Long -sleeved white shirt (novel)

This is a remote small county in the northwest. In July in the northwest, the sun was still hot.

There are more than 800 meters next to the county party committee of the county and county party committee.

Boss Qian’s mind is flexible and very business cells. In the past two days, he was trying to figure out the new county party secretary. He always felt that the new secretary could bring business opportunities to his shop.

Today, Boss Qian is like a magic. When I got up in the morning, I was almost two o’clock in the afternoon. I did n’t eat or drink. I sat on the chair next to the shop electric fan and blowing a cool breeze. From time to time, I still talk to myself. I ’m afraid that the leadership is afraid of the principles.

Boss Qian’s wife has long been used to this behavior of her husband. Since their husband and wife have opened the store for more than eight years, the husband’s magic situation is very frequent, and each time can be surprised to their small shops. But this time I do n’t eat or drink my mobile phone for a long time, it still makes her a little puzzled. She had persuaded her husband to eat something several times, but her husband hummed.

“Wife, you will hurry up to the bank to give me 20,000 yuan. I will go to the market to give us two hundred long -sleeved white shirts. The opportunity to make money is here.” The wife who takes care of the business said.

“What are you mentioning two hundred long -sleeved white shirts?” Boss Qian’s wife couldn’t believe his ears. It was hot in July. Who would wear long -sleeved white shirts this season? Besides, there were few people in this small county. Wearing long -sleeved white shirts, there are almost no shops selling long -sleeved white shirts. So she asked her husband in doubt.

“Wife, you hurry up to pick up the money. I will explain it to you in the future.” Boss Qian urged his wife.

Boss Qian’s wife was doubtful, but he knew that his husband’s decision was correct, and this time it should be no exception. She hurriedly took the bank card to the nearby bank and took 20,000 yuan to her husband.

The next afternoon, Boss Qian came up with two hundred long -sleeved white shirts from the city.

In the next few days, people with cadres went to the shop of the boss of Qian to consult a long -sleeved white shirt …

In less than a month, long -sleeved white shirts were snapped up and earned more than 20,000 yuan.

Boss Qian’s wife admired her husband, but the doubts in her heart did not eliminate. She looked at her husband who was sitting on the corner of the shop and humming Xiaoqu with an electric fan to watch the mobile phone.

Laughing Yingying asked: “Old money, why do you say these people want to buy long -sleeved white shirts?”

“The new county party secretary is wearing long -sleeved white shirts. Can you say that the cadres can not quickly buy it?” Boss Qian replied proudly.