Men want to be high -end and fashionable, a pair of “nine -point trousers” is indispensable, so simple and handsome in this way

For men, it is necessary to prepare a pair of nine -point trousers in the wardrobe. This item can make the shape more fashionable. Maybe many partners will think that trousers are a very conservative item that is generally used to create business style.

In fact, the length of the nine -point trousers can greatly reduce its formal degree, plus its own simple and elegant style, so it can also easily create different styles of shapes.

Secondly, the version of the trousers is very changeable. No matter what you can control, and you can wear a good effect, for some men who are not well dressed, the nine -point trousers are a kind of welfare Essence


Therefore, when we choose the nine -point trousers, we must pay attention to the characteristics of the version. Of course, the attributes of the fabric are also very important. As long as these factors are handled, it becomes very simple in the matching.

1. The color is mainly classic

Color is the most intuitive reflection, but we don’t need to try some bright styles. Classic colors such as khaki, dark gray, black, etc. are the first choice. These colors are very versatile and can be matched with different styles of items to create a simple and fashionable shape.


Like the color of Khami with a brown jacket and white inside, the overall visual effect is very fashionable and advanced, but compared to other color matching, this shape is also more difficult to control.


The trousers and black tones of the gray light core fabric are very good. Although it is a combination of black and white gray, the shape will not have a monotonous sense, and the shape can also change the overall style based on the change of the jacket.


Black is the most versatile color. Especially in the style of nine -point trousers, its versatility becomes better. The color of the military green is very classic.

2. Match with these items in autumn and winter, simple and fashionable shape

In autumn and winter, nine -point trousers are also very practical. Combining items such as sweaters, jackets, coats and down jackets, the shape can easily create the charm of fashionable atmosphere.

Simple nine -point trousers and sweaters are a very well -tone combination. A pair of black nine -point trousers with light gray slightly loose sweater, the overall color tone is very high.


I believe that in each men’s wardrobe, a classic jacket can be found. Whether it is denim, locomotive, workmanship, or sports jacket, as long as it is matched with Jiubo trousers, the shape can show a simple and fashionable temperament.

In the face of cold weather, the pants can be selected with thicker and better warmth, and with coats and down jackets, the shape will become warm and fashionable.

When matched with the woolen coat, the simple and high -end style of the shape is very strong. A hoodie is fashionable and can play a rich role, so that the overall seems to not be single.


Of course, it is more suitable for cold weather with down jackets. At this time, in addition to keeping warm, you can start with the color tone of the shape. Through the change of the color of the single product, the matching becomes more attractive.

Third, shoes and socks can be worn like this

Many partners may feel that wearing nine -point pants ankles in autumn and winter will be a bit cold. At this time, according to different weather and occasions, choose shoes and socks that suits you, so that the shape will be more perfect.

Choose a big socks with thickening and warmth


It is necessary to choose a pair of thick big socks in autumn and winter, so that the lack of nine -point pants can be made up, but the color of the socks should be matched according to the shape and style of the shape. Sports shoes like casual style with nine -point trousers, the shape looks simple and versatile, and the layering at the ankle of a pair of socks is very good.


It will not look conservative with leather shoes

When using nine -point trousers with leather shoes, the shape will not appear conservative. Instead, when creating a full black tone as the coat, the overall charm can be presented. This combination is more suitable for some calm men.

It is warm and masculine with leather boots

The characteristics of high -top bangs will have better warmth, and it is also masculine to match with nine -point trousers, but the style of leather boots is as simple as as simple as possible, like Chelsea boots is a classic and elegant choice. Therefore, in the autumn and winter, men wear a pair of nine -point trousers, and the shape is more fashionable and advanced.


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