Office decoration: the future of environmentally friendly furniture fabrics

Office decoration: the future of environmentally friendly furniture fabrics

A few weeks ago, we were catching up with a customer, and they proposed interesting topics on office decoration vegan fabrics and furniture. They asked us if we could do something, and then there was the corner of the iceberg.

Environmental fabrics are popular topics in the fashion industry, especially for brands in the fast fashion field, which has a huge adverse effect on the environment. However, as we enter the last quarter of 2019 and look forward to 2020, we predict that conscious fabrics will become the same in the field of decoration design in the office.

As the office decoration design and the construction industry pay more and more attention, these types of requirements will become more common. Therefore, considering this, we believe that we should explore the depths of sustainable product design and explore the future direction of fabrics.

The overall theme in the industry has shaped the global attitude towards ecological sensitivity, sustainability, and responsibility for our actions:

1. Reduce harmful emissions by manufacturing and transportation methods

2. Reduce energy consumption as much as possible

3. Restriction (or even elimination) Plastic — especially disposable plastic

4. Protect animal life

5. Reduce the amount of waste entering the garbage landfill

6. The service life of the use of products and materials by recycling and reuse

7. Use more natural materials instead of artificial or synthetic materials

Naturally, organic glass, synthetic cotton, fluffy leather, fur, leather, wool, and plastic compounds are once popular with luster, and they are less than specified in previous years.

We often talk about improving the health and well -being of employees -it is time to cultivate the earth we live in and our natural environment.

The environmental protection fabric you should consider in office decoration

So, where should the heads of architects and designers turn?

Organic furniture fabric


These are fabrics made of plant fiber (which means that they are also a good way to introduce some subtle biological elements into the office decoration design plan!) Organic fabrics are durable alternatives of artificial materials, many of which are biodegradable degradation And non -allergic.

Example of organic fabric:

1. Raw cotton/organic cotton

2. Line cloth

3, hemp

4, jute

5, tulle

6. Bamboo

7. Print cloth

8. Arms

Vegan furniture fabric

The vegan fabric is not a specific category of fabric -it is basically just composed of any fabrics made of skin, hair or feather without any creature. As we mentioned earlier, this obviously does not include leather, fluffy leather, fur and wool.

Considering this, technically, this does mean that synthetic fabrics such as polyester, acrylic and nylon are “vegetarians”. However, when providing services to customers in the project as part of the project, it can be safely assumed that natural organic fabrics will be short.


Of course, when considering the floor, hard surface, structural elements, and wall coverage, environmentally friendly and conscious materials can also be extended to concrete, brick, cork and natural wood.


Regeneration textile

One of the most obvious ways to make the use of fabrics more sustainable and environmental protection is to use the infinite possibilities of recycling materials.


1. Replace the marble and ivory with the re -used plastic to create the effect of the water millstone

2. Run evaluation and re -use audit to determine which products can be reused or reinstated, rather than discard or replace


3. Select products made of high -scale recycling materials

4. Upgrade and recycling -gives new life of materials and fabrics instead of packing them

Vepa “Whale Table”

Remember the whale table we saw in the Nomique showroom of the Clerkenwell Design Week earlier this year? If you don’t remember, there is a photo below … it is made of recycling plastic water bottle dug out of the Pug River from Amsterdam.

Office decoration is not just the fabric itself …

Basically, the overall idea is to target:

1. Try to reduce waste and/or use chemicals, carbon and pesticides

2. Animal friendly practice and sustainable development of agriculture

3. Fair trade and moral procurement

4. Products and materials with a large amount of recycled ingredients


This not only means when purchasing or purchasing fabrics …

The best practice means that you should review the supply chain more deeply to find more sustainable raw material growth and how to deal with and dye fabrics more consciously.

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