Is it reasonable to pull the basket under the stove? unreasonable! There are 4 reasons, do not regret understanding

To be clean and tidy in the home environment, it requires enough storage space. The place where the home can use must be fully utilized. However, when using the storage space, you should specially consider the characteristics of the storage items and the storage environment in order to be perfect.

In this regard, for the kitchen that uses gas and has oil fume, more should be considered. No, some friends intend to install pull baskets in the cabinets under the embedded cooker. Do you ask for reason?

In this issue, Aquarius ’s home takes this problem as an example to analyze it for everyone. It’ s reasonable to install the pull basket under the cooker and how to use the storage space below the cooker correctly.


Is the cabinet in the cabinet in the cooker reasonable?

For desktop cookers, the cooker directly placed on the cabinet, the cabinet installation of the cabinet and other facilities is okay. There is no reason and unreasonable. As long as the storage is convenient, the cabinet door is closed, there is no problem.

For the embedded stove, it is unreasonable to install a pull basket in the cabinet below it. There are mainly the following four reasons:


1. Increased inspection and repair of gas hoses

It is well known that the gas hose is a weak link in the home environment. The weak links of gas safety are prone to aging, rats, and wear, and easily cause accidental gas leakage. Therefore, it needs to be checked regularly. And if a pull basket is installed under the cooker, the gas hose is just below. It is inconvenient to check and repair the gas hose regularly. So it is unreasonable.

2. Affect the adjustment of the battery and wind door adjustment


At present, the stoves are used in batteries. Generally, the battery needs to be replaced once in about half a year, and the wind door of the cooker may be adjusted. If a pull basket is installed below, you need to open the cooker to replace the battery instead of opening the cabinet. The door is easily replaced, and it also affects the adjustment of the wind door. From this point of view, the installation of pull baskets is unreasonable, and there are problems that affect the adjustment of the battery and wind door adjustment.

3. Pulling baskets can easily touch the gas hose and cause the interface to loosen the interface

The gas hose has a certain degree of flexibility, and there will be drooping. If a pull basket is installed under the cooker, after pulling the basket to store items, it is likely to touch the gas hose during the push and pull. It may cause the wear of the gas hose or the loosening of the interface, cause unexpected air leakage, and cause serious gas leakage accidents, which also shows that the loading basket is unreasonable.

4. The storage items are easy to dirty and dirty

For embedded gas stoves, it opens directly on the cabinet, embedded in the installation of the gas stove, and the lower part of the gas stove is in the cabinet. On the one hand, if the cooker panel and the cabinet are not sealed, the pot is produced when using the cooker soup, it is likely that the soup will flow along the gap of the cooker panel and the cabinet. Dirty. The two aspects of embedded stoves are generally required that the cabinet door or cabinet of the cabinet is left with air pores in order to fully burn the gas stove. In this way, some oil fumes and dust will enter the cabinet from the gap. If the basket is stored in a tableware, it will make it dirty. And if you do not reserve the pores, it will affect the normal combustion of the cooker. Therefore, installing pull baskets in the cabinet under the embedded stove is also unreasonable from this point.

Based on the above four points, it is unreasonable to install a pull basket in the cabinet below. It is not reasonable to advise everyone to do this, otherwise it may cause a lot of inconvenience to appear, and even cause the cooker to combine normally and the existence of gas safety hazards. The above is also what the cabinet below the cooker should be fully considered as a storage space.

In addition, as a cabinet below the embedded gas stove, not only is it inappropriate to install a basket, such as other disinfection cabinets, steaming boxes, drawers, etc., all relatively fixed ones are not suitable. More or less affect the use of the cooker and the safety of gas.


Of course, the cabinet below the cooker, as a storage space, naturally cannot be idle. My suggestion is to place the partitions in the cabinet horizontally and use it in layers. Some are easy to get, such as pots and other items. After layering, the lower layer can place some items at will, but try to put some flammable items, such as oil and flour. In this way, the space is used reasonably.




The inside of the cabinet below the cooker is installed. If it is a desktop stove, the pipe of the stove and the cooker, the gas pipes are basically no connection with the cabinet below. There is no reasonable and unreasonable. It can be installed. And if it is an embedded stove, its gas hose is below, and the gas stove requires a cabinet to reserve ventilation holes, and it is not reasonable to install the basket. Convenience and safety. If the storage space is not convenient and involves hidden safety hazards, it is naturally not so resettled. Similar to pulling baskets are drawers, disinfection cabinets, steam boxes, etc., which are not suitable for installation under the embedded stove. I hope friends are familiar with!


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