How to install the bedside wall? Choose the right material! Quiet and comfortable, missing one

In addition to the TV and sofa background wall of the living room, the bedside background wall is also a vital background wall in home decoration. When the living room background wall is decorated, it is mainly based on beautiful atmosphere; and the bedside wall in the bedroom is different from the living room background wall. Usually the decoration of the bedside wall is dominated by quietness and comfort, so that the bedroom is more comfortable to appear more comfortable Mainly. Today, let’s talk about the installation and design of the bedside wall. I hope that through this article, it can bring you a practical and comfortable bedroom environment.




1. The main purpose of decoration of bedroom bedside wall

The bedroom is a space for sleeping and rest, so when decorating the bedroom, try to dominate quietness and comfort; the bedside wall is also a wall of the bed. When decorating, it is mainly based on the design of the bed.

① Quiet and comfortable


As a room to sleep, a quiet and comfortable bedroom can improve sleep quality and make people sleep more comfortably. Therefore, the bedside wall can choose some stable and quiet colors, such as gray -tone bedside walls, which can give people a relaxed experience.

▲ Gray bedside wall, quiet, comfortable and generous.

② Durable back


The bedside wall is a wall of the bed. According to the style of different beds, the material that can be selected by the bedside wall is also different. For example, a bed with a normal back, the bedside wall can choose a more abrasion -resistant material, on the bed rack without the back, you can use a soft bag according to your own hardness of the back of the back. Or hard bags make the bedside wall, durable and comfortable.

▲ Soft bag head wall, durable and comfortable back.

2. Decoration material of the bedside wall

The bedside wall of the bedroom is a special wall surface. When decorating this wall, according to different bedroom design and the owner’s needs, there are different materials to choose from. There are about the following:

① latex paint -simple money and money

Latex paint is a relatively mature wall decoration material. Use latex paint to paint the bedside background wall. It can be constructed together during the construction stage of the painter to achieve lower -cost decoration, and the effect is relatively simple and generous.

▲ Latex paint is made of bedside wall, simple and generous, saving money and convenient.

② Wall cloth wallpaper -simple and warm

Put a wallpaper on the bedside wall, choose a pattern picture you like, and under the material of the warm and comfortable wallpaper wall cloth, it can also bring a simple and comfortable and warm experience.

▲ Simple and warm wall cloth can also customize patterns and warm personality.

③ Soft and hard bag -comfortable texture

The bedside wall uses soft bags or hard bags, so that the surface material of fabric or leather art is used on the bedside wall, the effect is also a very warm and natural texture, which can make the space more comfortable and natural.


▲ Soft bag and hard bag, warm and advanced background wall design.

④ Wooden Noodles -Simple and Nature

The use of wooden noodles on the wall of home decoration is very common in modern minimalist style, especially in the space of the wooden wind, the wooden surface is a very durable and simple background wall decorative material. On the head wall, the effect is also very modern and generous.

▲ Natural and comfortable wooden texture, making the bedside wall is also very durable and generous.


⑤ Great Wall Board -Advanced layered sense

The Great Wall Board is an upgraded version of the wooden face background wall. The Great Wall board has obvious bump texture shapes. The layered decoration effect is also more elegant and high -level.

▲ Simple and layered, this is the benefit of the Great Wall board.

Regarding the decoration of the bedside background wall, the above introduces a variety of materials and precautions. You can refer to it when decorating, creating a quiet and comfortable bedroom atmosphere for yourself, making your sleeping environment more comfortable.