How to difference between the advantages and disadvantages of the curtain cabinet?

What is the difference between the advantages and disadvantages of the curtain cabinet? This problem is not only a problem in modern times. It is already a history of entanglement of our human beings for thousands of years. Just when there is a human civilization, there is a distinction between the advantages and disadvantages of items. In the industry, only one line of industry talents know the key to the distinction between quality and disadvantages. Today, I will take you to appreciate the difference between high -quality style curtain cabinets and inferior low -cost display cabinets?

I. The logo of the technical parameters of the high -quality wind curtain cabinet with a larger volume is based on international standards, and the national quality and technical supervision agencies have been qualified for many times over the years.

Second, the temperature of the wind curtain cabinet, the working temperature of the high -quality wind curtain cabinet at the high -quality curtain cabinet is the most suitable temperature distinction of favorable food storage or fresh -keeping. The wind curtain cabinet is suitable for plant food, which can ensure that the juice contained in the food is not lower than the freezing than freezing. Click and keep it fresh. The temperature of the frozen cabinet is -18 degrees Celsius, and the shelf life of the food with the temperature is up to 1 month. The high -quality refrigerator display cabinet not only ensures the temperature of the wind curtain cabinet in accordance with the standard, but also uses an alien evaporation tube and matches the unit with suitable refrigeration volume to make the cooling speed of the high -quality off -the curtain cabinet faster.

3. Commercial high -power compressor High -quality Ai Hao Sisi curtain cabinet all use commercial compressors. In addition to the good startup performance, the commercial compressor is complete from small to large specifications. It can make different configurations according to different product requirements. Only commercial compressors can adapt to the commercial wind curtain cabinet. The commercial wind curtain cabinet uses the characteristics of harsh environment, frequent startups, and long running time to ensure product quality. Although the price of commercial compressors is higher than that of home -based compressors, the failure rate is less than two -thousandths.


Fourth, the material of the wind curtain cabinet is better, the high -quality wind curtain cabinet all evaporate tubes are made of high -quality copper tube and treated as wide -surface alien. The surface of the stainless steel plate is smooth and well thick, and the thickness of the whole plate is uniform. The appropriate thickness not only ensures a long service life, but also makes the appearance of the wind curtain cabinet flat and strong. Copper pipes are better than the coldness of aluminum tubes or composite pipes, better corrosion resistance, high -quality copper tray tubes have the advantages of high cleanliness in the tube, less pipe joints, which can effectively prevent the failure of the internal leakage or blockage of the refrigeration system. The circular tube is treated into a rectangle to make the evaporate tube contact the internal tendon with cold, from point contact to surface contact, expanding the transmission area, which can accelerate the cooling speed.


5. The heat insulation effect of the wind curtain cabinet is better. The quality of thermal insulation performance during the production process of the wind cabinet is an important quality indicator of the wind curtain cabinet, but also an important factor in the economy using the economy. In order to achieve good thermal insulation performance, appropriate raw materials must be selected, controlling capacity and the diameter of the bubbles within the best range. Therefore, only by using the energy -controlled material temperature, cooperating with special fixtures, and mastering the mature foaming process can we produce a good thermal curtain cabinet with good thermal insulation effects.


6. The structure of the cabinet of the supermarket on the supermarket is more solid, which is directly related to the length of the display cabinet. There is an overall corner steel rack support between the shell of the high -quality wind curtain cabinet and the inner tendon. Its role is equivalent to reinforced bars in the cement prefabricated board, and the solidity is greatly increased. After the door frame is all welded, the overall foaming is formed, which avoids the defects that the door frame is not stubborn and the cabinet door is easy to fall off. The overall steel frame has an obvious advantage of forming at one time. Why not other families use it? Because the fixture requirements are complicated and the fixture is difficult, it is not a manufacturer that benefits consumers everywhere.