Men’s group, dancing, and shooting MV, a 89 -year fresh meat investor, said that stars can invest cross -border investment, and I can’t play across the entertainment industry?

For two weeks of interviews with Wang Tianfan, or in Shanghai, or in Taiwan, it would never be appointment. Later, I learned that he and the other two investors Pan Xiang and Shi Nuo team had a men’s group and signed a brokerage company. They were busy shooting MVs, dishes, and dancing in Taiwan. Now investors really play.

Wang Tianfan told Venture State (WeChat Follow: ICHUANGYEBANG), “Only allowing them to cross -border our investment circles, we can’t let us go across the border to play in the entertainment industry”? Of course, this is only Wang Tianfan’s ridicule. He also hopes to pass his own through his own. Personal practice, truly understand what kind of production cycles such as dance and lighting in the field of culture and entertainment are producing what kind of production cycle is producing.

After graduating from undergraduate, Wang Tianfan got offer from the Betasman Asia Investment Fund (BAI). When he was studying at the London Business School (LBS), he was doing remote internships for Betasman. Didi, but later, due to the reason, it was not available in the end. He witnessed the beginning and shoulders of the industry’s general trend, so that he kept competing with himself with the mentality of recurring. Since joining BAI in 2012, Wang Tianfan has participated in the earliest aunt, Lokou, MO9, and has gradually invested in many familiar projects, including now, Keep, Miao Miao Travel, Wheel, Pencil Road, SAY Video, Open Casting, Penguin Eating and Drinking Guide, TOEFL Sister Easy, Rabbit Card, etc.

Wang Tianfan is actually very rigorous in the workplace

Don’t think about framework, use common sense

As his spiritual practice of the men’s group, he emphasizes common sense in making investment decisions. Everyone is talking about consumption upgrades and changes in lifestyle. Wang Tianfan said that he is not willing to believe in the concepts of “lifestyle change” and “B2C model”. So he invested in Keep and Wonderful Travels.

Wang Tianfan told Venture State (WeChat Follow: ICHUANGYEBANG) that the most important quality of investors is to some extent “not independent and not thinking”, and he divides it into two dimensions.

On the one hand, investors should not be too imprisoned in their own circle, and they need to watch the sixth road.

“Because what people see are all things in the past, too independent will cover their eyes, and they will ignore competitors and miss the judgment on the timeline. If you look at the sixth road is more powerful than others”, he emphasizes that he emphasizes Betasman’s iron rules have always invested in Market Leader.

On the other hand, many people will forget to judge with common sense because of too many concepts of framework.

Wang Tianfan told Venture State (WeChat Follow: ICHUANGYEBANG), “The Internet has new concepts every day, traffic conversion, customer acquisition costs, B2B models, etc. Investors cannot be killed by the concept box of these people. Hua, customer acquisition cost, single average price “.

When investors go to think in this frame, it proves that we have not really practiced, because the massage master of the foot therapy shop will tell you that only young masseurs will go to the door to serve. willing. “As long as you think in the box, you will ignore the general trend, and investors cannot be blinded by BP routines.” Wang Tianfan summed up.

Friends who have time, read Shi Mingjian

For four years of investment, Wang Tianfan has always adhered to a friend who is a time. In the beginning, Wang Tianfan came back with the entrepreneur and told the leader that the project got 10 TermSheet. The leader joked that he was fooled. It was too simple. After that, he began to observe and study himself. He saw 500 projects every year. Later, he found that through the accumulation of data, the development path of many products can be followed, because general listed companies need 5-7 years The process of traffic accumulation and monetization can be learned from time.

Now people start to say that he is very stable. Although he is a fresh meat in 89 years, his 4 years of work experience has made him particularly fast accumulation, and it can be seen from 5,000 from WeChat contacts. His mind almost turned into a dictionary or database. As long as the entrepreneur talked to him a project, he immediately called out related projects from his head. What is the segmentation direction and the data.

In addition to the practice in real life, he is also willing to be friends in history through books. In private, Wang Tianfan often writes articles and read a reading club. Wang Tianfan said. The history of the Internet is very short. Investors make decisions based on the judgment of fragmented things such as news. It must be metaphysical or reckless. If you look at some long -volume history, the context of the development of things is similar to that of some areas.

Wang Tianfan felt that he knew some historical laws and could learn lessons from the past, stop at the appropriate time, do not invest. I felt a business trip to Macau once. He sat at the gambling table and thought about investment. Because investing is like gambling, if you want to win, you must leave the gambling table when the book is good, but the VC industry does not have a mechanism to leave, and must be submitted in the 6-10 years. “If you lose more and win less in investment banks, the return rate is only 2%. When you stop, you will avoid a lot of losses.”

There is a clear investment methodology

In the past 4 years, the persistence of such a life and thinking method has led him to an extremely smart and rational investor. When investing, he will follow such a set of fine methods:

Find the project highlights first. If you are shining enough, there is investment possibilities, and then verify the bottom line that cannot be touched, and finally make investment judgments.

In terms of project highlights, he also has clear standards, including three aspects: Scale Driver (ceiling should not be too low), Growth Driver

In addition, Wang Tianfan also attaches great importance to the investigation and work well, so that all herself is a project with excellent texture, and can enter and lock this project in the early days. His trick is head traffic -find a good person. The project he invested also confirmed this principle. Former colleagues recommended Mono, and the founder of Mono recommended him Keep; when he invested in aunt, he met Gu Yiman, and later he invested immediately through Gu Yiman.

Of course, in addition to such a rational side, Wang Tianfan also has a DRAMA side. In order to invest in DEAL, he runs far from the suburbs to find the founders to play football, and will chase excellent entrepreneurs from high -speed rail dining cars to the hotel. “Usually selling instantly, a bit like an entrepreneur strongly persuaded a person to join his team.” He felt that this feeling was crazy, but he also enjoyed it.