The three shorts that are very hot this summer are thin and covered with meat, and their legs are long

this summer

“Daddy Pants”, “Riding Pants”, “Boyfriend Pants”

Frequent hot search once shakes the status of wide -leg pants in the past two years. The status of the fashion circle C position of the fashion circle has some charm.

If you say that the hottest shorts in the past few years, you ca n’t have no name ride pants. This is the length.

Elastic tight pants above the knee


At first it was the pants born to optimize the riding experience and now it became

Street mixing king


It is very popular in the European and American circle ~

Da Mi Mi took it to the top several times hot search. The queen with the goods always tried new things (but it is really difficult to control it)


To say that this pants are also enough to match a long coat, you can cover the meat that appropriately cover your thighs. It is really good to see that others wear it.


It is much thicker than denim’s legs

The fat on the thighs nowhere to be illegal


There must be a problem with my pants! Riding pants to expose the disadvantages of leg shape, most Hold can’t hold it

Just leave them to supermodels and female stars. There are still many good -looking pants in the world that I don’t want to “see the road to death”. Today I will find it

3 ultra -fire pants

, Max is thin!


First of all, send me my favorite -Bermuda shorts appear


Handsome Fudge little boy / French elegance / sexy hot girl


The style you want can be achieved by Bermuda shorts


At first glance, you might think this pants are bland? In fact, you can underestimate it! If you want to create sexy hot girl style, you can choose directly to the upper body

crop top


Or directly tie the scarf to highlight the waist, spicy enough!

The weather is slightly cold, you can put on a suit jacket in the outside


Sports underwear or tube top


Full of French elegance ~ and can better cover the flesh on the thighs, the beauty must try this style ~


But I want to say my favorite is

With various shirts

Come to wear

A strong sense of youth

The plasticity of the super -age reduction of Bermuda shorts is really strong!


The second one to say is of course denim shorts

Etherence, significantly tall, not picking people

Of course, the choice of version is also very particular.

Too exposed body curves and easy to go ~ Besides, it is too uncomfortable for such a sultry and hot denim fabric in summer ~


Girls with more flesh and flesh of the waist and hips choose when buying denim shorts


A -character style

Can modify the loose body shape of the body+high waist can adjust the disadvantage to the proportion, and it looks good if you wear it casually.

Email with blue and white striped shirts


Summer exclusive coolness

I feel that I will go on vacation next second. The original denim shorts can also be very elegant

Of course, denim shorts are also exclusive to hot girls and just take one casually

Shoulder vest

It is very shy and shy sisters in Europe and the United States. You can add a shirt jacket or something ~

The sports shorts with hot sports winds are still hot this year

Very easy items to get started

Whether it is a casual match or a mixing and matching with a handsome jacket, it can be perfectly integrated

The sports girl gathered here

Sports shorts of thin filters

You can’t miss the cool hips and pull the long legs. Which one is not like in summer?

My favorite is it

Wide -leg design

Girls who have studied shorts naturally understand two slender legs. Is it not fragrant? Intersection

Mint green sports shorts


With a white cooker

Don’t be too cool! Intersection Intersection It is a sports style sweet cub shorts and shorts, and the cotton is really YYDS!

Sisters with good figure may wish to try

Sport BRA

The combination of sports shorts can easily wear a brighter sense of vitality girl


Alright, today’s pants are recommended here