion is not strong, which will cause dislocation and opening and closing phenomenon. It needs to be reworked and the cost is needed. How long does it take for sealing to curing? What are the factors affected by hardening speed?


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1. From the quality of the sealing agent itself, if the proportion of the raw material of the sealing agent is unreasonable or the raw materials are poor, it will affect the curing performance of the sealing agent, affect the curing speed or degree of solidification, and then affect the sealing effect.

2. Time: The adhesive coating should apply a certain pressure to completely mesh the adhesive, speed up the curing speed, and ensure the adhesive effect.

3. Temperature: Low environmental temperature and long curing time. Instead, the fastest speed is fast. Usually the speed of solidification in winter is slow, it takes an hour or two to complete it, and the speed of solidification in summer is fast. Therefore, the hardening temperature must be strictly controlled during the construction process.

4. Humidity: Wetness and moisture are not conducive to the stability of the bonding interface. The water molecules are small and the polarity is large. After penetration and diffusion, it plays a hydrolysis effect. It destroys the adhesive surface or stripped by itself, reducing the adhesive strength and durability. The construction environment of the sealing agent should be dry and ventilated.

5. Coating thickness. The curing time of the seal increases with the increase of the thickness of the bonding.

6. Adhesive material. The density of different materials is different, the distance between the bonding materials is different, and the curing time is different.

The curing time of the sealing agent cannot be generalized. It is necessary to combine the construction environment and coating materials to determine the curing time.

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