What is a candle crystal lamp? What are the characteristics

Crystal lamps are a type of lamps that are preferred by modern people. Among them, candle crystal lamps of candlery crystal lamps are reflected by crystal beads, sparkling, bright and unusual, exuding colorful light, which is very beautiful and loved by modern consumers. How much do you know about candle crystal lights? If you don’t know well, you can look down, helping our family to buy lamps.

1. What is a candle crystal lamp

What is a candle crystal lamp? In the past, a crystal candlestick was placed under the burning candle, which was called a candle crystal lamp. In modern times, the shape of the crystal lamp in the European period has turned the light source into a candlelight, also known as the new smokeless candle lamp. The shape of the candle lamp is similar to the candle. Essence

2. What are the characteristics of candle crystal lamps

1. Pay attention to practicality

Another important feature of candle crystal lamps is that his practicality is relatively strong. For example, there are chandeliers specially used in dining rooms or living rooms, that is, it can be illuminated and can be used as a fan.

2. Single -based

The color of candle crystal lamps is mostly single -colored (light -colored), regardless of the frame or lampshade, and most of the European or classical candle crystal lamps will be decorated with gold or other colors, carved, and gold drawing silver.


3. Pay attention to simplicity

Because the style is relatively simple, the details are particularly important. American candle crystal lamps generally use bronze, black cast iron, and copper. In order to highlight the characteristics of the material itself, its framework itself has become a decoration. Different light can be generated at different angles. This makes American candle crystal lights more durable than European -style candle crystal lights shining.

4. Pay attention to the atmosphere

Do not think that because of the ancient worship, American candle crystal lamps are serious and stereotyped. At this point, it is different from the characteristics of Chinese candle crystal lamps. In fact, many American candle crystal lamps are touching and warm. Because Americans think that the house is used for living, not for appreciation. It is the real design essence of American -style home in the American style home. Light color system, rice white, light yellow and so on.

Third, candle crystal light color

In the past, it was mainly yellow, symmetrically structured, candle -shaped bulb, arranged in buds, balanced, classical beauty; layered vertical decoration, fine carved light bowls, these traditional constituent elements are typical European court -style crystal lamps Essence In addition to the commonly known “white crystal”, the use of red, purple, green, tea, and black crystals is also very extensive. Visual impact and dynamic power, pay attention to the creation of outlines, and structure symmetrical.

The above is the introduction of the relevant knowledge of candle crystal lamps. For more lamp installation information, please continue to pay attention to the after -sales installation service of the home (Luban to home)

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