Crossing time

Crossing time

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The items in this issue are classic computer storage medium -soft disk. Specifically, she is a 5.25 -inch soft disk.

穿越时间·光磁百年·欣赏第一软盘First 5.25英寸软盘 CMX8 DS/DD

The picture below is taken by the personal real thing.

When it comes to the floppy disk, friends who experience the domestic PC development stage will not be unfamiliar. It is an external storage medium that used to be standard. “Soft disks” and other titles, “soft” here is not aimed at the shell, but a storage disc for the internal polyester film.

Soft disks originated in 1971, initially 8 -inch floppy disks, and then 5.25 -inch and 3.5 -inch floppy disks. With the reduction of size, the storage capacity of the soft disk continued to increase, and its entire life continued for thirty or forty years.

This is a floppy disk from the FIRST brand. We can see that the soft disk is packaged with white paper bags. A blue horizontal line is divided into a perfect proportion.

I have to say that the trademark font of this brand is still very distinctive.

穿越时间·光磁百年·欣赏第一软盘First 5.25英寸软盘 CMX8 DS/DD



Take out the floppy disk. The upper left corner of the plate is a larger rounded rectangular sticker. It also marked the word FIRST CMX8. The upper right corner is a smaller rounded rectangular sticker. The horizontal line, here is the label of the floppy disk.

It should be pointed out that this 5.25 -inch floppy disk belongs to “Double Sided, Double Density”, that is, DS/DD, double -sided dual density, and the capacity after formatting is 360KB

In addition to the DS/DD mentioned above, there is also a floppy disk in DS/HD formats, which are divided into 5.25 inches and 3.5 inches. Several capacity can appear under standard formatting.

穿越时间·光磁百年·欣赏第一软盘First 5.25英寸软盘 CMX8 DS/DD

“LOW DENSITY” is low-density soft disk: DS/DD MF2-DD

3.5 -inch floppy disk: 1MB before formatting, 720kb after IBM format formatting

5.25 -inch floppy disk: 500kb before formatting, 360kb after IBM format formatting

穿越时间·光磁百年·欣赏第一软盘First 5.25英寸软盘 CMX8 DS/DD

“High density” is high-density soft disk: DS/HD or MF2-HD:

3.5 -inch floppy disk: 2MB before formatting, 1.44MB after IBM format formatting

穿越时间·光磁百年·欣赏第一软盘First 5.25英寸软盘 CMX8 DS/DD

5.25 -inch floppy disk: 1.4MB before formatting, 1.2MB after IBM format formatting

穿越时间·光磁百年·欣赏第一软盘First 5.25英寸软盘 CMX8 DS/DD

Flip the floppy disk over, we can see the reverse side of the floppy disk. The soft plastic shell folds and forms a protective shell on the reverse side.

There is an open window below the soft disk to see a very smooth disk.

穿越时间·光磁百年·欣赏第一软盘First 5.25英寸软盘 CMX8 DS/DD

There is also a small hole above, correspondingly, there is also a small hole through the disk, which is called “

Index Hole “.

This small hole is used for the detection of soft drive work time.

In addition to this hidden gap, the side of the 5.25 -inch floppy disk actually has a protective gap, but this gap is blocked on this floppy disk.

穿越时间·光磁百年·欣赏第一软盘First 5.25英寸软盘 CMX8 DS/DD

What needs to be pointed out here is that for different specifications of soft disks, the status of the protective gap may have different meanings. For 5.25 -inch floppy disks, the soft disk can be written only when there is a gap. The protection gap is covered by stickers, which means that the content on the plate can only be read and cannot be changed.

穿越时间·光磁百年·欣赏第一软盘First 5.25英寸软盘 CMX8 DS/DD

Next, let’s take a look at the back of the floppy paper bag.

Diskette handing and care

It seems that it is too simple, but the six icons can still show the meaning more vividly.

For short, three prompts are prohibited.

穿越时间·光磁百年·欣赏第一软盘First 5.25英寸软盘 CMX8 DS/DD

The first one should be prompted to pinch a corner to remove the floppy disk; the second is to prohibit the bending floppy disk; the third reminder of the working temperature of the floppy disk is 10-52 ° C, 50-125 ℉; The fifth is to remind the driver flat with both hands; the last one is to prohibit contact with magnetic objects such as magnets.

Let’s take a look at the box of the FIRST soft disk. Like most manufacturers, the soft disk uses a carton suit, a box of 10 pieces.

100% Certify and Error Free Guarranteeed


Double dide double density

2S-2D DataSavior 10 DisketTes

Interestingly, several curves on the right side of the soft disk box outline the style of the soft disk window. Are you curious about whether the entire box is consistent with the actual floppy disk?

But the answer is no.

穿越时间·光磁百年·欣赏第一软盘First 5.25英寸软盘 CMX8 DS/DD

Flip to the back of the box:

The logo in the lower left corner is a bit different: “This is an oem product of the first corporation”, which is the OEM product of FIRST.

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