Fashionable and simple female pants, the hidden meat is thin artifact, the age reduction effect is very good

Fashionable and simple, 360 ° elastic fabric, lifting hips and abdomen, slimming and thin, comfortable and shaping, more slender legs


The slim is thin, can’t afford the ball, does not drop the crotch, can be worn in 200 catties, high quality and value!

The skin -friendly inner velvet, super thick and warm, loose waist, this winter is no longer cold


High -waisted women’s pants, loose waist design, comfortable to wear, good elasticity, unrestrained, full of sense, can not afford the ball or color

Fabric elasticity and breathability, not wrinkle, small straight pants version, the style is suitable for all kinds of matching, casual and versatile, showing the mother’s elegant temperament


Tibetan meat is thin artifact, saving leg defects, 4D three -dimensional tailoring, exquisite version, elastic fabric on all sides, elasticity on all sides, no ball, no silk!Whether it is versatile or not picking up, you can wear any body!

Comfortable hair, retro grid fabric, fashionable and warm, wear resistance and wrinkle, very wide and stylish, give you a different comfort feeling.

Comfortable woolen fabrics are not easy to stick to the ball, versatile and thin, fashionable style, show vitality and playfulness, it will be very age -reducing.