I really admire Japanese women, no matter how cold in winter, dare to expose her ankles to penetrate high heels for beauty

In cold winter, most women will choose a practical method. The warmth effect is the first and the fashion effect is the second place. However, for Japanese women, no matter how low the temperature in winter, you will choose to open your ankle to penetrate high heels. This seems to have become a habit for them.

However, this method of matching can indeed improve the sense of fashion, and it is also very obvious. Of course, if you are not afraid, you can also wear it like this.

1. What good -looking high -heeled shoes

(1) Leopard print fine high -heeled shoes


Many women like classic high -heeled shoes. They are generally black models. Black high heels look more fashionable and capable, but compared to leopard high heels, the style will look too monotonous.


Leopard print high -heeled shoes are full of feminine flavors, which can make wears look full of style. Wearing some ordinary fashion can show more femininity. If you think the professional dress style is too neutral, you can pass the leopard high heels. To adjust it, make the overall image look more charm.

(2) Yellow high heels


Many older girls like to try black high -heeled shoes, or white high heels. These colorful high heels can make the style look more simple and simple, but if you wear more, the style will naturally be too monotonous.

Occasionally you can try yellow high heels, such as brownish yellow, or dark yellow. Both styles can make the style change and create a distinctive dressing effect.

(3) Classic black high heels

Black high heels are also worth choosing and trying, but this high heels are more suitable for fashion Xiaobai. There is no difficulty with matching, and the style is not limited.

Therefore, fashion Xiaobai with black high -heeled shoes is relatively more smooth, creating basic styles or workplace style, there will be no errors.

(4) Red high heels


Among the many high heels, red high heels always make people feel more fashionable and attractive. With some basic items, wearing will show a stronger sense of presence.

However, this kind of shoes are only suitable for tall children to try. The young girl with red high heels is easy to look shorter.

2. Several matching methods of high heels


• Pink coat+beige suit+coffee color high heel


If you like a simpler fashion style and want to show a stronger texture, you can match the beige suit and pink coat, combined with coffee high heels, which will make the overall style show simpler, without any thoughts and constraints, let you make you make your Wearing a more pattern.


• Camel sweater+black straight pants+high heels

The simpler the fashion style, the dressing looks very ordinary, but with high heels, the style will look more unique, such as black straight pants, with camel sweater.

Choose a basic black high -heeled shoes, the whole person’s temperament will also improve, and the figure will become taller and charming.

• Pink coat+beige turtleneck sweater+beige shoes

The dressing in life is not necessarily just choosing the basic color, but also a single product with characteristics, like a pink woolen coat, with a beige turtleneck sweater. This method is relatively simple. It will show more fashionable and atmospheric.

Although such high -heeled shoes seem to be unsuitable to wear in such a cold season, the matching on the clothes can still be used for reference, and it is OK to change the shoes a little.

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