What are the functions of smart home lighting control modules

We are no stranger to smart homes, but do you know what a very important component is during this period? The answer is the smart module! So what is a smart module? What are the functions of the intelligent lighting control module? Let’s find out together.

1. What is a smart module

The smart module is the execution unit and control end of the smart home platform. It and the smart central control system are an organic whole. Various intelligent modules are connected to the smart center controller by wired or wirelessly, receiving centralized control instructions of the center controller, and forming the entire smart home system platform with the center controller.

Intelligent module classification is:

Infrared control module

Such modules are mainly used to control ordinary household appliances with infrared remote control functions such as TV and air conditioners.

Its main feature is that infrared learning functions do not need to transform the original home appliances.

Lighting control module

The lighting in the home is used more. The switching from the initial pull -up switch. Although the generally used mechanical switch has improved a large improvement, it still does not get rid of the scope of manual operation.


The intelligentization of lighting in home intelligence plays a pivotal role.

Remote control module

The remote control mode has expanded the space restrictions of smart homes, which greatly enriches the control carrier. With the help of telephone, network, and SMS, you can control your control even if you have a thousand miles away.

Handheld remote control

The remote control as a portable remote control device becomes the auxiliary device of the intelligent center controller.

It can often be separated from the central control system to take the most basic function.

2. What are the functions of smart home lighting control modules

4 major functional functions of the intelligent lighting control module:

1. Intelligent lighting control module time control control

The intelligent lighting module sets the light turnover time in the system. After the setting time is available, automatically turn on and turn off the lights, and the time control is controlled in the system to set different turning lights at each circuit. The setting range is accurate to the unit per second.

2. Automatic control of intelligent lighting control modules

The automatic control must be hooked on the intelligent lighting module or the system. After the time control time is set, the automatic control function is hooked. The light is automatically turned off at the set time. You can choose the day without cycle in the festival, and the selected holiday automatic light turned off the lights.

3. Fire function

When a fire occurs in the building electrical control, the fire function will induced the fire through the fire sensor, and automatically shut down the power to prevent the wire from getting angry.

4. Intelligent lighting control module in system control

It is necessary to connect all the smart lighting module communication interfaces in the building to the system terminal with a twisted shielding line. The terminal installation of the lighting system is installed. The entire building lighting system is completed. The terminal installation of the terminal is installed and controlled. Electric control part of the module.

Nowadays, the intelligent lighting control module is widely used in building lighting, community lighting, school lighting, street lighting, hospital lighting, billboard lighting, etc., and has a wide range of use.