Although Zhao Jinmai is only 20 years old, he is very old -fashioned. It is too cool to wear large -size wide -leg pants.


The daily penetration of comfortable daily wear of the day often reduces the needs of beauty, so in this case, you need to refer to the casual and casual trendy.

See how fashionables put on casual clothing out of fashion!

Leisure wear should be a bit casual. Refer to the lazy dressing of “big size” clothing, it will be very uniform. Under the premise of ensuring comfort, it will further enhance the beauty of styling. The color and matching of clothing are critical. And it is not blind to choose.

This issue,

It is mainly based on leisure trendy wearing as the main route to see the fashion charm and trend of fashion contained in it!

Leisure trendy wearing

Big flowers knit sweater

In the early spring season, daily wear not only has a need for comfort, but also the demand for warmth still exists. It is indispensable for warmth, comfort, and fashion.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to everyone with soft and glutinous knitted cardigans, which is very attractive to reduce age and tender. It can be said that it is very attractive


Cover cardigan is also very easy in the process of dressing, and the knitwear selected in daily life


Most of them are mainly loose medium and long versions, which not only cover the ability of meat, but also can be trendy and fashionable.

It is very good to choose a white trendy print sweater.


The light knitted items look very soft and glutinous, and there is a certain age reduction and tender effect to match it. At the same time, it is enough to show lazy casual style under the effect of loose version.

Combining the printed elements in the local position, the colorful and bright pattern design looks very fashionable.

Large -size loose knitted cardigan with a black high -necked bottom shirt

Especially the light -colored sweater, everyone needs to avoid wearing bloated effects in the process of choosing matching, so it is recommended that you choose carefully in the process of matching

It will be better to choose a dark color matching scheme. For example, with a black high -necked bottom shirt, the foundation and simple clothing style is very suitable.

In addition, from the perspective of matching, what kind of way everyone wants to follow, and what kind of policy follows, as far as the route is concerned,


It will be more suitable to match the loose version of clothing. The light -colored large -size knitted cardigan is more simple and atmospheric with the light brown worker wide -leg pants.

It is also very suitable as a concave shape.

Daily concave shape wearing options

Color coat with broken pants

For fashionable people, they can always match some simple and basic clothing items with trendy models. Among them, small jackets with color matching styles are examples.

The simple black and white color color giving a minimalist feeling, at the same time under the effect of color collision

The degree of eye -catching is also relatively high


Simple and atmospheric color -fighting coats still need some tips when matching, with high -waisted jeans, using high waist design to improve the waistline, or

Added the elements of holes in the local position to enrich the shape, and the new and trendy shapes seem to be very attractive.

Short denim jacket with jeans


The most common clothing items in early spring are denim jackets. Short, long, medium -long, and long -term models can easily meet everyone’s different matching needs. in

As far as the short denim jacket is concerned, it can easily achieve a significant goal. At the same time, choosing a high -waisted casual trousers is very good.

Sports mop pants or denim wide -leg pants will be a good choice.

And among the many denim jackets, the most frequently paired is blue.

The dark blue denim jacket is slightly capable, while the light blue denim jacket is very fresh and eye -catching.

, Topping age is more fashionable, and the vitality has doubled.

Dark blue hooded sweater with child fun jeans

The comfortable casual clothing item, the sweater is a more representative type. Among them, choosing a dark blue hooded sweater for matching,

The dark blue deep effect and retro feeling are very attractive. At the same time, under the contraction of color, it is difficult to wear a loose version.

The dark blue sweater is still very advanced as a whole. At the same time, when matching, choose the jeans of the same color.

It is slightly casual in dress, and it also has a trendy style. Everyday travel or concave type can be used well.


With the widespread application of matching, choosing a round neck white T -shirt will be a good choice

Essence At the same time, referring to the color comparison plan, a minimalist shape shows a touch of fashion style and high -level sense. For trendy experts, it is a very suitable choice.