Make a stool chair for dad

I only did one thing this afternoon, which was to do a “stool chair” for my dad.

Dad is seventy -five or six years old this year, and his legs and feet are unfavorable, especially every time you go to the toilet. The toilet sold in the market is unsatisfactory, and it is inconvenient to use.

This afternoon, I touched the height of a chair at home. The most important thing was that there were support on both sides of the chair. After the old man went to the toilet, he could stand up smoothly with the help of the handle.

I first removed the chair noodles, padded the elliptical shape on the face, and used the iron that I could use at home. I did n’t take the ellipse of the chair noodles for a long time. In a hurry, I put the chair surface on the ground, hanging all around, and stomping down. Instead of stomping the ellipse, I painted the heel shock.

As the saying goes, there are always more difficult methods. I picked up the chair and drove to find Lao Xu for help. Lao Xu is a well -known calligraphy and painting mounting artist in Weinan City. Each of the calligraphy and painting works mounted through his hand clothes is shining, hanging at home or office. To put it plainly, do it alive!


Lao Xu’s tools for living here are all available. After I explained the intention, Lao Xu put down the other job in his hand and helped me process a stuffed chair. In the sound of electrical equipment, a stool chair is formed. Lao Xu used a sharp knife to smash the ellipse with grinning.

I returned home with joy and reinstalled the chair face on the chair. I couldn’t wait to call my dad, let his old man try to sit and sit, and after sitting on the feeling, my dad said: Okay, it’s good! “

It is everyone’s responsibility to allow the elderly to live comfortably and happily, because we also have old times!