6 high -efficiency storage methods, double the storage space of the rental house

Many large cities rent a house with small living space, few independent functional areas, large pieces of large pieces and small pieces, and the house is easy to mess up.

To solve the storage and storage problem of rental houses, the following principles need to be considered:

Do not take too much space for storage, you must make full use of the existing cabinets and dark corners to squeeze their storage ability.

The rental budget is limited, and it is not convenient to move. It is impossible to spend too much cost for large furniture. Storage supplies should be convenient to pack for debris.

Rental houses cannot be nailed casually on the wall, but there are various traces of pendants, telescopic storage, folding storage …

What are the cost -effective things on the market? After reading the following operation methods, you understand it ~


1. Expand the cabinet

The cabinet of the rental house is not specifically customized for you. The space division is unreasonable. You can use the auxiliary storage parts to use the space wasting in the cabinet.

Vacuum storage bag


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Winter clothing and winter clothing must be compressed with vacuum bags, moisture -proof and moth, and can also give other items sufficient storage space.

For the wardrobe, the upper and lower layers of clothing often have a lot of room for wealth. Use the compartment to make the classification and storage between the clothes.


Iron storage basket

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The space between the barrier in the wardrobe is too large. If you want to improve the spatial utilization rate, in addition to using a multi -layer storage box, you can also choose an iron storage basket.

There is also a style with hanging branches in the lower part.

You can hang clothes, put on blankets or bath towels by hanging branches.

Used in the kitchen and bathroom, it is also a particularly practical storage tool.


Fabric storage bag


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If there is no partition in the cabinet, it is cheap and effective to choose a multi -layer hanging bag.


It does not take up the place when it is not used.

Underwear and socks receiving bags


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Drain, socks, and underwear fill the space of the short clothes, it is much more convenient to get!


Inside the cabinet free nail shelf


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The particularly practical partition is suitable for most wardrobes without nails!

Flexible and retractable design, as long as there is support on both sides, can be installed, and can bear daily debris within 2.5kg.


Shoe rack

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The creativity of shoes from Japan can double the storage volume of the shoe cabinet.


Shelf plug -in


IKEA’s Wryla partition plug -in can increase the storage rate for small cabinets with a length of about 35 cm.

storage box

IKEA’s plastic storage box is also very cheap. For example, the cheapest of Samra box is only 5 yuan, and Galez and Sokby are also good, and they are very strong.


2. Make full use of the dark corner

The so -called “dark horns” are the corners of the ribs that are not used daily, including under the bed, the top of the cabinet, and the small space between the furniture appliances.


Ultra -thin bed bottom storage box

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Try to choose this ultra -thin bed storage box, even if you move in a very low bedboard in the future.


There is a buckle at the bottom of the storage box, which can be combined with the upper and lower floors.

Under other lockers can also be used.

Double opening door bottom storage box

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This bed bottom storage box is longer, which can make full use of the width of the bottom of the bed.


Commonly used things on the outside, pulling half of it can be used; things that are not commonly used occupy the other half.

Cabinet top vine collection basket


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The top of the wardrobe generally has idle space, it is a pity if it is wasted!

You can choose a rattan basket to settle for a variety of messy items, and the texture is light, and you can take it down easily.

Wheel gapside cabinet

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High -value narrow storage container with wool glass effect.


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There are two sizes to choose from.

3. Low cost simple storage

If you can pick up cheap goods in the old goods market, you don’t need to add furniture to rental houses. The second -hand transactions of leisure fish, 58, and our “transfer home” applet can be seen. Even when the second -hand small things are moved, even if they do not take it away, they do not feel bad.

Paper storage box

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Usually accumulated shoe boxes and shirt boxes can be used for storage. If you want to store uniformly, you can buy a bunch of cheap leather paper shoe boxes. There are transparent plastics in the middle to see what is installed inside.

Solid wood storage basket

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This kind of wooden basket that was originally used for cargo is becoming more and more popular at home.


DIY by yourself, you can also paint into various colors. You can put green plants, clothing, and books. You can also transform into the bedside table together.


IKEA has a similar Canng box, which costs 99 yuan, which is more cost -effective compared to the Ma Yun family.


4. Do not take up the place of additional storage

The rental house is limited. If you want to increase the storage furniture, you can choose a foldable item with no presence.

Corner hanging hanger

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Make full use of the corner of the wall, even if it is folded, it is a retro -flavored hanging frame.

Folding storage box


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A medium -sized box can be folded into a tablet to hide.

Hanging storage rack

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There is no place for rental houses. This temporary shelf can solve the problem of temporary clothes.

Hanging the racks open, you can also dry the shoes at the same time.


5. Convenient storage of moving

Since the rented by the housing is inevitable, it is best to make daily storage boxes, or the storage box that is usually stored in normal storage can be convenient for handling.

Flip storage box

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With a face -value storage box, two are placed on the edge of the bed together, which is a chic bedside cabinet.


Square suitcase

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Choose a suitcase closer to the cube. In addition to storing in the box, the flat box is also convenient for other items or storage boxes.


Various models of drawer boxes

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Let the unified design square box occupy the entire storage space, it looks very neat, and it is easy to move when moving.

Desktop storage drawer

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You can store stationery, jewelry or file notes uniformly.

IKEA file cabinet

The file cabinet used for file archives can also be used as daily storage. It looks neat and uniform outside, and it is convenient to carry.

6. Three -dimensional storage of punching

Can’t nail nails, it is indeed limited the possibility of many storage. Even if it is linked to the gum, it is afraid that the gum marks will not be cleaned when moving.

Vacuum suction

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Dehub is a Korean vacuum suction manufacturer. Because of the better quality, it is basically synonymous with suction cups.

There are several problems with miscellaneous suction cups: not strict, fear of water, and lack of bearing bearing, which will cause suction cups to fall off.

So the suction cup is hooked to choose a brand.

There are many styles of suction cup hooks, and there are a lot of usage. For example, if you suck on the bottom of the cabinet, you can turn into a towel rack; suck on the wall, which is a paper towel rack.

Telescopic rod


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The telescopic rod is used as a shower curtain, everyone is no stranger.

However, the telescopic rod can be used vertically and turned into a replacement storage solution for the kitchen wall storage, which is relatively rare.

For exemption, it can be considered whether the kitchen or bathroom.


IKEA also has a nail -free storage series Elwari.

Trapezoidal hanging frame

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In recent years, the minimalist wind racks of the fire have stood up in the cold wind.

Add two layers of partitions to the bottom, and put on the clothes at the same time.

Is it difficult to deal with old furniture? Send it on the IKEA second -hand applet “Turn the Home” to find a new owner for it ~