The first choice of fashion and warmth in autumn and winter, a sweater, versatile casual beauty

The magical items such as sweaters can also shine in autumn and winter seasons. The younger sister with a sweater with a pair of over -the -knee boots, which is the most basic standard in autumn and winter. The combination of cuteness and sexy is so perfect, and only the younger sister has this temperament. This is very suitable for business trips and the like.

Miss Sister’s sweater is interesting. It is a loose long style, which is basically the seductive temptation that is popular on the street. On this autumn street, with a pair of yellow short boots, a knitted sweater is randomly put on the shoulders, and a comfortable casual time, you need to spend beautifully.


The sweater, as a necessary item for the ladies and sisters in the autumn and winter seasons, performed without the temptation of the landscape, and became popular on this street. The younger sister’s sweater and a pair of short boots, seemingly randomly matched, is a great challenge to a pair of beautiful legs. If you have the courage, you will come, fashion is that simple!


Personally, I always feel that the matching of sweaters and boots should be born with a pair. The younger sister came out of the street to show her long beautiful legs. At this time, a pair of white -knee boots was essential. The whole body is matched with the white snow, which is the street.


Although the sweater with boots, although it is the most basic fashion model, many young ladies are still a little worried about the decline in temperature and health problems. At this time, a light leg artifact is necessary. Matching has both the two elements of warmth and fashion, you can put it on.

The younger sister and girlfriend went out on the street. To be honest, the sweater and the small suit were defeated. The face value responsibility does not distinguish, is it because of the blessing of this light leg artifact? When fashionable and warm can show both, show your beauty.