Throw away the traditional water dispenser article two:## zojirushi phenomenon CD-WBH40C electric heating bottle

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Throwing away the traditional water dispenser (Part 1) —- Brita Banran Marella Golden Code series filter & kettle …

扔掉传统饮水机 篇二:#本站首晒# ZOJIRUSHI 象印 CD-WBH40C 电热保温瓶

Although there are a lot of sun -in -laws in Biran’s station, the response of this article is still not small, indicating that everyone’s interest in such products is relatively high. After the previous article, comprehensively everyone’s questions and some enthusiastic friends, first talk about some issues of the Biranide Marella’s Golden Code series in this article.

Q: The principle of timer? A: In fact, it is a general countdown. It can be regarded as the validity period of the filter element for one month (four weeks). No matter what the time is, no matter what you think about it, it seems that the use of high frequencies seems to reduce the use of use. cost?)

Q: Drink water? Non -direct drinking water? A: This problem also plagues this big family. From the official propaganda, in fact, the water after filtering can theoretically drink it directly, but according to the reply of some enthusiastic friends and the understanding of the domestic water quality, at least in China, the filtered water should be as much as possible as possible as possible as possible Don’t drink straight.

Q: Why not buy barrel water? A: Putting aside the cost is more personal habits. I don’t like barrel water myself myself. Coupled with the pictures of cleaning the barrel water dispenser today, I feel that I won’t drink barrel water in the future. In fact, the sanitary supervision of barrel water is also a problem.

Then let’s talk about the heating bottle. The insulation bottle should be a type of national product that everyone has absolutely exposed in daily life. The principle of thermal insulation is mostly to use vacuum to heat up. Common products such as hot water bottle. The advantage of this type of insulation bottle is that it can extend the cooling time of hot water. The disadvantage is that although the cooling time can be extended, it is indeed impossible to keep the hot water at a certain temperature. At this time, the electric heating heater appeared. Based on the traditional thermal insulation bottle, the power heating was added. In a simple or complicated way, the thermal water in the bottle could be kept at a certain temperature for a long time. The protagonist of this article today is the electric heating bottle.

The first time I came into contact with this product was a relative’s house, I felt very convenient, so I had been growing grass. However, there are water dispensers at home, so there is no point to buy. However, recently, the water dispenser has begun to be damaged due to the issue of years, and the plan to replace an electric heater was put on the agenda. So what brand to choose? How much to choose? These two problems are where I focus on entanglement.

扔掉传统饮水机 篇二:#本站首晒# ZOJIRUSHI 象印 CD-WBH40C 电热保温瓶

In fact, the brand is okay, just buy the brand seal seen by relatives’ home. What about the volume? The mainstream volume of the electrical heating bottle of the elephant seal is 3L and 4L. Although it is only easy to be 1L, the price difference is close to 300 yuan. I started to think about buying 3L cheaply, but after repeated consideration, I still feel a little more better. It happened to meet the Tmall flagship store to engage in activities. If you are lucky, the price of 4L only costs 799 yuan. The online price of 3L is 799. It is equivalent to free upgrade. So after preparing to prepare, it took the price of 799 smoothly. Put the purchase link here:

Zojirushi/Pixel Printing CD-WBH40C home thermal insulation electric water bottle stainless steel electric heating kettle free shipping …

SF free shipping, it didn’t take long to arrive. Picture above

The packaging is simple, a strong Japanese electrical style. Essence Essence

扔掉传统饮水机 篇二:#本站首晒# ZOJIRUSHI 象印 CD-WBH40C 电热保温瓶

Product subject. I am produced in China and is not produced in Japan. The price of Japanese yield is much more expensive. Although I know that the quality cannot reach pure Japan, I still believe that the standard will not be too bad, and the price is there. In fact, the product’s appearance can be seen well, and the craftsmanship is okay. The round corner is round and non -flying edge burrs. It belongs to the feeling that it will not be too bad at a glance.

The top panel. It is not much different from the Japanese version. Essence Essence It’s just a lack of “Made in JAPAN” identity label. Say the function of a few keys:

Boiling again:

After setting the thermal insulation temperature, the temperature may be lower than 100 °. Press this key to make the water bottle regain the temperature of the water to 100 °. This function will automatically start after you re -injection in water and enter the set value.

扔掉传统饮水机 篇二:#本站首晒# ZOJIRUSHI 象印 CD-WBH40C 电热保温瓶

Insulation settings:

You can set the thermal insulation temperature to 98–90-80-60. Press this button to loop these temperatures. 90 ° The wiring frame around the number, indicating that the manufacturer’s suggestion is that it is more appropriate to set at 90 °. The manual also said that when 90 °, compared to energy consumption, heating time and other comprehensive considerations are a relatively good setting value.

Give water:

No need to explain this. Essence To pour water, you need to press it all the time.

扔掉传统饮水机 篇二:#本站首晒# ZOJIRUSHI 象印 CD-WBH40C 电热保温瓶

Lock contact:

This type of electric kettle is generally locked with lock keys to avoid mistakes, especially to avoid children’s burns. You need to press this button before giving water, otherwise pressing the water keys are invalid. Automatically locked after 10 seconds after the water is completed. You can also press this button again to manually lock. This button can also be used to set the prompt sound.


You can set the heating time. I set up 10 hours to avoid repeated heating as much as possible.

On the front side is the observation bar, you can observe how much water is left. Essence This strip is actually not too easy to observe. Essence Maybe it’s because I am myopia. Essence

The structure of the lid is not as simple as it looks like it can reduce the functions of steam and pour leaks.

As an obsessive -compulsive disorder, he said that the water must be added to the MAX position. Essence Essence The inner tendon is not sticky, which can avoid the formation of scale, and then combined with the pivotic acid of the elephant printed to clean the cleaning effect.

The lid can be removed separately for easy cleaning

Finally, put a good partner-Biranide filter kettle. Basically, after this, the problem of scale can be solved, and the water quality is also much improved than the previous water dispenser.

Summary at the end,

About noise:

The noise can almost ignore it. Only when the noise of the pump with the noise of the water pump is relatively large, it is relatively large, but it belongs to the normal range. In addition, noise can be ignored throughout the journey.

Heating efficiency:

扔掉传统饮水机 篇二:#本站首晒# ZOJIRUSHI 象印 CD-WBH40C 电热保温瓶

From cold water to 100 °, the manual gives about 4 hours, and it is still relatively long. However, it will only be so long when the water in the bottle is completely gone. Generally, when I am lower than 1L, I will get water. After the water injection, the water temperature will drop by about 50 °, and then heat it to 100 °. Let’s get it. It only takes about 4 minutes to heat up from 90 ° to 100 °.

扔掉传统饮水机 篇二:#本站首晒# ZOJIRUSHI 象印 CD-WBH40C 电热保温瓶

Energy consumption problem:

Anyway, I set up it every 10 hours, and it is about twice a day. It will be burned 4 times a day. When it is given to the water, it is almost in the case of no electricity, so the energy consumption should be very low. And effectively reduces the number of repeated water.


扔掉传统饮水机 篇二:#本站首晒# ZOJIRUSHI 象印 CD-WBH40C 电热保温瓶

I personally recommend this type of product. It is small and convenient. When there is hot water at any time, it is not like the traditional water dispenser to get out of the water for a while. There is no hot water. And several temperatures are relatively targeted. If it is set to 60 °, it is very stool to adjust milk at night. It has chlorine -dewlogening technology and improves water quality. By setting, the number of repeated water can be effectively reduced to make the water healthier. It is better to use with water filter equipment.