Zhang Tianai is really a hanger, low -waist jeans+navel shirts show their figure, so it is easy to step on the mine

Zhang Tian’ai’s figure management has become famous in the entertainment industry. It is already a perfect figure curve and also to participate in the body management program. It also allows the audience to see Zhang Tianai managing the figure in the gap. Zhang Tianai’s good figure of “hanger” has a high -level texture, and she can also wear a sense of fashion that the fashion items that most people can’t control.


Zhang Tianai uses low -waisted jeans and plush navel shirts to easily wear a perfect body proportion. The slim -fitting ripped jeans put out the linen legs, showing the long legs to show a good figure. Under the dual action, it can show the short and long body proportion, showing the perfect figure, but the feather top that Zhang Tianai chooses is easy to show it visually, and the figure cannot completely control such a dress.

Zhang Tian’ai’s good figure can always add a lot of points to her shape, but her aesthetics and clothing are also very bright. They can always wear simple items out of a high -level sense and easily create a stylish and personality dress style. The advantage of thin waist and long legs is really an excellent skill in Zhang Tianai.

1. Analysis of Zhang Tianai low -waist jeans+open -umbilical shirts


Keywords: navel with low waist; slim -fitting hole; feather material

① Short -navel top with low -waist jeans, highlighting the good figure

The matching of the navel short top and the low -waist jeans show a good body proportion. This kind of short and low -length items are always visually thin and thin. The navel and low -waist design can perfectly show the waistline highlighting Long legs, overall wearing visually showing the perfect body proportion to increase the sense of high level.

This method of dressing is very common in women’s wear, and it is this unique dressing advantage that makes it a pursuit of fashionistas.


② Low -waist jeans with slim -fitting and ripping elements to create a linen leg

Slim -fitting low -waist denim trousers can easily create the visual effects of numbness, and adding holes to the piercing element is more trendy and avant -garde, showing youthful sense of youth. After the simple jeans are improved and designed, they become more fashionable and more fashionable.


Therefore, low -waist slim jeans need to be supported by good figures. Most people lose their sense of fashion when they are not worn well, but fortunately Zhang Tianai is slender and long, so it is easy to control slim jeans.

③ The difficulty of controlling feathers can better highlight the unique aesthetics and personality

Feather -made items are rare in summer. Not only can it be visually that people feel that heat will also widen the visual width, making the whole person look fat better than that of women with flesh.

However, Zhang Tianai chose to control the feathers with unavailable feather materials, and using V -neck design and metal chain to increase the sense of fashion and femininity. I have to say that her dressing products are really unique and advanced. Dress style and personality.

Second, Zhang Tianai pants like these styles


1. Porn jeans wear


Tight -fitting

The simple black T is simple and fashionable with slim -fitting jeans. The youthful dress style shows a good figure. , Simple and youthful items with fashionable and avant -garde.


The yellow shawl sweater shows the sense of youthful vitality. At the same time, it is easy to create a accurate sense of fashion with high -waisted jeans. The trousers slightly exposed the ankle, and the matching with high heels showed a long -legged advantage.

Loose and high waist


The fashionable and fashionable off -shoulder top is enough to be eye -catching, so the lower body choosing casual and loose wide -leg jeans can be more neutralized and upper body to create visual focus, highlight the distinctive difference in the weight, and the upper body mature lower half -body casual wear. The style can also highlight the mixed style.

2. Black tight pants wear


The long sweater and black tight pants are simple and casual, and the seemingly five -five -point item matching shows the casual style of wearing style, and the youthful sense of youth is bursting.

The simple and universal white shirt encounters black tight pants clean and pure, and the classic black and white color matching highlights his personal temperament, making the whole person’s dress show high -level texture.

3. Wide -legged pants are more long legs


When the suit is used to encounter wide -leg pants casual and work style, it is too eye -catching, making many women like its simple style. Zhang Tianai chooses the same color system while adding gradient colors to make it more layered.


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