With the TV cover of the years, full of memories

In the past, the family lived carefully. Everything that was a bit valuable had to get a cover. As large as the bed cover, sofa cover, as small as TV hood and electric fan, the cover can be covered first. The most exaggerated I have seen the refrigerator cover and opened the refrigerator once, which is particularly troublesome.


Covering things is to cherish things, and it can prevent dust. It is difficult to clean the dust at home. At that time, most people simply covered the things that were afraid of dirty and distressed. By the way, another purpose was to look good.

At that time, the aesthetics were simple, and the cover was made of ordinary cloth cheap. Golden velvet is also called velvet, and the seductive light flashes under strong light. It is said that this thing is made of silk and glue substances. There is a kind of poultry that is unknown, and it feels like the skin of the skin.

Ordinary cover and velvet cover


Golden velvet is more expensive. Generally, families are reluctant to use it to make large covers such as sofas. They can only buy a small piece to make a TV cover. When the TV first entered the family, whether it was a large mixed house in the Beijing Hutong or the dormitory building of various large courtyards, whoever took the lead in buying a TV must take electricity costs and melon seed peanuts to let the neighbors watch TV series at home.

When watching the TV series, the purple -red cover still works quietly. At the time of the time, the owner must first lift the cover solemnly, and then start the TV, so the joy and human feelings of the night were revealed until the night was quiet, the guests were dispersed, the owner was cleaned, and the masters were seriously covered. One day, year after year.


I have seen two big characters embroidered on the most ridiculous TV cover: TV. I was afraid that others didn’t know. The two ugly characters also looked like a big calligrapher’s handwriting, and did not know that the calligrapher had written these two vulgar characters.