The girlfriends who go out in winter are pretending, but the different styles are very similar. Hurry up with your girlfriend get up

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Winter fashion matching has many styles in itself, and when choosing clothing matching, there are also many representative fashion styles. If you want to shape your own fashion image, you can form a very perfect visual effect with your girlfriend

In fact, there is a matching method.

That is, when matching, use some details to make your fashion image more distinctive, but the girlfriend’s clothing matching, sometimes the matching is not good

It will make your fashion image have an effect of Russia.

Therefore, when matching, it cannot be blind. It is recommended to know how to converge and progress when matching.

Make your fashion more distinctive at the same time,


It can also make your fashion image, there is a unique trend, let’s take a look at the details of clothing matching.

What are the fashion matching of girlfriends?

Fashion style of the same color

If you want to make your own and girlfriend’s clothing, it becomes more prominent from the crowd, and let people see that when the two are girlfriends, then when choosing clothing matching, it is recommended to use the fashion shape of the same color to match.

And when choosing the same color system, it is recommended to use some dark shapes to match.

In this way, you can make your fashion image more warm. In winter, use this fashion style to match yourself, which can make your fashion more temperament.

It will also make fashion look no more monotonous. This is also the time when choosing girlfriends clothing to match

The most basic matching shape.

The same clothing material

Of course, when choosing clothing, there are some more temperature -based fashion materials. Using the same clothing materials to match yourself, you can make your image more prominent effect.

The selected clothing materials should be more representative.

For example, in winter, the material of the woolen or leather is a good choice.


When matching, there is only such a fashion image,

In order to make your image more suitable. And such fashion styles will also make fashion more temperature.

Reflected from the details

If you want to make your fashion style, you can display it a little bit, then when choosing the shape, it is recommended to use some small details, such as when matching


, Use some of the same shoes, or use some small decorations,

Through these fashion matching styles, your image is more fashionable.


What are the recommendations of girlfriends?

Gray fashion

A: Gray suit+pink shirt+dark jeans


B: Gray sweater+white base+red checkered pants


When choosing clothing matching, you can use the fashion style of the student style to match yourself. For example, when matching, use gray clothing styling to match yourself, and the fashion items you can use can also be some with some with some fashion items, or some of them can be with some with some of them. The effect of daily style of leisure,

For example, when matching, use the image of a suit and sweater to match.

Since it is a match between girlfriends, in the choice and matching of clothing,

It is necessary to use the same color system to match,

And when choosing fashion, you can use some more temperamental bags to match, so that your fashion style can also improve some fashion grades.

Beige fashion

A: Rice white woolen suit+striped shirt+blue bottoming shirt+black casual pants

B: Black woolen coat+striped shirt+blue T -shirt+rice white casual pants

If you want to make yourself and your girlfriend’s clothing styles a little gentle, then when you are fashionable,


You can use some gentle colors


This can make your fashion look better.

For example, when matching, use some rice white fashion shapes,

Add some woolen fashion to match, plus the stacked shape to decorate

It is a very good fashion style.

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