Hyaluronic acid “does not tie the needle” to change the oral administration, is it IQ tax?

How can the hyaluronic acid be used to drink as a drink?

When it comes to hyaluronic acid, you have a cosmetic face with high nose tip chin at the tip of your nose, or do you take a needle to prepare a doctor to tie your face? Some people may say that it is a hyaluronic acid mask they have used.

If you tell you that hyaluronic acid can be eaten, and in drink snacks, what do you think?


In the future, when you walk into the store or open Taobao to buy some snacks, you can see hyaluronic acid bubble water, hyaluronic sour yogurt, chocolate, and even hyaluronic acid beer. With the mentality of “eating snacks anyway, it’s better to eat healthy”, extend your hands towards the shelves and click the order?

How can hyaluronic acid be eaten?

On January 7, 2021, the National Health and Health Commission formally approved the request of sodium hyaluronate (commonly known as “hyaluronic acid”) declared by Huaxi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. as a new food raw material, and it allowed it to add and use it in ordinary food.

Within three months after approval, “edible hyaluronic acid” has been scrambled to seize the market.

In March, the Internet celebrity brand Hankou Second Factory launched the hyaluronic acid bubble water “Harwater”, each with a bottle of about 12.8 yuan. Huaxi creatures personally launched the “water muscle spring” sodium hyaluronate drink, each bottle price of about 7.65 yuan. Other hot ones are more than 40 yuan a bottle of 30 ml of hyaluronic acid oral liquid and 5 yuan a hyaluronic acid.

Coca -Cola is here to make fun. At the end of 2020, Coca -Cola launched tea drinks developed for dry skin people in Japan, containing sodium hyaluronate.

Next, the snack industry “everything can be hyaluronic acid.” After the policy was launched, on January 22, Huaxi Biological followed the first domestic hyaluronic acid food “black zero”, including chewing tablets, fudge, American ginseng drinks, water -light drinks, bird’s nest drinks, etc. Hyaluronic acid potato chips.

So what does countless beauty lovers not only be stunned on their faces, but also what is the hyaluronic acid that eats in the body?

Hyaluronic acid was found in 1934. In a experiment, the University of Columbia University’s ophthalmology professor Karl Miya extracted a polysaccharide from the vitrea of ​​the ox eye and named it Hyaluronicacid.

In the National Pharmacopoeia, it is called glass acid. The name of hyaluronic acid is derived from the misrepresentation of a Taiwanese scholar. In the human body, sodium hyaluronate is an inherent component, which is considered to play water retention, lubrication, and promoting cell repair in the body.

When it comes to hyaluronic acid, the public’s cognition stays in medical beauty plastic surgery and external skin care. In fact, in the field of hyaluronic acid, in the medical field, it was used in various ophthalmology surgery, the treatment of arthritis, and accelerated wound healing.

Later, because a molecule of hyaluronic acid can carry more than 500 times water molecules, the moisturizing capacity is powerful, and later used in the beauty field, such as facial filling and various cosmetics.

Nowadays, technology civilianization benefits more vast people, and hyaluronic acid can be easily taken orally, “eating beautiful and health.” But speaking of oral beauty, hyaluronic acid is a newcomer.

Oral beauty markets have first emerged overseas, such as whitening pills, anti -sugar pills, oral collagen, grape seed extracts, beauty yogurt prevention of ultraviolet rays, beauty jelly with sunscreen, and fudge of hair loss from Japan, the United States and other countries Essence

Japan is the world’s largest oral beauty market. It also originated here by eating hyaluronic acid. In 1996, Japan officially listed hyaluronic acid as food additives.

After 2000, other countries have also been allowed to add hyaluronic acid to food or dietary supplements. At present, there are many health foods containing hyaluronic acid in the United States, Britain, Canada, Czech Republic, Brazil and other countries.

China approved hyaluronic acid in 2008 as a new resource food, and the scope of use is health food. After 11 years, hyaluronic acid that further proved the safety of consumption. In January 2021, the scope of application was officially expanded. Products) and candy, frozen drinks.

History is not short in the domestic oral beauty market. From Zhen Huan Chuan being nicknamed “East Ejiao Biography” by netizens, to the advertisement of the lady’s oral solution of “Being a Woman” in memory, oral beauty has always been the pursuit of women in my country. However, in the story of the rise of the domestic health product market, his wife’s oral solution has been difficult to find.


The product is changing, and the chase of oral beauty is unchanged. According to the China Commercial Industry Research Institute, my country’s oral beauty products have grown rapidly, and the market size reached 14.9 billion yuan in 2019. According to the data of Zhiyan Consultation, it is expected that China’s oral beauty market will reach 23.8 billion yuan in 2022.

In Xiaohongshu, there are more than 100,000 notes about oral nutritional products, and many of them are recommended by celebrities. The cheats that make people think that star maintenance is in order to take these oral health products. Wu Xin once stayed up late in observing variety shows, but eat all kinds of health products and oral beauty products.

How much is oral?

However, the effectiveness of these products has always been a mystery.

In China, in 2013, many collagen oral liquid brands were exploded and collagen was not added. CCTV’s “Focus Interview” publicly questioned the effectiveness of collagen oral products. The cost of calculating a bottle is only 4 yuan, and the product sales are as high as 100 yuan. Subsequently, the oral beauty market fell into a downturn.


In foreign countries, oral collagen has been found invalid. In 2011, the collagen giant in Germany, Germany, applied to the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) to approve the health statement of “hydrolyzed collagen to maintain joint health” and was rejected by the EFSA Science Council. In EFSA scientists, after collagen is eaten, like other proteins, it must be absorbed and metabolized by the digestive system, and it cannot guarantee that it can reach the joint.

There is no conclusion on the market on the effectiveness of oral administration of hyaluronic acid.

There are many views that oral hyaluronic acid is a “IQ Tax” view, and the same as negating oral collagen, it is believed that oral hyaluronic acid cannot reach the skin after a strong digestive system.

In an interview with the media, Jiang Zhuoqin, a professor at the Department of Nutrition of Nutrition and Institute of Prevention Medicine of Sun Yat -sen University, bluntly stated that hyaluronic acid is not the main nutritional ingredient required by the human body. “Concepts are mostly, the effects of protecting the liver and stomach, whitening antioxidant, etc. have exceeded the concept of ordinary food, which is exaggerated propaganda.

However, there are also opinions that in the European and American, Japanese and South Korean markets, oral hyaluronic acid tests have been conducted, and it has a certain skin care effect. In the literature published by the Bridge Hospital of the Dongbang University Medical Center in Japan in 2017, it used 60 volunteers and conducted a 12 -week double -blind placement experiment. The experimental results showed that the hyaluronic acid group was significantly reduced by the hyaluronic acid group, and it can be seen that the skin pattern and hydration change.

At this point, if you observe the overall development of hyaluronic acid, you can see the clear logic of high -end medical technology to the ordinary consumer market.

The earliest discovery and extraction of hyaluronic acid was used to extract the animal tissue extraction of hyaluronic acid from the eye and cockle.

Later, domestic and foreign research created microbial fermentation methods, which increased the industrialization and scale of hyaluronic acid.

Until now, hyaluronic acid raw materials can be divided into food grades, cosmetics and medicines. Food -grade and cosmetics -level technical difficulty and quality requirements are low, and the highest medical grade.

Medicine -grade hyaluronic acid is used in the form of medical beauty. The price is slightly expensive, and there are two ways. One is the “water light needle”, the small molecular hyaluronic acid raw liquid is injected into the dermis layer; the other is the hyaluronic acid rhinoplasty pad chin, etc. The hyaluronic acid after adding the linked agent becomes a gel -shaped, and the injecting of the face is filled and shaped. Essence

With the advancement of technology, the price of cosmetics -grade hyaluronic acid has dropped to thousands of yuan to tens of thousands of yuan per kilogram. Skin care products, mask and other products focusing on hyaluronic acid have also become cheap products, which are placed on the makeup table of thousands of lovers.

Oral hyaluronic acid raw material prices have also supported the cheap market, which can make companies benefit.

Judging from the gross profit margin of 10 yuan of hyaluronic acid bubble water and hyaluronic acid enterprises with more than 90%, the “moisturizing sacred product” may be available at any time in the future, and everyone’s face will be water.

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Zheng Yan

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