Dog transforms into a tank “Repairing Dog” announced “Dog Equipment Equipment”

Made in Games of Kagawa, the action game “Metal Dogs” (PS4 / Nintendo Switch “launched on April 8, 2022 has recently announced the series of traditional” Dog Equipment Equipment “information.


The special equipment of combat dogs such as Boch will also appear in this game with unique vehicle style equipment. Such as the “Podi Tanks” with a variety of special devices, and three weapons and “Boich Cars (ポチカ ー)” with excellent balance, all seem to be a very strong equipment. If you want to install these equipment, you must collect the “dog cards” that can be obtained after knocking down the enemy in the task.

Dog driving a chariot Mercedes! Intersection The series of traditional “Boich Tanks” appeared


It is the special equipment of Mercedes -Benz fighting dogs on the end of the century. Leaded by the series of traditional dog chariots “Podi Tanks”, the vehicle style and equipment with unique shapes will appear in “Reinstalling Dogs”!

1. “Boich Tank”

2. “Boich”

3. Collect “dog cards” to get advanced equipment!


If you want to obtain a variety of defense with the special appearance of the “Podi Tank”, you must collect the rare prop “dog card” that you have a certain chance after knocking down the enemy in the mission. Using the collected “dog card”, you can get advanced equipment in the “exchange” in the stronghold. Even if you repeatedly play the same task, you can get the “dog card” without fighting the enemy, so if you want the equipment you want, you can get it by repeated challenges.