80 elderly shoes assessment: the strength of power is high, Yurkcon’s ability to do not have

Southern News reporter Yang Liyun intern Zhang Ruilin’s old shoes is in the past, soft, non-slip, durable, etc., is loved by the elderly. On October 9, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee jointly went to Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui Consumer Protection Committee to release 80 elderly shoes comparison tests.

The results showed that Wen Yu (model specifications: 8412fa88806w-90/250) 12 samples such as Yurkang (model specification: 8412fa88806w-90/250), high hardness, foot is easy to fatigue. Baibyjian ultra-fiber nano series (model specification: 1903/235) The elasticity is the worst.

14 samples such as Yurkang

Folding performance is not related

Folding performance is an important base indicator that reflects the quality of footwear products. The engineer fixed the sample on the folding test machine, and continuously bleed 40,000 times, check whether the sole is broken, whether the hob material appears, the slurry, and the housing are opened, so that the shoes are bending in normal wear. Bending performance.

The test results show that 14 samples have excessively gelatin or cracks in the 78 items participating in the test, and 7 samples do not conform to the standard requirements of their expressions. The length of the gelatin is 5.5- Between 37.2mm, the length of the crack is between 6-15.6 mm.

Including the Winter 3D Silver Sliding Skating Shoes (Model Specification: 111-1 / 250) DSX916 / 245), Yearcon Yurkang men’s single shoes produced by Yugang Co., Ltd. (model specification: 8412fa88806w-90/250), Agsdon, Nan’an Huangwan Clothing Co., Ltd. (Model Specification: L002 / 250), etc.

12 samples such as Pu Lijian, Yurkang

High hardness, foot is easy to fatigue

Elderly shoes are usually soft, back, and comfortable. The comfort of the elderly shoes can be reflected by indicators such as the outer bottom strength, microporous compression deformation. At present, there is no requirement for these comfort indicators such as travel shoes and casual shoes.

In terms of the outer bottom strength, 80 samples have a minimum of 39, up to 72. Due to the elderly, the body can decrease, and the child is relatively close to children. Children’s leather shoes Recommended standards require the outermost hardness of the shoes between 45-65. This comparative test has 16 samples of the sample hardness below 45,52 pieces soft and hard, and the outermost hardness of 12 samples is higher than 65.

Shoes with higher hardness, forming curved use when walking is relatively large, and the foot is easily fatigued. These 12 samples include: Slenetistic Skills Safety Shoes 2.0 (Model Specifications: 602/250) 7SXM-80E670-1 / 250), nine anti-fitting shoes (model specifications: JF-018/240), nine anti-fitting shoes (model specifications: JF-999/255), 狳 casual fashion shoes (model specifications: 6085 / 250), L’Alpina casual shoes (model specifications: DSX916 / 245), Yearcon Yurkang men’s single shoes (model specifications: 8412fa88806W-90/250).

Baibujian old shoes

Wors of elasticity

In terms of back flexibility, microporous compression deformation is the performance of the anti-compression deformation of the sole microporous material, and the degree of admission of the sole is returned to the elasticity of the elasticity after stepwise deformation during daily wear.

The test results show that 76 pieces participating in the test (the other 3 non-microporous material soles are not measured, 1 shoe bottom cannot be sampled), the best microporous bottom compression deformation is 11%, the most rebound The difference in microporous bottom compression is 40%, which is a hundred step health fiber nano series (model specification: 1903/235). In addition, there are more than 35% of the microporous bottom compression deformation of 16 samples, and the rebound is poor. Including spacing footage (model specifications: J9092 / 250), Jianfukang elderly shoes (model specifications: 1909/250), Chen Horse chenhorse Springs (model specification: 869-1 / 250), etc.