Green Forest Tools: Eight common wrenchs! Which models have you used?

The wrench is a more popular hardware tool. Many people may not have used it, but at least 99%have seen it.

The wrench is a common installation and disassembly tool. It mainly uses the rotation bolt or screw of the leverage principle to achieve the effect of tightening or loose removal. The wrench is generally made from the structural steel of carbon or alloy materials.


The general wrench is usually located on one or two ends of the handle with a clamping bolt or thread opening and sleeve hole. When using it, apply pressure along the direction of the rotation of the thread, which can make the bolt (nut) fastener or loosen unloading. Essence


The large classification wrench is divided into two types: activity wrenches and fixed wrenches. The former can adjust the opening size wrench, called the activity wrench, and the latter is a wrench that cannot be adjusted, which is a fixed wrench.


In terms of wrench segmentation, it is divided into eight small categories, and there are different uses without the wrench. Today, the green forest tool will share with you the subdivision of the wrench!

The first: spiny wheel wrench

The spiny wrench is a relatively professional in the wrench tool. The spiny wrench includes the wrench main body, and the cauds of the head, spiny claws, spring and spiny wheels. It mainly decomposes the original integrated structured spine wheel parts, consisting of the main body of the spiny wheel and the composition, and avoids the difficulty of processing caused by the high side of the seami -rings on the original spinomotic component. It is relatively easy to process the components, which greatly improves the production efficiency of the spiny wrench processing and reduces production costs.

Paragraph 2: Stupid wrench

The dull wrench is called a dead wrench, which means an irreplaceable wrench. The dull wrench can be divided into a double -headed wrench and a single head wrench. Its main purpose is to work on mechanical maintenance, car repair, etc.

Third paragraph: plum blossom wrench

The plum blossom wrench is designed by plum blossoms on both ends of the wrench. Many plum wrenchs have elbows, and the common curvature is about 10 ° -45 °. This design can provide space for users to provide space and prevent scratches on the hand.


Fourth paragraph: activity wrench

The activity wrench is mainly because its opening width can be adjusted, so people call it an activity wrench. It can tighten the screw bolts of different specifications by regulating loosening and unloading different specifications. It is very convenient to use.


The activity wrench is composed of the head and handle, and the head is composed of active plate lips, rigid lips, and plate mouths.

Fifth paragraph: hook wrench


The hook wrench is also called crescent wrench, commonly known as hook wound, which is often used to twist the flat nuts restricted.


Sixth paragraph: sleeve wrench

Most people are referred to as the sleeve in the sleeve wrench. It is combined by multiple attachments such as a handle and a rod with a handle and a rod. Small or depressed bolt nuts.

Paragraph 7: Inner hexagon wrench

It is a L -shaped hexagonal rod wrench, which is specially used to turn the inner hexagonal screw. The main purpose is a round nut on the loosening unloading machine tool, vehicle, and mechanical equipment.

Paragraph 8: Torque wrench


Many people are also called torque wounds and torque adjustable wounds. It is also a type of wrench. According to the source of the power, it is subdivided into an electric torque wrench, the pneumatic torque wrench, the hydraulic torque wrench, and the manual torque wrench. Of course, the manual torque wrench can also be divided into presets, fixed value, number explicit, bending, etc.

Well, the above is the content of the wrench shared today. Do you have a new understanding of the wrench?