6 yuan about women’s underwear comparison evaluation, this one is comfortable to wear without trace and does not pinch the hips

Wearing skirts or tights in summer, the most embarrassing thing is to see obvious panties. Recommend this period in this issue


Emo non -trace cotton underwear

, A piece of molding without car stitching, the fabric is smooth and cool, and does not pinch the hips.

Emo non -trace pure cotton triangular underwear


Cage assessor summarizes


The biggest feature of Emo’s lady’s underwear is no trace. In fact, it is formed. There is no car stitching. The splicing area uses high -temperature pressure glue. The pain point is easy to clamp the buttocks. The possibility of the hips, through the upper body experiment, the trial person also feedback its comfort, and will not move or hold the hip.

In terms of fabrics, the underwear is 86%nylon+14%spandex. The spandex increases the elasticity. The panties are not easy to deform back and forth. The bottom crotch is added with cotton lining, which has strong hygroscopicity and comfortable skin -friendly.

Sample screening and evaluation process

Expert Reviews

In the form of independent boxes, compared to ordinary plastic packaging, it is more hygienic and environmentally friendly and portable.


There is no sense of seal, which effectively reduces the sense of friction, and the trials say that the upper body comfort is good.


The edge of the pants is fitted with adhesive, and the jujube is locking on the upper and lower ends to increase the firmness. It is not easy to open the seam when wearing.

The underwear is designed with the middle waist, with the ice -sensing fabric, it has a certain abdomen effect when trying it on, and the wrapping and fit are good.

The crotch is widened to avoid the disadvantages of the trousers without traces.

Amateur trial


*There is no actual trial picture of personal clothes. The evaluator regularly returns to the trial person in a month to record the wearing experience


Experimental performance

Raise the ball test


1. During the phenomenon, the phenomenon of simulation of clothes is mainly simulated. During the daily wear, the phenomenon of hair balls appeared on the surface of the clothing due to continuous friction.


2. Experimental process: Take 100 square centimeters of round samples from the tested clothing, load the sample on the yg502 circular trajectory, refer to the national standard GB/T4802.1 to select the corresponding method and parameters, and use the circular trajectory with the circular trajectory Sports performs friction experiments. After obtaining the experimental sample, compare it in the standard rating box with the original and standard photos, respectively, and evaluate the grade 1-5 of the hair/kick level, the worst level 1 (the most serious kick), and the best level 5 is best. (There is no change on the surface).

Note: In view of the industry standards of some categories in the national standard, there is no mandatory requirement for the raising level of fabrics. The data obtained by this experiment is for reference only.

Conclusion: The raising level of the underwear is 5 levels. The surface of the sample after friction has no significant changes and excellent performance.

Dry to dry, wet friction color accuracy test

1. Rubbing coloring the color fastness is one of the color fastness test. This experiment uses Y571D friction color fastness tester to simulate the daily use of clothing, which may occur.

2. Experimental process: Fix a sample of about 15cm*20cm on the friction tester platform. After setting the corresponding parameters, the standard friction cloth with a dry and 95%-100%humidity is performed. Dry/wet experimental sample.


3. Experimental samples use gray sample cards that comply with GB/T251, ISO 105/A03 standards, and compare level 1-5 under the standard light source to the color light box. Level 1 is the worst (the most severe color), and level 5 is the best (there is no color at all).


Conclusion: The durable and wet rubbing solid levels of the underwear are the highest level 5, and the surface of the friction cloth is not stained with color, and the color fastness is excellent.

Hand washing color test


1. Soak the clothes for about 15 minutes, simulate daily scrubbing, and observe whether the clothes have faded.


2. Add tap water to the washbasin, put the clothes and rub the clothes a few times, soak it for about 15 minutes, take out the clothes and observe the color of the water.

Conclusion: After fully soaking for about 20 minutes, the remaining water in the basin is clear, there is no color floating hairy phenomenon.

Breathable test

1. The breathability determines the comfort of the clothing to a certain extent. In a relatively fixed environment, this experiment is at the same time simulated gas reached through the height of the clothes.


2. Choose three clothes of different thickness and detect them by third -party authoritative agencies. The breathability is: 183mm/s (good), 857mm/s (excellent), and 2136mm/s (excellent). Take these three different levels of samples, conduct the above small experiments test, and make three different photos of different breathable gas heights, which is convenient for experiments to compare instructions.

Note: The interpretation of the breathability of clothing samples, such as 2136mm/s, is 100 square centimeters of air pressure, the average rate of the gas through the 20 -square centimeter fabric sample is 2136 mm per second.

Conclusion: Gas quickly uses a layer of underwear up to 3cm, good breathability, and it is not easy to sweat in summer.


If the breathable height> 8cm, the breathability is excellent;

If the breathable height is 3-8cm, the breathability is excellent;


If the breathability height is 1.5-3cm, the breathability is good;

If the breathability height is <1.5cm, the breathability is average.

(The above -mentioned non -executing criteria for general, good, excellent, and excellent word descriptions. This is a description based on the guidance of professional testing agencies to intuitively reflect the breathable effect. In view of the national execution standards of some categories, fabrics are paid to fabrics. The breathability does not require compulsory testing requirements. The breathability data obtained by this experiment is for reference only.)

Washing report