Changzhou A Zoo send New Year’s blessings for animals to wear new clothes

The little tiger appeared in a bib and little socks. Chen Yiting Photo

The fox monkeys wearing the New Year’s fence began their arms and felt the bathing of the sun. Chen Yiting Photo

The little tiger who was born shortly in the park wore a bib and a small socks in the arms of the breeder. Chen Yiting Photo

常州一动物园为动物穿新衣 花式送新春祝福

Koyama put on the red wealth hat and picked up “Board Sugar” to lick me. Chen Yiting Photo

Brother Ji is petite and lovely, and he will blurt out “red envelopes”. Chen Yiting Photo

The African elephant is wearing a exotic red shawl. Chen Yiting Photo

常州一动物园为动物穿新衣 花式送新春祝福

The little tiger wearing a bib, a hill with a red wealth hat, a African elephant wearing a red shawl … The Spring Festival is approaching, and the Wildlife World of Wild City in Changzhou purchases new clothes for the small animals in the park, and dress them up. Send the New Year’s blessing to tourists.

常州一动物园为动物穿新衣 花式送新春祝福

【Source: China News Network】

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