Recently, a kind of wear: “Long sweater+jeans”, keep warm and thin, very temperament

The most suitable clothes in the early winter season are knitwear, which is gentle and warm whether it is worn inside or outside. But how to wear this item is actually a lot of girls. If you want to have a sense of laziness and show the beauty of temperament, the method of both two is “long sweater+jeans”. Recently, many fashion bloggers are wearing, keeping warm and thin, very temperament!

This year, it is very popular with casual laziness+retro and gentle wear style, while the combination of long sweater+jeans just meets this. In the early autumn, we wear gentle and tenderness. Today I will take you to understand the wearing guide of knitted sweaters+jeans ~

“How to choose long knit sweater”


Long sweater has different styles and length, and it will be different according to the things of everyone’s preferences. To make this simple single product match a fashionable feeling, it is right to start from the following aspects.


In the cold season, the color has become a very important element in the match, and different colors can refine different effects. I like to wear a high -cold and low -key, which can be paired with cold tones, such as gray or black, which is also suitable for girls who are fat in the upper body. But if you want the whole person to look younger, it is still with some warm tones, such as beige or naked pink, and it is very white.




To add more charm to the long sweater, you still need to choose some patterns. This pattern will have a sense of visual impact than color. Like some Vintage style, wearing it is suitable in autumn and winter. It is like a rose embroidery, three -dimensional flower embellishment such as roses with old sense, which can show elegance and retro. If you don’t like patterns, you can also choose some relatively low -key styles, such as plaid elements or stripes, which are more stable.

“Jeans” style must be selected right


Jeans have always been a long -lasting item from invention to now, and even the figure can be seen all year round. No matter what kind of matching, as long as the pants and jeans are combined, it will not make an error. The style is also the most comprehensive and can meet the requirements of various women.


• Wide -legged jeans

Wide -legged jeans are very loose. It can hide girls with different legs under their pants and wear long legs and long legs. Different lengths give people a different feeling. Girls like a low or short -legged girl must choose some high waist and nine -point length. This can be visually higher. Girls with tall figures choose to mop the floor can also create a big woman’s popular field.

• Fanxian jeans


Making ordinary style jeans has a more personality. Of course, it is a flared jeans. The micro -flared shape below the knee can just modify girls with thick calves. The entire pants will look more tension. However, it is recommended not to choose an exaggerated speaker shape. The micro -speaker will control some. Secondly, the trouser leg is added with a split design to make the legs look longer and thinner.

“How to match long knit sweater+jeans”


Long sweater+jeans are daily, but to achieve the effect of changes, you must master some wearing skills. The following mainly analyzes the two specific analysis to achieve more effort.

1. Select the right inside more thinner

To achieve the best results, we must choose a suitable interior. The choice of inside can increase the sense of layering. The effect of thinning the style is also different. The role.

• Long sweater+sweater+jeans

This combination is actually the simpler, the more flavored. You can choose the same material, simple but apparently advanced. Therefore, the matching sweater and sweater can achieve a kind of complementary gentleness, and when the sweater is used as an internal match, it is recommended to choose a high -necked style. The effect will be better. Essence Like a girl with a full body, the sweater they choose must be tight -fitting style, which is the most thinner.


• Knit sweater+T -shirt+jeans

The simplest and casual style of wearing is to choose the matching of T -shirts to create an extremely simple and high -level sense. Long sweater can reduce the randomness of the T -shirt. It is appropriate to wear at work. If you want to show a more aura, you can choose more in color matching. You can use classic black and white color matching. It is not easy to make mistakes. The sense of hardness is more sufficient.

2. Choose the right shoes to be higher


Shoes are the top priority of the two. The shoes are not selected right, and it is easy to be short visually. In this way, it will give people a very spiritual feeling. Recommend the following kinds of shoes, suitable for girls of various strata.


• Long sweater+jeans+Martin boots

The matching of the Martin boots can make it feel a cool feeling, so that the soft long sweater can also wear the taste of the street style. The choice of jeans should be too loose or too long, otherwise it will not be fashionable. If you choose tight jeans, pants feet are tied in Martin boots, the effect of showing long legs. If the legs are thick, choose a 9 -point straight jeans.

• Long sweater+jeans+socks boots


Socks and boots can make the wearing more mature, the pointed design, and the effects of long legs with long legs. Secondly, its boots are very soft and can fit tightly with the legs. Smooth, slender and slender legs. Secondly, this kind of match is the most suitable girl with a small one. With a little heel, not only is it high but also highlights mature and stable.


This new way of wearing, the girl who loves beauty quickly wear it!