The good -looking bags in summer are here! It is versatile and fashionable, every one is worth having

Finally finished watching “Thirty”, but really

It is difficult to be flat

Maybe I am a stingy person, and the green tea forest has the whole body and gives me feelings.

That’s it?

Although I was looking forward to

Gu Jianu Fan Forest


The arrangement is on, but it is not enough. The collapse of the ending of the end is the biggest punishment. DBQ, to be honest, I ca n’t think of it, completely puzzled!


Maybe I didn’t understand the screenwriter’s deep meaning?

I’m shallow!


After watching this drama me

Really complicated mood

Gu Jia is excellent and self -disciplined, looks good and is generous. Is the well -organized well? Also go out to mess up.

After watching Gu Jia’s week, I was shocked by my life. What an excellent urban woman?


Who can do Gu Jia so awesome, I can’t do it anyway!

In addition to Gu Jia’s self -discipline life, at that time, seeing her relationship with the ladies also made me feel realistic.


Falling into a cloud -style anxiety


, Especially for the banquet, it is really worried!

Gu Jia’s limited edition is in front of Hermes of others

It was instantly dumbfounded in seconds

At that time, when I saw the lady’s circle of friends cut off Gu Jia,

I’m really silent.

Not long ago, I saw some people say on Weibo,

There are contempt chains in the bag market

I existed, I didn’t believe it at the time, but now I found it, I found it,

Maybe it’s not enough for me to stand, right?

To be honest, big -name bags

It is really different in texture in texture

, High -level sense is really not comparable, but my economic strength …


If I am a small uncle, if there is a house on my back, I guess my mother will

Raise the broom and hit me such a prodigal thing,


So let’s take a look ~

But can’t afford to buy Hermes, do we still can’t afford anything else? Yes, I immediately sorted you some bags for you, my favorite sisters

Take a good wallet and rush to me!

NO.1 —— Daily commuting package


Usually the sisters really chase behind me to wear the workplace. This is not right. As an important accessory for wearing, the bag can really give people a good choice.

Improve a lot of grades.

The first player was this crocodile pattern stick bag. The black and white color scheme is really classic and stylish. It is not exaggerated at all, and

The leather is very stiff

And HIN has a gloss,

Metropolitan beauty must be necessary!

I beg you Kangkang in this piano bag, it really looks good,

The shape is very chic

, Absolutely enough to go to work!


The black gold color color is too special, and I feel like I am on my back


Lady himself


Although the price is not very cheap,

But absolute big -name texture


, Not losing money.


This woven bag has the feeling of Huafu, haha,


Real recognition is really highly high


, Sewing is also very neat.


The details are not cheap at all. Whether it is a short sleeve or a windbreaker in autumn and winter, it can be worn.

You just say it is worth it!

This year’s underarm bag is also fire. There are no two or three sisters, but to be honest, some are really tired.

Styllarly go out.

This is not, the checkered retro, plus the cortical edge, which is completely different from others.

When you carry it out, you will be linked by others.


I don’t know if there are any sisters, like me, they will always be attracted by this gentle and tender bag. The rice is super versatile. Even on the back of a small skirt, it looks very good

Lady’s Feel.

Sisters with a lot of things usually look at this, the color of bean -green and lemon yellow is super fresh, is it completely the feeling of summer?


This little lemon can also go out to install a card or something

Don’t make it too convenient.

And you can cross the shoulder and cross, the capacity is just right, it will not be embarrassing.


The small man Jimei is also super suitable.

Come on the fold clouds, the shape is stiff, but

Have your own small design

Use a metal chain for daily work, add highlights to match, go out to explode the street to use the pearl chain. This little woman’s mind is absolutely!

NO.2 -Sweet Cool Hot Girl Bag

Speaking of hot girl bags, you must show you my new love this year,

Black bright face design


, The butterfly decoration above really blinds the eyes of people, pearl and metal chain match, really sweet girl must buy!


I think the previous sisters who are too high -profile, Kangkang, don’t look at others seemingly unpretentious, the details are different,

Acrylic’s chain is super cool


Simple and generous without spending a whistle


, Handsome to no friends!

Let’s call this box stitching package, hahahaha, mainly because it is too unique. Anyway, I haven’t seen such a lot,

The green face is so cool, I don’t want to take it off on my back!

Sumi girls must make this bulingbuling bag, take it out, you have won, especially the lights are on this sequin,

The night pioneer Queen is you!

Cool GIRL bought it for me, don’t hesitate, PVC’s butterfly bag, which is an orange bag inside, really blindfolded, this color is too bold, whether it is

The hot girl is still a big cover!


Does the diamond bag still have no sisters this year? Hurry up, no matter how simple and ordinary you wear, you can match this package

Grasp the attention of others in an instant!

And this price, buying to catch the trend, it is out of date

I don’t feel bad at idle!

NO.3 -style matching package

Is there a milk milk that I think of it at first glance! This is very different from ordinary axillary bags,

It’s not beautiful to go shopping!

Jelly bag is simply

Tailored for summer

It is too fresh and the price is not expensive. Going out for an outing to make a decoration!


What kind of fairy is you Kangkang, AWSL, crystal chain woven, it is really beautiful,

The feeling of crystal clear green tire.

Together with the small skirt, the really fairy himself, the picture is completely beautiful,

Want to go out and the concave shape is completely OJK!

There is also this little flower, which is slightly larger than the crystal bag, and the chain is super design. Is the platinum color match very high?

I don’t know what to say except Meimei!


The hollow bamboo editing bag is also very Nas. Whether it is vacation or picnic, the back is very beautiful. There is a kind of lady style with the scarf. I announce that the whole half of the year will rely on it!

NO.4 —— 布 n n n


Finally, let’s recommend it again

Well -matching single -match canvas bag

Not only is the capacity, but also the high -quality and stylish matching rate, whether it is a student party or an office worker, it is super suitable.

Compared with solid color canvas bags, this milk pattern is more stylish and more fashionable. It can be paired with BM wind top or simple T -shirt

Salt is sweet!

Sisters who like checkered can start with this. The color is pink and the feel is superb. It is not lost at all for swinging, and it is only 15 yuan.

I really can’t buy losses and can’t buy it!

This cute and loved lamb really died of me, so cute, who can stand this,

Various patterns,


There is also a zipper,

Safety is absolutely bars!

There were a lot of sisters who asked for this last time

Leopard bag

Links, this is not, the intimateness will be set up for you, although it is a bit more expensive than ordinary canvas bags, but

Can be used on both sides

, It’s worth it!

Sisters who like retro wind can buy this kind of painting style,

Simple and full of Hong Kong flavor


It is not beautiful to buy a few patterns to change back!



Bear cake model

It’s really good to see that there is no place to boast,

Only 19.9 yuan


You just say how fragrant it is!

That’s it today.