Fashion innovation: free assembly shoes selling fire

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In this era, DIY (do it yourself), such as flowers, chocolates, accessories … Have you ever thought about making and assemble your own shoes yourself? Is there such shoes?

Today, a young migrant girl in Shenzhen has realized this unknown dream, designing free assembly shoes, allowing customers to DIY to assemble the shoes that they want, to satisfy the creative desire. Income.

Let’s see her experience–

Variety: Is there any shoes that are randomly disassembled?

Jiang Ling, 25, came to Shenzhen to work in June 2013.

The days of working in the factory are nervous, but the spare entertainment is boring. The hobbies of girls’ homes are shopping. For Jiang Ling in his early 20s and sisters of the same age, the most likely to visit Dongmen. This place is a representative place for guiding the trend of Shenzhen to gather a lot of fashion and fresh things, such as clothing, jewelry, and fun. Student and young men and women who are pursuing fashion. Here, anyone who is pursuing fresh can find something they like. After a year or two, Jiang Ling also accepted nails, T -shirts, scalding paintings, avatar stickers … and waited for girls to show their personality. At the end of 2013, the trend scratched a DIY style, what made by yourself, steaming the cake by himself, putting flowers by himself, and stringing the necklace by himself … Jiang Ling and the sisters are of course unwilling to fall behind, like earrings they wear, The bracelets, necklaces, etc. are made in those DIY shops. Not only do you get what you like, but also satisfy the happiness after the successful production.

Jiang Ling is 1.65 meters tall, looks like Tingting, and she is even more graceful to wear high heels. However, she has to wear flat shoes at get off work. She can only wear her favorite high heels after work or rest. Unfortunately, the quality of her pairs of high heels is always not so wishful, either the heels fall, or the laces are broken, or the upper is wrinkled. Those who have to run on the street for ten days and a half months have to be used for sewing. In fact, Jiang Ling understands that he is buying cheap shoes, so there is a problem with quality. Of course, if you buy high -end shoes, you will not need to repair it like this, but this is not an economic ability that a migrant girl can bear. They can only buy cheap shoes to satisfy Chasing fashion footsteps. Jiang Ling’s sisters often encounter such confusion.

That day, Jiang Ling went to repair his own pair of shoes again, and the back heels were crooked. I saw the shoe repair master unplugged the bad heel with a pliers, put a new heel, aimed at the iron hammer, and knocked it with an iron hammer. Completed the work of the heel. Jiang Ling thinks this is too simple. Why can’t you repair it by himself? Since then, her shoes and sisters have encountered problems, and they basically dealt with themselves.

One day in early 2014, Jiang Ling was repairing two pairs of high heels, one pair of heels was broken, and one pair of upper was wrinkled. It stands to reason that both pairs were waste shoes. Isn’t it a new pair of shoes? So she made a improvement, and she was assembled with a pair of black shoes with a yellow heel, which actually attracted the cheers of the sisters: too trendy! These unique sisters immediately started to reassemble their good shoes, and actually had colorful “fashion” shoes. The sisters wore out, attracted a lot of gaze, and some girls took them to quietly inquire. Where did you buy such “trend” shoes?

Jiang Ling learned that this assembled shoes are quite marketable. She was whimsical again: Is there DIY shoes? Are there any shoes that are randomly disassembled? This shoe that allows customers to participate by themselves will definitely attract consumers.


Keep exploring: The shoes that can be disassembled are difficult to come out

Jiang Ling is a careful girl. She is excited about her thoughts, but she is not enthusiastic. After the Spring Festival in 2014, she quietly made market forecasts and investigations, and found that there are no such shoes that can be installed and unloaded at will at present, which shows that the market is blank. I have been consulting the shops of the distribution shoe, and people do not believe that there are shoes that can be assembled. She laughs at her as a “idiot and dreams”, which shows that competitors do not exist; at the same time, she also asked some young people. DIY’s shoes show the look and envy expression, hoping to have such fashion shoes immediately.

The prospect of the market gave Jiang Ling’s firm confidence. In March 2014, she resigned from the shoe factory of work and became a free man. After the resignation, Jiang Ling did not act lightly, and she enrolled in Shenzhen Vocational Technical School to learn all processes of shoes design and production. Although she used to work in the shoe factory for more than two years, she was only familiar with a process of sewing of the upper car. Now she decides to engage in design and make shoes by herself. In June 2014, after three months of training, Jiang Ling basically mastered how to make shoes.

In his body, Jiang Ling started an attempt to design and make removable shoes. She purchased the necessary equipment and exposed day and night in the rental house: upper, heels, shoe gangs, and cushions are traditional production technology. The important thing is how to sew together. Traditional shoes are generally tightened by industrial glue adhesion or thread, and freely assembled shoes must not be operated like this. What should be? Jiang Ling started a series of exploration. She first tried to use industrial glue, which was easy to stick to it. It was troublesome to tear it. This road was not allowed; she then tried to connect with a thread, drilling in advance on the upper and shoe gangs to drill in advance in advance Good holes, tighten with threads. It seems that only the latter is the only way to get through. Jiang Ling has continuously improved this method, reducing other procedures, and only allowing consumers to finally operate a line -up process.

Jiang Ling’s idea is like this: a person’s shoe size is fixed size, which determines that the soles are also fixed, and the corresponding upper is fixed with the size. Consumers can choose different soles or uppers by themselves. , Then assemble all kinds of shoes according to your preferences to complete DIY production.

In August 2014, Jiang Ling rented a small shop in the Dongmen Market and opened a small shop called “DIY cool shoe workshop”, and began his own entrepreneurial operation. Dongmen is a place where students and young white -collar girls gather. Tens of thousands of people come together every day. All fresh and fashionable stuffs can find traces. For new humans, they surrounded the small shops. The more than 50 pairs of shoes brought on the first day were sold all the time. Jiang Ling thought that she was dreaming, and the success of the opening door made her excited.

The next day, Jiang Ling had to rest because her shoes were not inventory. She knew that it was difficult to make it alone by herself, so she immediately looked for a small shoe -making home workshop to process small batches of assembly shoes for herself. After a few days, she reopened. She thought she would continue the hot scene a few days ago. However, what she did not expect to dream was that the customer swarmed, but she was angry and asked for returns. It turns out that this freely assembled shoes is good, and you can choose your own style and color as you want, but the shoes have a fatal problem -that is, after tightening with a thread, it cannot be waterproof. What is the use of waterproof shoes? Shoes are daily necessities used for wearing, and are not artworks used to make. Jiang Ling was dumbfounded, and she blamed that she didn’t even consider the most basic functions of her shoes at first. She had to return the goods one by one with apology. In just a few days, Jiang Ling lost a mess.

The failure of entrepreneurship made Jiang Ling’s ashamed and hid in the rental house for a few days to thank the guests. Of course, Jiang Ling is not blindly depressed. At the same time, she constantly reflects on her experience. What is wrong and how to make new improvements? She sees the attributes of industrial glue on the Internet. She consults the characteristics of various industrial glue to chemical experts, and strives to find a special glue for shoe that can be quickly dry and easy to remove. However, this dream of Jiang Ling finally became a flower in the mirror, because the current science and technology have not yet invented such a universal industrial glue.

Jiang Ling really felt the end of this season. Isn’t his career really unable to continue. Is this a new thing that can guide the trend?

Jiang Ling was confused and confused.

Change idea: DIY assembly shoes hot Yangcheng

Jiang Ling had to be dormant in the rental house for a while. By the end of 2014, she walked around on the shoe wholesale market on the front road, and suddenly found that embroidered cloth shoes this winter -those black, red, and purple embroidered cloth shoes, exquisite styles, beautiful styles, exquisite styles. Either elegant or noble, or cute or cartoon, suitable for students and petty women. Jiang Ling couldn’t help but buy a pair.

Back at the residence, Jiang Ling felt itchy and disassembled the embroidered shoes. This dismantling found that the embroidered cloth shoes were also tightened between the upper and the shoe gang. Jiang Ling pondered that embroidered cloth shoes were popular, and no one asked the cloth shoes to meet the waterproof standard. She suddenly realized that the shoes that could be freely assembled at the beginning should not be aimed at leather shoes. If you use cloth shoes to DIY, do you avoid waterproof defects? Thinking of this, Jiang Ling was excited, and she seemed to see a new hope.

Jiang Ling once again purchased a batch of raw materials of cloth shoes, kept trying, repeated tests, and finally explored a simple method of free assembly of cloth shoes: the upper and shoe gangs have been produced, and customers need only between the upper and shoe gangs. The hole position is tightened. Methods simple and practical, easy to operate.

In March 2015, Jiang Ling rented a shop again on the popular front line, and re -opened the signboard of “DIY cool shoe workshop”, the main product is DIY’s cloth shoes. Those with diverse styles and handmade cloth shoes are placed on the container rack. They are colorful and glorious. People who do not see them do not like it. More importantly, these products are semi -finished products. The meaning given seems to be more important than the product itself. This novel product sales method suddenly attracted the interest of many young people. The shoes themselves are full of interest, and it is so fun to make it. Who can resist this temptation? The second opening of “DIY cool shoe workshop” was enthusiastically opened again.

This time there was no embarrassing scene of a customer return, and this time the product features are destined to succeed.

There are more than a dozen varieties of “DIY cool shoe workshop” cloth shoes, more than twenty styles, and the price ranges from a dozen yuan to more than 100 yuan. After just more than a week, customers reflected that the tricks and styles of the goods are still too small, and they cannot satisfy the feeling of chasing fashion. Jiang Ling immediately increased varieties, developed multiple styles, and tried to meet the different needs of customers. It is also the needs of all kinds of customers that make Jiang Ling try to design new shoes, which prompts the product of “DIY cool shoe workshop” to update every day, attracting more customers to come and form a virtuous circle.

A 16th and 7 -year -old girls looked at the left and right in the “DIY cool shoe workshop”, full of joy but revealing the embarrassment: “With so many beautiful shoes, I really want to buy a pair, and I can change the new every day. It’s a pity. Unfortunately, I didn’t have so much money! “After the girl bought a pair of shoes that had been assembled, Jiang Ling started his brain: How to meet the needs of the students? It will be satisfied with the survival and development of the “DIY cool shoe workshop” to be satisfied with the students. They are the protagonists who pursue fashion and lead the trend. How to realize the dream of wearing new shoes every day? Jiang Ling inadvertently put her Nokia mobile phone and saw the shell she just changed a few days ago, and couldn’t help but joy: my cloth shoes can also change the shell at any time! As a result, Jiang Ling launched a pair of shoes with seven -up upper suit shoes, named “My beloved, see every day!” – The upper is designed for seven different decorations, wearing one a day, ensuring that seven days a week, seven days, seven days There are new shoes. The price is only more than 50 yuan, which is suitable for students’ consumption. Sure enough, once this seven new shoes are listed, they are immediately welcomed by customers, especially girls.

In mid -May 2015, the shops on the street played “Celebrating June · One Children’s Day” advertisements. Of course, Jiang Ling cannot give up such a good time. However, how can her “DIY cool shoe workshop” involve children? In response to the characteristics of children’s too complicated production, Jiang Ling designed children’s shoes to connect the upper and shoe connections to the connection of the lock joint design. For making a pair of shoes, children can be completed as long as they are under the guidance of their parents; for children’s true nature, the upper and accessories are designed as cute cartoon characters or animal patterns, which are welcomed by children. On the day of June, Jiang Ling sold more than a hundred pairs of children’s shoes. Later, in response to the misunderstanding of the children’s often unable to distinguish the left and right shoes, Jiang Ling ingeniously designed the cartoon pattern of the upper as a positive and one -man, one male and one mother, making it easy for the child to distinguish, ensuring that he would not wear the wrong shoes. This method was praised by the children’s parents. They were more willing to take their children to buy shoes on the “DIY cool shoe workshop”. Not only can they buy children’s favorite shoes, they can also cultivate children’s fun.

In the summer of 2015, summer shoes such as sandals, beach shoes, slippers and other summer shoes were listed. Of course, the savvy Jiang Ling would not miss such a golden season. She designed summer shoes not only to connect the upper and shoe gangs, but because the shoes in summer advocate simple and flowing lines, the connection of the line is troublesome and cumbersome. Jiang Ling adopts the lock design made by children’s shoes. The novel design is loved by consumers. In just a few minutes, she can DIY the shoes that they need. At the same time, Jiang Ling designed the shoes more exquisitely, with different decorations on the upper, such as butterflies, dragonflies and other needle accessories. , Putting a different style of patterns on the cushion of the shoes … These accessories allow consumers to DIY. In the summer of 2015, Jiang Ling’s income exceeded the 5,000 yuan mark per month, and finally raised his eyebrows.

One day in August 2015, a young man entered the “DIY cool shoe workshop”, which made Jiang Ling look at him a few more, because the service target of “DIY cool shoe workshop” is mainly women. Consider the business of men. The young man carefully looked at the shoes of the whole shop, and really couldn’t hide the regret: “You only serve women here, but the business limit is limited. Why don’t we consider our male consumers? Jiang Ling heard it, yes! Then he promised him that men’s shoes will be listed a week later. After closing the shop door, Jiang Ling immediately ran to the factory that made the shoes and commissioned them to immediately produce the ingredients of male shoes. Later, the young man came to the door as an appointment and diy happily to his favorite shoes. He passed ten and ten passes.

That day, a pair of young men and women walked into the “DIY cool shoe workshop”, and they knew they were shooting. The young man and the girl chose their favorite shoes for assembly, and they felt satisfied after putting on it. But the careful Jiang Ling found that the shoes they chose were not matched. The man’s choice was a black upper. The female choice was a white upper. Looking left and right, it seemed that the identity of the two couples did not show. Thinking of the word couple, Jiang Ling suddenly realized: too many couple products on the street, cultural shirts, watches, mobile phones, backpacks, hats, bracelets … Why can’t the shoes that can be assembled design?

After all, Jiang Ling’s knowledge is limited, but she knows that using knowledge, she hired a student pattern of various types of couples for the “DIY cool shoe workshop” for the students of the Shenzhen Academy of Fine Arts. Students go all out to design patterns that are the same and guide the trend. These patterns are made into the accessories of shoes, along with the color and style of the shoes, and set out a two -right atmosphere- “鸳 鸳 这些 这些”, “Bi Wing Double Flying”, “Putian”, “Long Earth” and other beautiful symbols Once the shoes were launched, the popularity of “DIY cool shoe workshop” greatly improved. Some men and women in love came to choose their favorite couple shoes. Couple shoes not only symbolize the close love of the two, but also witnessed the love of the two of them and supporting each other together, which is deeply loved by young people.

As of the end of 2015, Jiang Ling’s “DIY cool shoe workshop” launched dozens of varieties such as “Girls Series”, “Poor Women’s Series”, “Urban Men’s Series”, “Children’s Series”, “Couple Series”, etc. There are many styles and exquisite styles, which have attracted consumers from all levels. There are already three employees in her store, and the net income of the “DIY cool shoe workshop” store has reached more than 4,000 yuan per month.

Of course, Jiang Ling still has two regrets. The first is that the raw material production of her shoes relies on others. Because of the small batch, the factory price is high. If he can open a production and manufacturing workshop, then it can definitely reduce costs and correspondingly. You can save expenses for customers; the second is that DIY leather shoes can not be made at this stage. If this dream can be realized, “DIY cool shoe workshop” is not even perfect.

Talking about success, the young girl said that there are business opportunities everywhere in life. It is inevitable to suffer setbacks, and what is important is how we overcome it. Reader friends, what do you think?