Taobao C store owner exposes the precautions and hidden rules of online shopping, must be seen by the chop party!

What do online shop owners pay attention to when shopping in other online stores? Maybe online shop owners may know more about the hidden rules of some industries. Is it different from ordinary online shopping consumers during online shopping?

The owner of the store C, occupying a pit first, and slowly writing. Because Taobao rules are also changing in real time, if I have time, I will continue to update as much as possible.

Let’s take some dry goods first:

1. Please ignore the evaluation of the first page when you look at the evaluation


Because the evaluation of the first page was written by the owner himself. The correct way to see the evaluation is: the upper right corner of the column was recently evaluated.

2. Don’t look at historical price records, because the seller has N methods to do hands and feet on it.

For example, you see a baby, selling 100 a month ago, and now 80, you are even very patient, the transaction record is turned on to the page of 100 yuan. So decisively started, 20 cheaper than others bought, thinking about a little excitement in your heart. What is the actual situation?

Actual situation A: When the seller sells 100, a full reduction activity is set up. The full 100 system will be automatically reduced by 20. The buyer actually costs only 80 yuan to buy, but the system shows that the transaction price is 100 yuan.

Real situation B: The seller has set up a 20 yuan red envelope. When the buyer buys, it can be used without threshold. It also shows that the transaction price is 100

Real situation C: The seller was free shipping at the time, but now it is not free shipping, or the freight is modified

Real situation D: At that time, the seller set up a package, such as Baby A100 yuan, and baby B40 yuan A B only 110 yuan. After taking the package, the transaction amount displayed by the two babies was purchased at the original price.

Actual situation E: The transaction records you saw before were false transactions, the seller brushed it, and then the price was reduced (this method is the most commonly used preparation plan for Double Eleven)

Real situation f: The seller changed the baby. For example, the baby A was sold before, and after selling it for a while, the main map and description were replaced with Baby B. Someone will ask, isn’t Taobao be checked like this? Hehe … Who makes you change at one time? I will change a little today and change a little tomorrow. Without a week, the baby becomes another one, and the evaluation is still there.

3. Be good at searching. In most cases, the price of the same baby, Alibaba

After reading the comment area, I emphasized that it is not recommended that everyone go to Alibaba to buy it. Everyone choose according to the actual situation!

Take the lever box, Taobao searched the lever box. After some comparison, I saw such a baby:

So what is the correct way to buy?

First, look at its origin, Dongguan. This means that the same baby, if you search for the same keyword, you will have a great probability to find the same paragraph.

Okay, let’s search for the PC tie box (because the box is made of PC, and increase the accuracy of keywords can help us find the same paragraph faster) to choose Dongguan

Then I found this, yes, the price drops a lot. Is this the lowest price? of course not!

Next, let’s get a check-up price and set it to 100-125, search, wow! A lot of the same style!

Choose one point in and take a look:

The price has dropped again!

So is this price the lowest? Let’s go to Alibaba to verify it!

Similarly, search for keywords PC tip box location card Dongguan, price card 80-110 (why is the price of the card? Because the minimum sold on Taobao is sold to 110, then Alibaba must be lower than this price)

Then I found this product:

Click in and see, the same baby 95, although not free shipping, but the postage is still less than 110

I do n’t need to say how to choose the rest. It is nothing more than considering the gift, the delivery speed, what courier, the after -sales, and then judgment according to the price. (Emphasize again, here is not recommended that everyone go to Alibaba to buy it!)

Someone will ask, one penny and one penny, Tmall sells 168 things, can you really buy the same baby 110?

If you understand the essence of it, you will know, let’s reverse it.


If I am a luggage manufacturer, I produced a box, I also wholesale to Tmall sellers, Taobao sellers, and then I also sold it on Alibaba myself.

The same box,

The cost of Tmall seller considers entering is the cost of operating cost of the box price

Taobao sellers consider box price profits

The heart -level seller considers the price of a little price of the box (because most new sellers are this mentality, my shop is newly opened, and the same price will definitely not be a big seller. Therefore, the price can only be reduced or even sold at a loss. First Get sales and reputation, let’s talk about it)

The price of the manufacturer on Alibaba is even more direct. The price of the box (the factory price), because most of the good manufacturers made on Alibaba are done on behalf of the Taobao shop owner, so you you wholesale, so you you If you buy it at this price, basically the wholesale price.


I wrote here, it is estimated that many colleagues will scold the mother, there is no way, I just came to praise, haha


The next step is to teach you how to see if the sales and evaluation of a baby is a false transaction (that is, the order)

Warning: The following examples involve real shops. Even if there is a single -brushing phenomenon, it does not mean that the products sold in this store are not good, or the cost performance is not high. Do not get a seat! With the existing rules of Taobao, 90%of ordinary sellers, especially small sellers, can’t survive without swiping! Intersection Intersection

Take four -piece set as an example.


Then I found this shop on the search homepage:

According to the idea of ​​ordinary buyers,

1. First look at the dynamic score of 4.9 4.9 4.9, three items fluttering, good!

2. Look at the description again, basically do n’t have to read it, it is a professional online sales picture provided by the manufacturer, not bad!

3. Look at the evaluation again: the evaluation content is also good, praise 179,

The poor evaluation is 0, and the review is 1, the picture is 0 (note that the black content will be analyzed later)

4. Finally, look at the transaction record: the average sales volume of more than ten orders, indicating that there are also many people who buy it

To sum up, in the eyes of ordinary buyers, this is definitely a high -quality shop! If you do not consider price factors for the time being, buying this one is definitely a good choice.


What about the actual situation?

First look at the number of successful transactions and the number of accumulated comments

First explain

The successful number of transactions = the number of people confirmed to receive the goods in the last 30 days

Cumulative number of comments = baby

The last 180 days

(Thank you @(((((() The number of comments from all words generated by (excluding the time to the system automatic praise and the buyer do not write, directly praise)

The next question came out. The transaction was 179 successfully, and there were actually 179 comments.

At present, 95%of the evaluation is from false transactions

Intersection Why can it be determined so? I usually buy things on the Internet. How many people will evaluate after we buy things? How many people will write more than 10 words? Under normal circumstances, the evaluation of more than 50 trading records can be good (different categories may be different)! In other words, if some transaction records are normal records,

The real situation should be the success of the transaction 179, and the cumulative evaluation is less than 80!

In order to confirm this inference, we turn the transaction record to the last page

The first transaction was only 3 transactions throughout June 12th, and only 3 items from July to 30! Then start from July 30, keep 5-10 pens a day. The transaction records before July 30 ignored it, so it can be determined that more than 95%of the current transactions have occurred in the last month! In this case, the above inference is confirmed!


So for the above example

Conclusion 1: If the earliest transaction record of the baby is within one month, the cumulative number of comments is equal to or slightly smaller than the number of successful transactions, then the evaluation and sales of this baby are 100%brushed!

Continue to follow the last example, we follow the baby’s transaction record from the first page to turn over the first page

The transaction record is normal, and there are reasons to believe that these are real transactions.

Turn back a few more pages, turn forward from August 31, the transaction records are as follows:

Page 7

Do you see it too? A large number of one person’s purchase records, combined with the characteristics of changing the baby, once again verified the facts of false transactions!


Conclusion 2: If there is a large number of one -person multiple purchase records in a baby transaction record, this baby is likely to have false transactions!

Continue, enter the credit page of the store, and check the last 30 days return rate:

Maybe this data can’t be seen, so let’s compare the return rate of Tmall Shop and other normal C points

Under normal circumstances, the return rate of this category is between 3%-5%, the transaction records can be brushed, praise can also be brushed, but

No seller will brush the return rate!

So concluding 3: If the return rate of a store is much less than the return rate of similar stores, then this store is likely to have a large number of false transactions!

As a seller and a senior buyer at the same time, let me talk about my experience:

1. Discover the same baby

for example.

For example, you see such a product:

Copy its title in Taobao: leather shell bag 2014 new retro hollow carved cowhide women’s bag black pink red shoulder handbag

Discover it!

Mouse moved to the picture and appeared

Find the same model to find similar

2. Screening comparison


Look at the same paragraph first:

Then compare it from multiple dimensions such as price, thermal sale, merchant reputation, and after -sales service.

If you do n’t choose the meaning in the same paragraph, you can look at the similarity again, and the same models are often found in the similarity, but the pictures are different.

After selecting a certain product, look at the evaluation:

Remember to see the evaluation: ignore the praise! Just look at the difference and addition, just look at gray, don’t look at the recommendation of evaluation sorting, look at the nearest one. Essence

Let’s see if the free shipping and after -sales service:

Free shipping:

Free shipping means that even if a return, you don’t need to bear the seller’s shipping freight

Whether to support returns:

Some sellers really do not support returning! Although there is a problem, we can deal with rights protection, but it is really troublesome. Essence

Freight insurance:

The means of freight insurance is that even if the goods are returned at the end, the shipping cost of your delivery will still have insurance companies to pay for you! (Not necessarily in full, but it has greatly reduced your losses)


Satisfied? confirmed? Ready to buy it? Pluged directly?

Don’t be in a hurry! I suggest you bargain!

Bargard nirvana:

I only have XXX yuan in my Alipay. If I go, I will take a payment immediately!

Attention to bargaining:

Don’t ask if you can discount, the seller can’t go through the face, how can you say it perfunctory: the lowest oh dear!

Speak directly at the psychological price, don’t be too low, otherwise the seller will ignore you directly. Essence

Do not get inch, the seller has agreed to overthrow his request and continue to press down. Essence

After I buy it, I usually finish:

Very satisfied to confirm the receipt of the goods carefully to write the evaluation

Automatically confirmed by satisfaction and other ignorance

Don’t satisfy the application for refund


Another point: I never continue to pay attention to the price of the product after buying things, and avoid finding the seller’s price cut and make myself lose. Essence

* Related interest: The product in the example is my own. Essence

As a person who has been in e -commerce for nearly 5 years, it is a senior person.

The answer is divided into two parts. One is how to buy well, and the other is how to buy cheap ones

Go straight to the topic


Part 1: How to buy it well

First of all, the current situation of the most anonymous users of the current votes is basically true and very real. Only an additional point, such as finding the same price comparison method for the origin of the trolley case, which is actually risky. Because even if the same paragraph (outside or the picture looks exactly the same paragraph), it is likely that several different factories are produced. Different factories are different in raw materials and production processes, resulting in cost and cost and cost Different quality is very common. In other words, what you find on Alibaba may not be a factory at all as Tmall, and it is not the same thing.

Back to the topic, saying how I shop for myself, and some shopping suggestions.


1. Buy only in the regular B2C mall, which is the guarantee of genuine and services, avoiding many follow -up troubles. Why I do n’t need to compare the same price method. One is that there are risks mentioned above, and the other is troublesome. I have a good economic situation, and I also know how to learn from Tmall. Done.

2. Standard products go to the regular B2C malls such as Jingdong Buy or Tmall brand flagship store or Yi Xun, and non -standard products to Tmall. What is a standard product, which is a model such as mobile phones, digital, and home appliances. The types of products on the market are absolutely limited. Non -standard is a category of clothing and furniture. The types of products on the market are almost infinite. As for why, there are many reasons, as long as it is related to the business model of JD Tmall, it will not be expanded. As my many years of shopping habits and suggestions for everyone, but it is not absolute.


3. The flagship store specialty store of well -known brands does not need to think about authenticity. It is already a counterattack, but it is absolutely impossible to be fake (except for non -well -known brands). Most of the specialty stores are also genuine but cautious. Because I have encountered a specialty store with the brand authorized results to sell fake goods, there are few but still there are still, and the specialty store is selling goods. It depends on comprehensive factors such as evaluation


4. Look at the evaluation and look at the DSR, which is the one with the top three of the page together. Except for the speed of logistics, I will never buy the first two of the first two (that is, lower than the industry average). Because except for the third item is not completely controllable, the first two items are basically controllable. The first item represents the product that does not rely on the page that it is really flickering consumers. The second item represents the importance of the merchant’s emphasis on consumer experience, which is the issue of attitude. Facing the industry, passing the score; more than 20%, good; more than 40%, awesome; more than 50%, God’s existence; more than 60%, I have not seen it for a long time.

5. Look at the evaluation. Look at the single baby score of this product, which is on the baby details page. After clicking the evaluation details, the score in the upper left corner.还是给一个标准吧:4.6及以下,绝对不买;4.7,产品不会有大问题,但谨慎,可能拿到手会有小失望;4.8,不错的产品,价格合适就值得一试;4.9,牛Forced; 5.0, I have never seen a product that can be sold more than 100 pieces in the product. If so, it must be brushed.

6. Look at the evaluation. Look at the refund rate, which is the mouse point DSR, which will pick a page to show the refund rate of this store. The specific situation of each industry in each industry is different. The industry is more than 2 points.

7. At the end of the evaluation, look at the text evaluation, except for the advice of the high ticket answer, and then add it. In fact, the above DSR, a single product score, and the refund rate, as long as the conditions are met, can basically be sure that this is a good product. Finally Meaningless information, not to mention it may be brushed. Looking at the text evaluation is to foresee that this product may be in the shortcomings of some aspects through the experience of other users, and do a good job of psychological expectations. After all, there are no absolute perfect products in the world, not to mention the difficulty of the public.

Finally, the supplement is very important. Why do you look at DSR? Baby score and refund rate is because these data are continuous. It is a summary of the scoring of the merchant for nearly 3 to 6 months. It is impossible for merchants Change the score, so the reference is strong. Of course, the premise is that this data has a certain base, that is, customers with more than 1,000 or more participated in the evaluation. There will

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If you have any questions, you can comment and ask questions.



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the second part

Still long text, go straight to the topic

To be honest, how to buy cheap is really a matter of increasingly complex, involving too many related professional knowledge, such as

Cost structure: What parts are consumers spent to pay for the product? Is it raw material, labor, R & D cost, or something else? And which expenses are likely to be given to consumers?

Shop operation mode: Why are some products in a shop (brand), some are much cheaper than other brands, but there are some products much more expensive than other brands? Why are some products doing promotion? Some products never do it?


Product business model: Why is the same brand of the same brand, sometimes cheap and expensive? I just bought the price as soon as I bought. What is going on?

Platform business model: Why do the same brand of the same brand, some Jingdong cheap, some Tmall cheap, some Taobao markets cheap? Is there a cheaper place?

… …

and many more

One of the most important essences of the Internet is to eliminate the cost of information communication. In theory, the lower the cost of communication, the lower the price should be. In the early stage of e -commerce, just because of the elimination of the agent dealers between the brand and consumers we are familiar with, it has brought us a lot of changes. Not to mention the various communication costs that Ali Group has been eliminated, eliminated, and will be eliminated. But the side effect is to let us be in an era of information explosion. I don’t know where to go, I don’t know what to choose.

Only by making this clear, then you can know how much it costs to buy a product every time you shopping.

Keke … Avenue is a bit more said, let’s take the actual order below


1. Cost structure

Both are flagship stores, and the manufacturers are directly confession. One piece of clothes tag price is 800, and the merchant sells 50 % off for 400; a rice cooker tag price is 500, and the merchant will sell 400 for 20 %. Now both products are 400. The seller makes a lot of money? Many people think that the clothes merchants have made 800-400 = 400 yuan, and the discount is so strong. The mobile phone only benefits 500-400 = 100 yuan, and it is only 20 % off. It must be a lot of money to sell rice cookers. However, the facts happen to the opposite. Most of the costumes, cost prices (raw material cost R & D cost cost labor cost tax) is only about 25 % off the tag price, and the cost price of small appliances is about 50 % off. 400-200 = 200 yuan, and only 400-250 = 150 yuan was made for the rice cooker.

At this point, I think a lot of seeing a lot of Double Eleven clothes and buying a lot to cry, i ’m sorry

This is why many costumes of Double Eleven are easy to sell 50 % off, and digital home appliances are 67 % off.


The following is the cost ratio of some industries I know a little about (in the tag price, and non -luxury goods, non -malicious increase in tag prices)

Clothing shoes and bags: 20%~ 25%

Small appliances: 30%~ 60%

Cosmetics: 10%~ 25%

3C digital: 40%~ 70%

(Breaking the news, non -anonymous indicates a lot of pressure … I’m afraid of being beaten)


And in general, the higher the brand is, the lower the cost ratio. If luxury goods, it can be said that it is not the bottom.

Therefore, do not use the discount theory cheap or not, the mainstream clothing on the market sells 50 % off, and the merchants still earn a lot, but if there is a 50 % discount on the mainstream laptop on the market (if there is such a thing), it is true. I bet to buy 1,000 units, and I can sell it to the local dealers and make a lot of myself

Therefore, to understand the cost structure of various industries, so as to have a rough judgment on whether the merchants sell or even sell at a loss

2. Store/brand operation mode

(The following breaking news, although it is a common sense of retail business, I am still worried that I will be beaten …)


All the products of a brand, of which 10-20%are the basic models, that is, many people can accept it. Although the quality is not top, it is absolutely reliable, the style is not the most trendy, but it is never shame. Based on competitors, the profit will be relatively low or even very low; 60%-80%of them are normal products, and the profit margin is relatively normal, and consumers can accept it; and the remaining 10%-20%are brand of the brand. The flagship is the highest level of brand technology research and development. The profit rate is often high, and the price is expensive. How to identify? If you are a new customer (as long as you do n’t pretend that Gao Shuaifu deliberately seduce the merchant and wants to make more money), the merchant will often recommend your basic model to you, you enter the store (it ’s good or online ), The most conspicuous often either the basic model or the flagship (how to distinguish between the two, you need not say it).

Speaking of this, you can talk about the explosion mentioned by people on Taobao by the way. Explosive merchants are making money, 99%, but how many problems they make, and what are the characteristics of explosive models?

The characteristics are as follows:

The price is low in this brand

The style is not the most trendy, but it is not very shameful

Quality is not top but more reliable


Yes, it is the basic model of this brand

Therefore, if you buy a product just to meet the basic life needs or functional needs, such as a pair of jeans for versatile, such as an iron iron ironing clothes, such as a storage box to collect clothes, or an entry -level user, then you can buy Explosive models, because the explosive models are not very creative, it has undergone market inspection (can achieve explosive models in the environment of Taobao’s competitive incentive, and it is not exaggerated by the word market inspection). After that, the price is reasonable, it can meet the basic needs of most people, and often can have a higher cost -effectiveness (does not mean that all explosions are all, or how to buy well in the first part of the previous part of me )

But if you want to pursue high -end requirements for perfect quality, ultimate work, and personality design, then even

3. Product operation mode

Before e -commerce, this is the same as offline: new products are the most expensive, a few hot -selling products are cheaper, and a few of the cheapest clearances have been cleared in the season. Most of the remaining normal products are normal for most of the time. But with the e -commerce explosion, it is a bit different.


The explosive models can be sold a lot, which can bring traffic to the merchants to bring users other potential benefits, so many businesses do not hesitate at all costs in order to create explosive models, and even sell at a price close to costs. come out?

First, find the time, such as down jackets, the hot selling time is from November to December of winter, then the merchants often start preparing from August-October. , I do n’t want to buy clear warehouse goods, so I have to pay attention to it early

Second, find a product, if you buy it early, wouldn’t it be easy to buy last year’s clearance model? Don’t worry too much, because if it is a well -operated formal brand, the inventory is basically digested in half a year; the second is that you can see the number of historical trading parts/evaluation of the product, which is simple.

Third, be diligent. Because the merchant may earn a little less or lose a little shortly, but it cannot be so lost. The merchant wants to make money when it is sold, but at the same time, the price transaction record cannot be changed too much. Trouble, so the promotion of the merchants often sneaks and changes.



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