Daughter, come back soon! The first girl in Weinan City lost my contact with home, wearing light blue cotton clothes, gray plaid pants

The name of the lost person: Yu Chunxue

Lost, Gender: Female

The age of the loss: 14

Lost characteristics: wear light blue cotton clothes, gray plaid pants, silver snow boots, short hair, about 1.6 meters high, junior first student

Loss time: 2022-01-11

Lost location: Shaanxi, Weinan City, Lianhu Street, Fuping County

Contact: Family

Contact number: 17391073014

Other information: This information is provided by the headline tracing star volunteers

Whether to report to the police: Yes

Headline tracing is a free public welfare project launched today, and is committed to helping all kinds of decent families reunited. If someone at home is lost or you need to find a long -term loss of loved ones, you can submit help through the head of the head search. Open today’s headline search “tracing” to submit information. If you have any questions, please consult the tracing mailbox: xunren@toutiao.com

[Headline tracing anti -fraud reminder]

Solemn statement: Toutiao tracing is a free public welfare project for the whole country. We will not charge any fees for tracing services. Please do not believe that any stranger requires you to remit, transfer money, transfer, or pay for searching for people through telephones, text messages, or pay for searching for people, beware of being deceived!