Large -size embroidery baseball uniform outer set, fat MM quickly get up!

Embroidery is a very traditional craft in my country, but now it has been favored by various international brands, and slowly becomes a trend.

I personally like embroidery very much, and I always feel that this is the retro in front of the trend. The following vomiting blood sort out some embroidery baseball uniforms. I personally feel that it is very suitable for items that start in this season.


I do n’t need to say this. Bringing the goods with the goods is all into this one. Do you have any reason not to bring it back to your wardrobe? Simple, fresh and gorgeous, with a little retro, giving people a new feeling.



If you don’t like the bright color MM, you can choose this one, black embellishment gold embroidery, low -key black, gold luxury, low -key luxury. The workmanship of embroidery is exquisite, so it is not obvious




It is still the cutting of baseball jackets, red, blue, and the simple embellishment of the collar and cuffs. The large -scale embroidery used as a whole is dignified and decent.



This one is simply love, the color matching is very comfortable, filled with a strong youthful atmosphere, just the right embroidery embellishment makes the clothes not so monotonous, but it does not look cumbersome and very versatile.

Don’t miss MM. This one is the least picky person. Choose the right size that suits you. As for the style, it is really beautiful.