The problems existing in the use of reverse osmosis equipment (below)

The problems existing in the use of reverse osmosis equipment (below)

08. What are the basic requirements for water quality of reverse osmosis equipment?

Reverse osmosis equipment is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, and its requirements are that the sum of other bacteria except E. coli cannot exceed 100/ml. In addition, the supporting facilities of the reverse osmosis equipment must be cleaned and disinfected. The end of the reverse osmosis equipment must be supported by sterilization and disinfection device.

09. What are the characteristics of the quality of reverse osmosis equipment?

The water quality of reverse osmosis equipment meets the standards of health standards in my country and the actual production standards of enterprises. It has two characteristics: First, the disinfection and sterilization equipment supported by reverse osmosis equipment has gradually increased. Second, the circular pipe road instead of the traditional water delivery road in the device.

10. What should I do if the supercharged pump and high -pressure pump of the reverse osmosis equipment do not absorb water?

Solution: Solution in two cases:


1). If the voltage is 380V, check whether the booster pump and the high -voltage pump are reversed. If you reverse, change the three power plugs of the pump arbitrarily. If you do not reverse the reverse, you need to open the exhaust valve of the pump.

2). If the voltage is 220V, just open the exhaust valve of the pump, or fill the pump with water.

11. How to solve the abnormal noise of the high -voltage pump of the reverse osmosis equipment?

Solution: Check whether the high -pressure pump is air rotation, because the high -pressure pump will make an abnormal noise when there is no water, and 1 ~ 3min will not sound. If 3min is still ringing, you need to open the exhaust valve to deflate or fill the water.

12. What should I do if the pipeline of the reverse osmosis equipment bursts?

Reasons: Some water sources are poor in water quality, high -quality quality, and have not changed the pre -processing filter element and cleaning reverse osmosis membrane for a long time, which causes the reverse osmosis membrane to be blocked. Therefore, the pipeline pressure increased and the pipeline burst.

Solution: Check whether the reverse osmosis membrane needs to be cleaned or replaced. If necessary, just wash or replace the reverse osmosis membrane.

If the original water quality is too poor, the membrane is often blocked, and the pre -processing soft water equipment should be increased or a stool resistant agent is added to the raw water. The purpose is to remove impurities and increase the service life of the reverse osmosis membrane.

13. The reverse osmosis equipment appears fine white or black suspended particles. What is going on? How to deal with it?

Reason: Because the system pipeline is contaminated, it is caused by breeding bacteria.

Solution: Inject the alkaline solution into the precision filter, turn off the waste water, and open the water valve to the highest point. Open the high -pressure pump so that the pure water enters the precision filter and circulates 30 minutes. If the device is equipped with pipeline disinfection equipment, the disinfection equipment should be turned on in time to disinfect and clean the water pipeline of the entire system.

14. What is the correct way to shut down the reverse osmosis device?

If the system is not thoroughly rinsed when shutting down, the concentration of the inorganic salt side of the heavy water side of the reverse osmosis membrane is higher than the raw water, and it is easy to scalce and pollute the reverse osmosis membrane.

Or use the pre -treatment of chemical reagents to rinse, which will contaminate reverse osmosis membrane during the desertation equipment.

Therefore, before the shutdown equipment is turned off, the use of chemical reagents needs to be suspended, so that the pressure of the system is reduced to about 3Bar, and the flushing system is 10 minutes, so that the thick water TDS is close to the raw water.

15. Disinfection and maintenance of reverse osmosis equipment, what causes the system to be contaminated by microorganisms?

This problem is a problem that has always existed in the use of composite polyvanamide reverse osmosis membranes. Because of incorrect investment and chemicals, users do not pay attention to microbial pollution.

Basic reason:

1). When the equipment leaves the factory, the reverse osmosis equipment does not use disinfectant maintenance;

2). After installation, no comprehensive disinfection of pipelines and pre -processing;

3). During the interruption, no correct maintenance and disinfection measures are taken;


4). The expiration of the maintenance solution or the concentration is too low;

5). No regular processing equipment and the entire system are disinfected.


16. What should I do if the mid -high pressure pump is not started in the reverse osmosis device?

Solution: Check whether the relay with the high -pressure pump is closely connected together, and the wire head of the wiring bolt is loose or dropped or the lack of water is shining.

If the water deficiency indicator is on, it is not enough water. You need to open the power supply of the water -breaking protector to cut off the high -pressure pump to protect the high -pressure pump from being damaged due to air rotation.

If the water source is sufficient. Check whether the water pressure of the water -breaking protector has reached the work pressure of the high -pressure pump. The water -breaking protector indicator is not on, and the high -voltage pump can be turned on.

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