What kind of light is a good eye protection light for children?

Table lamps are a link that is unusual in daily life but it is easy to ignore. Table lamps are generally used in office or learning lighting such as reading, writing, designing, and reviewing. However, as more and more people with myopia, the optical lenses are getting thicker and thicker and high -eye work, learning, and living needs of each day, and people pay more and more attention to the protection of the eyes. Therefore, the requirements for table lamps will become higher and higher. Will the desk lantern be seen whether the eyes will cause damage and the use process can protect our eyes. It really needs people.

The most popular light on the market is LED, so why choose LED?

LED lights are not easy to be crushed, cold light sources do not burn people, do not contain harmful substances, the safest.

LEDs need to work under the constant current, so there will be a power supply to turn the AC into a constant DC, the current is basically unchanged, and the fluctuations are small. There is no flashing problem in principle.

LED eye protection table lamp

The main advantage

As follows: Environmental protection: environmental protection:

No pollution, non -ultraviolet rays, non -infrared and no heat radiation;


Low energy consumption design, 150 hours of power consumption was once electricity. The light sources made of semiconductor technology have high photoelectric conversion efficiency, so that the electricity you provided can be brightened to the maximum. DC power supply has effectively eliminated additional electromagnetic loss and further reduces the overall energy consumption. This table lamp has a built -in 8000ma lithium battery, with a battery life of 150 hours, giving you the best experience.

How to buy LED eye protection table lamps?

First, “non -frequent flash” is the minimum condition for eye protection lights. The fluorescent eye protection lamps sold on the market generally have a flash of flash, but everyone does not feel it.

Second, please buy yellow -white light -light table lamps. According to scientific verification, light yellow and white lights are most suitable for our eyes.

Third, color rendering is an important requirement for eye protection. If the color of the light is poor, it is difficult to restore the original color, which will cause damage to our eyes.

So what is the harm of Blu -ray?

Blu -ray wavelength is short -energy, which will be harmful to the retinum. Of course, under the premise of excess, it is generally okay. When the blue light affects melatonin, when there are many blue light, people are easy to be excited. This is why the lights in the office are cold and white, that is, it is not easy to sleep.


For those who do desktop work, ensuring the good visual environment of the working area, it is very good for improving the quality of learning and office, improving work efficiency and protecting physical health. Today, I want to introduce a LED clipstal light from the old brand Kua Lingtong. There are countless LED lights on the market. Why should I choose this LED eye protection table lamp?

This table lamp seems to be ordinary and simple, but in fact, the connotation is great. This table lamp is done


No blue light and free flash

Essence No matter what light, as long as it is non -natural light, it has a certain impact on vision, so try to use a mixed light source. There is this light

Three light colors

, White light, warm light, natural light, suitable for a variety of scenes, can also adjust the brightness at any time in different light colors. In addition to long battery life, eye protection, non -frequent flashing, blue light, this is still a


The table lamp.


It can not only stand on the table, but also be caught anywhere, adding infinite possibilities to your needs, can be found or hang, and the light moves at will! The strong bite force is easily sandwiched at the desk or the bedside; the bottom is hanging holes, which is convenient for hanging in any place where you can hang;

Using exclusive high -quality LED lamp beads, imported LED large iron pieces, 20 lamp beads, high brightness, non -frequent flashing, and natural light protection. Not only that, this table lamp is also an intelligent touch be table lamp, and the elderly and children can simply operate, short -touch color temperature, long press the nolarm, the touch switch, the induction is very sensitive. Give you the most comfortable feeling! If you do n’t know what lights are bought, the student’s hand -made LED clip table lamp can be considered ~

Having said so much, finally send you benefits!

Quick Lingtong LED clip multi -function table lamp

Original price 74 yuan

The current event price is low



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