Design of the transformable space of the curved auditorium

GALA Venue® Multifunction Hall Basket Flip System

The shape and size of the venue mainly depends on its functional purposes -whether lectures, live performances, or movies, communities and business activities -need to consider carefully in the early days of design. In order to host a wider range of activities, more and more visitors are attracted every day. More and more venues have begun to use modular and automated flexible design. Since 2001, Gala Systems has provided this popular versatility to more than 30 venues around the world, allowing them to re -configure them from the tilted audience seat in a few minutes to the flat ground space. The permanent perception of the fixed auditorium. This innovation comes from the accumulation of engineering professional knowledge, and it comes from the application design experience of a series of seat storage solutions. Based on the same structure, guidance, and control system core components, whether it is the Terminal and rotation system, each solution is applicable to different needs, especially each different geometric hall seat layout.

In addition to flexibility, the design of the theater is directly associated with the geometric shape of the audience because it affects the capacity and the audience’s sight. In these cases, arc seats may be the most ideal choice. The Gala Venue® seat flip system depends on horizontal moving each row of seats to form an ideal solution for flexible assembly space. The Forum Evolution Palace, located in Bolgos, Spain, was designed by the award -winning architect Juan Navarro Baldweg. It is a valuable modern architectural case with a transformable space hall with curved seats. The lower level of this curved 1371 venue (floor and stage) integrates the mobile automation arc seat platform. These seats can be changed to different sizes of music ponds or expansion stage. Structural driver. Each row of independent seats can be automatically moved to adjacent seats for storage, and a single operator can be transformed in a few minutes as needed. On the flat floor structure, there is only a very small gap (below 5 mm) between the row, forming a completely uniform surface, and its safety is also suitable for dancing or other activities.

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Automatic seat flip system:


Move each row of arc -shaped seats to the storage position below the adjacent row;

Between the gap between the row:

5mm, more tolerances than industry standards (6mm). This completely guarantees that the flat floor will not cause harm to customers, and no surface coverage is required;

Floor decoration:

You can apply almost any surface treatment;

Theater style seat:

Compatible with most seat manufacturers;


Audience comfort:

The audience feels like in a fixed auditorium;

Conversion time:

10 minutes;

Bachelor pit size:

Each row of seats occupy the same size, even those seats in the back row of the auditorium. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for shallow foundation, because there is a space available in the foundation pit to install a self -directed scissors to avoid the necessity of using the guide wall.