Use Li Xuewu Peony Porcelain “Fan Dai Beauty” tea set, tea flavor overflows life

Fan Dai shakes dreamy makeup, and is accompanied by Qin Fang. Listen, Li Xuewu’s peony porcelain “Fan Dai Beauty” tea set, good porcelain sounds like a stubborn, crispy and pleasant!


Li Xuewu’s peony porcelain “Fan Dai Beauty” has a retro tea set of tea set, with a small shape, and has a taste that has settled down after years. Inheriting Tang white porcelain firing skills, hand -made hand -made, ingenuity, combined with new color pink and other craftsmanship, high -quality high -white porcelain mud and high temperature firing, full of texture in both inside and outside. The exquisite and delicate pink flower noodles with a literary and artistic cup have followed the classic elements of China. The whole set of works is delicate, light and transparent, and quality is like beautiful jade. Between gentle and soft bites, bringing artistic atmosphere to life.

When everyone is detailed in the tea set of Li Xuewu’s peony porcelain “Fan Dai Beauty”, you will find that the works are used for butterflies and peony. Among them, the butterfly is vivid and full of flowers. The whole work uses new color pink color, the high temperature is incorporated into the glaze, the oil color is fired, the color transitions naturally, the color is gorgeous and splendid. Complicated without losing strictness, exquisite without losing meticulousness. In the time of time, the pattern is painted, the peony flowers are full of attitude, the body is full of body, the flowers and flowers, reflecting the longing and pursuit of all good things in life.

One device, one product of life. Li Xuewu’s peony porcelain “Fan Dai Beauty” tea set has a very pure atmosphere, which is a kind of natural carving. With this set of tea sets, when you tast it, you are full of tea. It is so good to use the heart of Jian and do joy.