Huanglong Jiuzhai Xing

At the end of July, Director Liu Zhifei of the Municipal Old Association reposted the notice of “Gongyang Wufu Tongkang Pension Center”, saying that he invited the old comrades who were healthy in the old association of Shijiahongba Street 60-65 years old. Essence I have n’t been to, and I ’m a little tempted, but when I look at the age, I’ m far away. However, Director Liu was very enthusiastic and actively helped me contact the Hanghongba Old Association. The reply was: As long as it is the comrades of the Municipal Elderly Association, they are not subject to age restrictions! So Director Liu and I agreed to play together.


In the early morning of August 9th, the first batch of old comrades who went to travel were in front of the “Binbin Kindergarten” next to Jianyang Middle School. The travel car has stopped there. When I looked at the license plate, I was from Aba Prefecture. I heard that the driver came overnight and was unfamiliar. It was hundreds of kilometers. It was really a hard -working master. Waiting for the left and right, the car is not started. Ask, the other travel car said to pick up people to pick up people, and wait for the car to go together.

It was not until 7:30 that the other car arrived. Li Dechao, the president of the Old Association of Shigongba Street, got on our car and made a explanation to everyone: This time for free travel, the food, housing, and tickets are all “five blessings and Kang pension. In the center, the chairman Zhong Bo is a charity. He entrusts the Hongba Old Association to organize hundreds of elderly people to travel to visit. Today, 48 people are the first batch. It is the driver’s route of Aba Prefecture is unfamiliar. According to the “Gaode Map” guidance, from the highway under the stone bell, via Huanglian to Xinhe. Head, I contacted the comrades of the Old Association of Zhenhongba Street last night. President Li actively coordinated and found someone to ask the Murakami administrator to unlock it in the middle of the night (with a side lane, you can put ultra -high and wide cars to pass, but you must ask the leaders of Murakami). There are also high limits, not even the side door, the travel car can’t go out, and it is urgently connected. Ask the welder to cut off the railing, and finally pick up the old comrades of Xinhe Community. Oh, it turns out so twists and turns, it is really good to grind, and the hard -working leaders and drivers have worked hard!

Everyone was happy all the way and did not come up to the tour guide until we arrived at Wenchuan County. This is a 20 -year -old Tibetan guy. He is not tall and his skin is very dark. He introduced himself that his family lives in Xiaojin County. The name of the Han nationality can call him Xiao Tang. Along the way, he introduced the historical and local customs of Tibetan and Dai people, because Aba Prefecture is a Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture. People often say that “walk thousands of miles and read thousands of books”.


At noon, the entrance to the Songpinggou Scenic Area in Maoxian County, the mountains began to steep, rising, and the altitude rose. Because there were many vehicles on the upper and lower vehicles, another car was blocked. Everyone was hungry! The tour guide comforted everyone and said, “Persevere, go up the mountain and eat lunch!” I got up at five in the morning, and I was hungry before I put my back chest and back. There are a few stir -fry! About about a little bit, we arrived at the “氐 氐 氐 氐” hotel in Liexi Town Maoxian, where there have been several tourist cars, 10 people surrounded a table, and the meal came up quickly. My expectations: a plate of tofu, a plate of konjac, and a plate of burning potatoes, can not see the meat at all, especially a plate of cold lettuce shredded. I was only interested in a black, dry cold dish. Director Liu saw a lot of knowledge and told me: “This is the flower of walnuts. Pick it up and dry it. There are also there, but no one picked up cooking “(later we saw in a specialty shop, 120 yuan per catty), everyone is also very funny.” When you travel, you just call you to lose weight. Besides, you do n’t bring money, you want to eat fried, how can there be such a good thing! “In a laugh, the two bowls of dry meals were in a hurry!

In the shredded lettuce, I really don’t see a drop of oil beads

Along the way, the water of the Minjiang River was turbulent, the mountains on both sides of the strait were steep, and the vegetation was sparse. I can’t help but sigh: “At that time, I didn’t know that it would be difficult to enter the mountain!” My words caused the resonance of Brother Chen, the neighbor. For six years, so there is the most right to speak. He said that there were no grass oil roads at that time, all of which were pushing roads in Panshan. They were potholes and bumps. It was in the large forest. At that time, people were pulled with saws and cut ax. They were very dangerous. Basically, one or two people died every month. After 90 years, the logging worker became a tree. Today, I re -swimming in the old place and seeing the rapid development of each other. Brother Chen was happy.

The car went to Songpan County to see the ancient city walls. Two large characters “Songzhou” on the tall tall tall town. It turned out that Songpan County was originally called Songzhou. There are huge statues of Songzan Ganbu and Princess Wencheng in front of the city gate. After the explanation of the tour guide, I learned that Princess Wencheng entered Tibet. It was not what I thought to Tibet before, but to come to the Tibetan family in our Aba. I really should “read thousands of books.” The tour guide also said that in 641 AD, Princess Wencheng set off from Chang’an and arrived in Songzhou for three years. I really lamented the changes in the times, and now the convenience of transportation!

After three o’clock in the afternoon, the guide said that it was about to be the Huanglong Scenic Area, where it was more than 3,000 meters above sea level. Let’s take a break! The door opened, and a young girl wearing a national staff got on the car. We reminded everyone seriously: In order to avoid the harm caused by the altitude altitude reaction, we set up a health care point here. I hope that everyone will buy a “plateau polyoxic energy energy energy energy energy energy energy energy energy energy energy energy energy energy energy energy energy energy energy energy energy energy energy energy energy energy energy energy energy can be purchased. “Anti -altitude reaction medicine, 100 yuan per bottle, everyone seems to be expensive. The staff was very unhappy and reminded everyone repeatedly that the altitude altitude reaction happened, then you can’t save your life! This was two more women got on the car and repeatedly said that they had fulfilled their responsibilities. I shouted that you signed a letter of responsibility. Director Liu went to the plateau to travel and quietly said to me, “deceived!” As a result, the people of our car were unmoved, and several beauties had to go away.

Since we were delayed for an hour when we went out in the morning, when we arrived at Huanglong Scenic Area, it was almost four o’clock in the afternoon, and the cable car had been suspended. Originally, everyone took the cable car, sat at the top of the scenic area, and went down from the top. Now that the tour is stopped, the tour guide tells us that after everyone goes in, visit it by themselves, master the time, and leave the scenic area on time at 6 o’clock!


The average altitude of the yellow dragon is 3550 meters, overlooking the air from the air like a yellow dragon to the Cangshan Cuigu Valley. The ditch is densely covered with thousands of calcified color ponds, calcified beach flow and stalactite caves. The complete and most peculiar look of Karst. Director Liu and I went up all the way, flowing water, clear and transparent, coupled with colorful calcification background and Cangsong Cuinea, the beautiful scenery was beautiful. When I walked to the “Golden Sand Panel” attraction, I saw the introduction of the roadside attractions. The place was 3305 meters above sea level. So Director Liu was resting on the side of the road and asked the people from the top to the top. They said that from leaving the ropeway, it may be three hours! Oh my God! They went down the mountain and walked for three hours. We climbed up. How many hours would we know? Forget it, it seems that we can’t “see the mountains”, so we started to go back. At the bottom of the mountain, the altitude was hundreds of meters, and the dizziness was not so powerful. At a time, we saw that the place we just climbed to the scene may go one third of the entire Huanglong scenic spot! After getting in the car, everyone asked each other to climb the height, which is basically the same. Only one 61 -year -old sister rushed to the peak and saw the “colorful pond”. It seems that “the infinite scenery is at the peak” is not fake at all! We have invested in the envious eyes. She said that going up the old fire, a little dizzy, and even the voice of speaking!

Huanglong water flows, clear and transparent, calcified background color is mainly yellow

In the evening, we lived in Chuanzhu Town in Songpan County. The food of the hotel is exactly the same as at noon. When I arrived at the room, there was no toothpaste toothbrush and a face washing Pa. I went to the streets to buy it again. After running for a day, if you are at home, you must be sweaty. However, there was no sweat on the body that day. The tour guide warned everyone that trying not to take a bath at night, because the altitude was relatively high, I was afraid of not adapting. Maybe everyone did not take a bath that night, and I didn’t feel any uncomfortable.

Get up at six o’clock the next day to eat breakfast, porridge, steamed buns, two plates of pickles. Departing at 6:30 and heading to Jiuzhaigou. After walking for half an hour, I stopped on the side of the road. It is said to visit Tibetan silverware. We got out of the car. Although we wore a coat, we were still cool. I saw the temperature on the mobile phone. It was only 11 degrees. No wonder, in Jianyang, it was all in winter. Saying together, when I got up in the morning, I was only 9 degrees watching the phone! The Tibetan beauty brought our car directly to her home. She said that she graduated from Aba Teachers College. She explained the customs of many Tibetans and focused on the function of the silverware. Then she took us to visit the village. Open a silver -ware shop. Everyone watched it. If there was no start, it was delayed for an hour. As a result, everyone returned empty -handed. The tour guide was very unhappy and complained that he was not lucky.


The tourist car went straight to Jiuzhaigou and entered the scenic area. We took the sightseeing car and reached the highest point of Jiuzhaigou -Wuhuahai, and tourists basically reached there. We turned around around the sea and walked down. This kind of tourism mode is good. Which attraction do you like? Where are you down? You can play with you. You get into the sightseeing car and go to the next attraction. At noon, Director Liu and I arrived at the largest sea of ​​Jiuzhaigou, Changhai. Many people who have been hungry, many people who see tourism eat dry food on the roadside. Director Liu and I also took out the bread and candy prepared at home and sat in the shade of the tree. There is only one restaurant in Jiuzhaigou, so 99%of tourists bring food. However, now everyone’s awareness of environmental protection has been significantly enhanced, and there is basically no phenomenon of littering. The garbage of each person is put in the trash. Among so many attractions, the most impressive is Noigon Waterfall. The waterfall width is 270 meters and 4.5 meters high. It is said to be the widest waterfall in China. In Tibetan, Noigon is a great means of great shore. The torrential water flows through the top of the waterfall.

Do you seem to know each other? The ending song of the Tang Dynasty has gone through it

The 84th version of “Journey to the West” was filmed here. In the ending song, Tang monks and apprentices walked through the waterfall. No wonder it felt like I had known each other. Jiuzhaigou has many Haizi and has its own characteristics. It took me and Director Liu’s feet to be soft, but I couldn’t stop seeing the beauty. It was not until five in the afternoon that we took the sightseeing car directly to the door of the scenic area.


Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area tourists are endless


In the evening, we watched the “Tibetan King Banquet and Dance” song and dance performance. “Matsana Qianbu and Princess Wencheng’s marriage”, the scene is magnificent and magnificent; songs with Tibetan characteristics “Sky Road” and “Magic Jiuzhai” are highly high and bright, and they have all -time clothing performances with strong Tibetan and Qiang nationalities, each with their own own. Features, refreshing ears. Unfortunately, it is too short. It may be one hour. The ticket is 100 yuan. It is said that the scattered customers need 190, which is printed “the concentrated boutique”!

On the third day, I got up early in the morning, had breakfast, and started to return at 6:30. Due to the rain in the middle of the night in the middle of the night, the mountain collapsed on the road, and the largest stone was as large as a small square table. We can’t help but sigh, if the travel car happens to pass there, I am afraid that it will be more fierce! After a while, the tour guide told everyone that after more than ten minutes, two tourist buses encountered the rocks collapsed, and the rolling flying rocks were hit. The accident caused 1 person to die and 6 people were injured! Soon, several relatives and friends called and said that I saw the accident in Jiuzhaigou on the headline and asked us if there was any problem. We all secretly rejoiced and escaped this robbery!

The tour guide will brainwash everyone: “Well, it is to eat, housing, housing, and buying entertainment! Now the focus is on buying!” In the next journey, it seems that shopping is the highlight!

First of all, the car stopped in front of a jade shop. Here is Hetian Yu, which is the banner of promoting jade everywhere “state -owned jade Zechard, the family is rich, and the family is rich”, “Shanzang jade is the grass and wood, and the home of the family is blonde.” As for the authenticity of Yu, I dare not break the words. The merchant clearly stated that “if there is a quality problem, the replacement is replaced within one month”, the complaint phone of the county tourism bureau also went to the wall. There are so many tourists every day and even the world to patronize, and it seems that the quality should be fine. Director Liu and I held the eye -opening attitude, wandering around, less than thousands, and generally tens of thousands! Anyway, we are looking for the most expensive. I found “Kunlun Jade Bracelet”, 668,000 yuan! Director Liu pulled me and pointed at that bracelet with my hand, 980,000 yuan! Good, you can buy two suites in the remote small counties! It’s really “gold is priceless”!

The jade bracelet is worth 668,000 yuan, and the pendant value is 128,000 yuan (all do not bargain)

Then we went to the Tibetan medicine shop again. Aba Prefecture has a high altitude and harsh climate, and there are many virgin forests. They are rich in precious Chinese herbal medicines, such as Cordyceps, saffron, mothers, and Dendrobium. I watched the price on the wall. The most expensive Cordyceps had more than 500 grams. Basically, the price was set by “gram”! President Li Dechao was inconvenient to move. The staff introduced him to the saffron. He called 2 grams, that is, a little bit of a little bitch, 112 yuan! It seems that “the price of gold is priceless” again!

The first left is Cordyceps, and the second left is a saffron.

The desire to buy in the jade shop and the Tibetan medicine store is not strong, after all, everyone is not drum. The tour guide said: “Everyone will be opened for the next stop, all of them are eaten!” Sure enough, people are crowded inside, selling all local specialties: yak beef products, various candy, fungus, etc. What’s more comfortable is that there are trials in front of each other. Whether you buy or not, everyone will try it all the way and be addicted! At this stop, everyone shot one after another, and the big bags were taken into the car. When I got in the car, the tour guide faced the face. President Li Dechao and I encountered a tourist who came under the car. She was unhappy and asked our tour guides to scold people. The tour guide of the car is vicious. If you do n’t buy it, he refers to Sang Huai. Scolding you can not die, curse your money only to stay with the coffin! President Li said boldly, “Our tour guide dares!” Indeed, don’t look at President Li for more than 70, and limped walking, but the momentum is scary! He taught the whole car in front of the tour guide, “We spend money to travel, not getting angry! We can buy it if we want to buy it, and no one can force it! If I want to mess up, I will not get out of the car and go directly to the province. Finding Peng Qinghua to solve it! “So along the way, the tour guide took care of President Li. To be honest, the chaos of travel and shopping has a long history, that is, a small number of guides, making many people dare not go out!

At noon, the meal was very rich. I joked with them. “The leftovers are better today than the previous meals!” Everyone also said, “Yes, the last meal, leave a good impression to come again and again!”

On the way back, the car stopped at a shopping store. We all got on the car for a while. Suddenly, the person in the same car came to a elder sister, “You go, your husband bought medicine and bought more than 5,000, and you can’t go to the way!” We remember the guide on the road when the guide came on the road. Reminder, I still saw him about buying a medicinal material called “Indian Holy Grass” there, like a dry red cricket, the price seemed to be tens of yuan per gram. You choose the routine of the merchant first, and it is crushed to weigh it! Everyone is usually estimated in a cat or two, just pick it up, just a few hundred grams! It’s all fans, you say you don’t want to do it! There are more than 2,000 elder sister, and the doll quickly turned into a part of it.

I do n’t know the reason for the reason. I ’m going to stop and stop all the way. It’ s all the way to Maoxian County at 5:30 pm. The tour guide said: “This is the rule of the tourism company. There is a Dendrobium base here. You must visit it. Since the time is too late, everyone will hurry up!” We all thought that it was not to visit Dendrobium? Don’t buy it, get it in 10 minutes! As a result, sitting in the room, the fat male manager said, “I seize the time and strive for an hour!” He tongue like a spring, took a lot of products and big red envelopes, and said, “Our products have to spend every year. Tens of millions of advertising, it is better to use your mouth to promote it. The gold cup and silver cup are not as good as the people’s reputation. The gold award and silver award are not as praise of the people, and the advertising fee will be given back to everyone directly! “First of all, each listener receives a box of plaster. It is considered to be a ceremony, it is said that it is worth 38 yuan; second, the manager introduced an ointment. According to him, there are many effects. People who need it, the original price is 38, only 10 yuan. I did n’t buy it, the manager took out a stack of small red envelopes, saying that I would like to thank everyone for trust. I sent a red envelope for all the people who bought it. It is also time to buy a box; the manager then introduced a cup of the inner orchid. We have seen it in the silverware shop in front. Generally, one or two thousand. The manager said that the original item was 2880 yuan. People who want to raise their hands! Everyone dare not act, after all, it is not a small number. Director Liu quietly said to me: “If you want to retreat, raise your hand!” I still dare not, but more than 20 people raised their hands alone. He had not enough money in his mobile phone, and I would pay him for him. The manager took out a big red envelope and asked everyone if you want to see how Director Liu was rewarded? Everyone must want to see it, one, 1800 yuan! Director Liu got a silver cup, everyone was envious! Next, the manager introduced the efficacy of Dendrobium through the video. Just as everyone could see it, suddenly the door “” “” “” “” Time, I thought that there were still more than 200 kilometers before they arrived home, burned in anger, and let everyone go away! Manager and several beautiful women couldn’t stop, everyone ran away while everyone was beeping! Along the way, our car, everyone did not spend a point, everyone did not spend a point. Money, there are many things in white, thank you President Li!

When I arrived at Wenchuan County, it was dark. It rained along the way, and everyone arrived at Jianyang safely. It was already 11 o’clock in the evening. With three days of getting along, everyone reluctantly, say goodbye to each other, and meet again next time!