Beijing Tourism Specialty Snack Food Recommended: Beijing Crispy Sugar

Beijing Crusterose and Shanghai Toffee and Guangzhou Fruit Candy are also known as the three famous sugar in China. Crispy sugar is one of the traditional naming points with Chinese characteristics and has a long history. It is suitable for crispy sugar to nourish the lungs, and the young and old should be all the cakes of the Spring Festival. Beijing’s sugar is also well -known for a long time. Before liberation, many of Beijing Crispy Sugar was processed with molds engraved with the shape of children. Old Beijing called it “children’s crisp”.

Red Shrimp Crispy Sugar: The earliest national snacks

The superior products in Beijing’s sugar are the red shrimp crispine developed by the first food factory in Beijing in 1963. Red shrimp crispy was popular all over the country, selling well in the world, and also won a medal issued by the State Council. On the basis of the traditional crispy sugar sweet and crispy, red shrimp and sugar are more sophisticated. The skin is thin and crispy, the sugar filling levels are clear, the smell is fragrant, it tastes sweet and delicious. It is really memorable without leaving residue in the mouth.


The shape of the sugar block is like a shrimp section, the surface is moist and bright, the shape is full and full, and the white -brown stripes are inlaid. The layers are clearly visible. At that time, foreign businessmen couldn’t help but admire that the crispy sugar in the United States and any other country was comparable to Chinese red shrimp crisps.


In the era of lack of material, red shrimp crispy sugar was a luxury of that era. Because it is suitable for both ages, whether adults and children or elderly people are very favorite. Deeply nostalgic taste memory.

At that time, you could only eat precious candy during the New Year. You have to put it in your pocket for a while, then let it play, gently peel off the outer layer of the packaging paper, suck the fragrance of the fragrance emitted from the box, Only then entered the formal consumption link. Before formal consumption, you often have to rotate the sugar cubes like jade, and finally slowly bite the next mouth, listen to the cracking sound, accompanied by the scattered scatter of the fragments, quickly close the mouth quickly close the mouth Can’t bear to float a slightest sugar piece, dragging his chin with the other hand. If there is a sugar block fragment to fall to the ground, it will catch it as soon as possible. This full of sense of ritual makes a crispy sugar eat for several minutes. Sometimes I do n’t eat one sugar at one time, but leave a piece of section, wrap it in packaging paper, and wait for it next time. Now I look back at the memories of those times are full of happiness; and those wonderful time, we can’t go back anymore, only the red shrimp and sugar taste can trace our past thoughts.


Bean noodle sugar

Since the development of crispy sugar, there have been many varieties and flavors. Bean noodle crispy sugar is a kind of crispy sugar, and it is also a traditional point of Beijing. The bean noodles are fried with soybeans and grinded the powder, add sugar and flour, and then make crispy sugar with the sugar.

The process of bean noodles is basically the same as that of black sesame crispy sugar. The difference is that: the sesame is more oil, and the grinding into powder is soft; and the bean noodles are relatively loose and dry. The bean noodles have three clear colors: yellow, brown, and white, and the shape is spiral -shaped thick square body. The tenth discount layer of the bean noodles and the glucose skin is clear and uninterplained. The texture is uniform and smooth.

The origin of crispy sugar was passed down in the Northern Song Dynasty. When Su Dongpo served as Xuzhou, when he met the Yellow River, the flood arrived in Xuzhou City. Seeing that the flood is about to cross the city wall, folk rumors have rumored that young women must jump into the Yellow River, and the big water will retreat. After asking Su Dongpo’s 13 -year -old daughter, Su Gu asked, and prayed incense: As long as he could save the people of Xuzhou and reluctant to give up the flood. After praying, he jumped into the water. Su Gu’s deeds deeply moved and shocked Xuzhou military and civilians. They fought day and night, rescued and defensive, and finally preserved Xuzhou City. To commemorate Su Gu, the people of Xuzhou have shaped the statue of Su Gu and built the Huanglou Temple. Every temple fair is the grand occasion of “Su Guxiang Fire Fighting Yellow Tower”. People will use a sugar block with a city wall tile to sacrifice Su Gu. This sugar cubes are called “Su Tang”, also called “Crispy Sugar” “”.