Within 20 yuan, the cheap and practical whole -house wire wires are organized and storage artifact (with DIY tutorial)

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With the increase of various smart devices at home, there are more and more wires. Charging cables, data cables, earplug lines, computer plugs … It is really unclear and difficult to do! Fortunately, after a long -term practice, a wave of cheap and easy -to -use wire organizers can be summarized, and almost all of them can be won by a few dollars! With them, the chaotic corner is storage beautifully!


Moreover, the landlord also gets several methods to use the idle items in the home to get the data line storage method, and the practical index Max! This article will be shared with you, it is recommended to collect it ~


Data line DIY storage Dafa


Preparation tool:


Use masks, rolled paper cores, finished fruit boxes, sealed bags, scissors

Cut off the loose belt on both sides of the mask, knot the folding, and pull out the nose bridge tendon in the middle of the mask. These two can be used to bundle the data cable very well.

There are two ways to wrap the data cable. One is a parallel folding type, and then tie it with a tight tight rope, easy and firm.

The second is 8 -character entanglement, as shown in the figure, and then tie it with a loose tight rope or nose.

After tied it, press the C, B, and the Apple port to classify. The two groups are put into a sealed bag ~ The plastic box outside is the landlord’s food left, which is used to store the data cable.

Looking at the comparison, it will be refreshing instantly ~ The sealing bag can be purchased in batches. The landlord of the data line uses the size of the 4th and 8X12CM, and two can be installed in one bag.


▼ If there is no sealed bag and a plastic box at home, you can use the sanitary paper core ~


Do n’t throw up the paper with roll paper. After saving enough, use double -sided adhesion between the paper core and put it in the drawer.


It is too troublesome to roll the paper core, and you can also eat the remaining dumpling boxes. This kind of dumpling box owner has a lot of money at home. It turned out to be waiting here. Putting the data cable per grid is just right, put it in the drawer together, and it is clear at a glance ~


Or, you can also use the web of the makeup brush head to fix the storage. This kind of net set is sold alone, giant cheap, one penny is less than a penny! It’s just a flat and unpretentious storage genius!

Those with strong hands -on ability can completely get these types of data cables that do not spend money to store Dafa. Below we will share a wave of affordable and practical whole -house wire organizers.

NO.1 steering plug converter


This must be put in the first recommendation, it is a treasure discovered by the landlord! Intersection The wife is practical! Absolutely small things solve big problems! It can change the direction of the plug. The four directions of the upper and lower, left, and right can be adjusted. It perfectly solves the problem of the plugs and table legs. Television, cabinets, bedside, sofa, desk, kitchen and other narrow spaces are all applicable. PS: It is only suitable for the two flat plugs ~

NO.2 Magic Patch Line Band


The magic puppet line must be possessed, easy to use! The original poster bought five meters long, and it was not used up yet. I feel that I can use the land! Compared with the mask storage method just now, its advantage is that it is not limited to storing single -rooted data cables, and width is required as you need.

Like the wrong wires behind the chassis, you can cut the required magic sticker length and fix a few of them together, and it is instantly refreshing!

NO.3 wire buckle

The effect of the wire buckle is also the same. Compared with the magic sticker, it has taken another step, and it can be fixed at the need at the same time. It is more suitable for lazy people. When twisting directly, it wraps the wires. The advantage is that the price is huge and cheap, and it does not hurt if it is used casually. The disadvantage is that it cannot be tied to a rough wire and will loosen it.

▼ This is the wire buckle of the earphones, suitable for girls, cute ~

NO.4 Beam Pipeline


The role is similar to the magic sticker. This is cheaper, with a fixed version and a disassembly version. Compared with the magic sticker, its advantage is that the material is stronger, and the thick wires will be tied very firmly. It is convenient to buy everything, and it is cheap and free shipping.


NO.5 plug hook


This multi -function plug hook is mainly used to store larger home appliances plugs, especially the plugs of some small appliances in the kitchen, which is particularly applicable. For exemption, ABS material, rounded surface, 4 of 9.9 yuan. Strong viscosity. In addition to storing plugs, some pendants and small houses are convenient.


▼ This is an upgraded version. While storing the plug, a large ring is also designed to store excess wires. The Macaron color is also very pleasing. Of course, if it is a small appliance that does not need or change the season for a long time, it is not recommended to store it. You can stick a 3M link on the back of the machine and directly entangle the wires behind.


▼ This cute pet hook is much more interesting. There are little cows, kittens, little white bears, and Erha Ke. Their limbs are freely bent. Kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom walls can be used. The non -dry glue on the back can be washed and reused, and the paste is firm. The landlord fell in love with each other, and bought one on the wall, hanging masks, data cables, hung keys, and bathing. It was so cute!

NO.6 Arassor fixed clip


This storage wires are really absolutely absolutely impressive, and it can make various lines neatly and orderly, and it is more invisible than the wire that just mentioned. This type of buckle has two options of size. Generally, the data cable is enough. The electrical wires are large, as long as the back of the back is firm enough, there is no problem.


▼ This one is also more interesting. The landlord bought a few adjustments to adjust the mood, which can protect the skin on the data cable connector continuously, and it can also help identify the positive and negative data cable. It is very practical.


It is recommended that the straight men buy a few girls and guarantee that there will be 23 small animals to choose from, cute


NO.7 Plutter fixed device

The biggest advantage that can stick to the back of the desk is flexible and disassembly. This is a transparent version, which is more invisible, and the actual measurement is quite firm.

This is the most common white model, which are divided into two pieces, one sticky stool leg or table, and the other sticky back.

The plugs and wires are suspended, and the unprecedented refreshing will be under the feet. It is very comfortable to look at it.

▼ There is also this transparent nano tape that can be on the wall, which is more cost -effective, can be sticky on both sides, super firm. Do not hurt the wall, tear off the non -residual glue, and can be reused after washing. Plastic, metal, wooden boards, etc. are all available, and various wires are easily sticking to the wall.

NO.8 wire bag tube

The wires of the wires can be wrapped in a few power cords with different thicknesses. It looks like a wire, which saves space and is more refreshing at the same time. It uses more near the desk. This kind of nylon sleeve is recommended. The face value is relatively high. The disadvantage is that the wires to be stored must be unified in length and cannot be exchanged halfway.

This spiral design is more flexible. There are exports in each section. The data cable inside can be removed at any time, and the material is compressed and wear -resistant. Wang Xingren is not afraid to grind his teeth.


NO.9 wire cover strip

The advantage of the wire covering strip is that it can be more matched with the wall, which is more beautiful than the tube of the package just now, and it is suitable for being used near the TV. The horizontal and vertical movement is higher, and it can also be painted or pasted with wallpaper, which is convenient for storage and hidden wall -mounted TV cables.

There are natgs in the lid. They can be put in, and they can be put in. The cost -effective ugly artifact.

NO.10 Insert storage box


After speaking of the storage of the wires, let’s talk about the interpretation. A large interlite may be messy and a few cables. Finally, it is perfect to hide the insertion. It is recommended that this kind of special plug -in storage box has a wire hole on both sides of the box. There is a practical large plug in front.


▼ This is a rack stored by the router. There can be plug -in boards and some debris below. Each layer has a threading hole, and there are plug -in -line holes on the side. The cost performance is quite high.

▼ Finally, this data cable that can be carried with you is a storage package. The overall 24x17x4cm, double -layer space, data cable or charging treasure in the zipper transparent mesh is very firm, and a grid can store iPad mini. It is practical and convenient. Prepare one.

Well, the landlord is recommended here about the storage and storage of the wires ~ Everyone has a better storage method, you can communicate with each other and learn from each other ~