Jingdezhen “Amoy” Raiders

Before going to Jingdezhen, it was just synonymous with blue and white porcelain in my impression. We can find antique porcelain bottles and porcelain bowls in all first -tier cities. I thought it was all the city.

It wasn’t until the first time I embarked on Jingdezhen because I interviewed everything that everything was not as I imagined. Jingdezhen has a charm. This charm is not easy to find under the dust.


If there is a city that can satisfy all your beautiful imagination of porcelain, then this city must be Jingdezhen.

Unconsciously, I ran four times in Jingdezhen in a year. There are different gains every time.


Therefore, I want to write a “Amoy” strategy to talk about how to get a good utensil in Jingdezhen. Only by personal experience can we understand the beauty of this city.

After being familiar with Jingdezhen, there are a few points to buy things, and you can take a closer time to visit the last week.


1. Ghost City (Keywords: antiques porcelain factory old goods small gadgets)

Opening time: Every Monday at 03: 30-10: 30: Shuguang Road Antiques Market

Ghost City in Antique City in Jingdezhen. Every Monday morning, someone came out to sell the so -called antique. There are true or false, and there are more and more fakes. Or, or in the place of interest, some of the history is not particularly long -lasting. There is a trick to buy things in the ghost market. Don’t be fooled by the other party when you don’t understand. When the other party talks about the year, sometimes you ask for a deep ask, he will show your own feet, laugh at It came out.

Most of the things in the ghost city are cheap, dozens of things abound, unless they are real antiques. Bargaining is also a skill that must be mastered. I upheld a principle when I pay back: according to how much you think is worth buying. You have to prepare in your heart, even if this is not an old thing, this price is what you can accept.

There are also many old porcelain factories on the ghost market, such as porcelain horses. Its horses are very characteristic. There are many series that can collect colors and can also collect styles (saddling horse series). And the look of each group of horses is different. Buy things in the ghost market, as long as it is a fun. Touching the flashlight, so that there is a sense of “Amoy”, there is a wonderful fate between people and things.


2. Lotte Set (Keywords: Student Market)

Opening time: 9: 00-12: 00 every Saturday: No. 139, East Road, New Factory

Every Saturday morning, Lotte Tao Society holds a “creative market” at the sculpture porcelain factory. More than a hundred booths are full of various ceramics. However, unlike ordinary stalls, the stall owners here are often childish, full of expectations, and most of the porcelain on the front stalls is definitely from their hands. Many of them are students from nearby pottery colleges, and many of them are people who have graduated from their own business.

Therefore, it is best to go to Lotte when they are rushing to the market. The market is very lively, and there are many young students. Their stalls are also an elimination system, and they are eliminated at the end of each month and introduced new ones.


There will be some more lively works, and the price is relatively close to the people. It is mainly grounded, with life, and is suitable for some daily vessels.

By the way, if you see a car that sells ravioli in Lotte, you can try boldly. I want to say that this unique fritter+hemp matching is really delicious …

3. Tao Xichuan (Keywords: Creative Park Market)

Open throughout the day, it is recommended to go to the place on the weekend: No. 150, New Factory West Road

Tao Xichuan is a cultural and creative park after the transformation. This is the location of the former site of the Cosmic Porcelain Factory. The atmosphere of the park is good, and there is a market on weekends. When we went, we happened to meet the international theme market exchanges, and there were many foreigners. There are also porcelain shops here, including domestic, foreign, students, and masters, but the price here will be relatively high, and the business atmosphere will be more heavy. However, there are other exhibition halls (free tickets on Tuesday) and some 3D printing.


4. Pottery Street (Keywords: tea artwork)


It is recommended to go in the afternoon-at night (because the craftsmen do not open the store in the morning) location: Near Tao Yinan Road

When you come to Taoyi Street, you can buy some utensils needed for daily life. This entire street is a ceramic exhibition hall. The relatively mature craftsmen of Jingdezhen will have independent studios and shops. Most of the shops are in Taoyi Street, which is convenient for displaying. Here I met the shop that Lotte met before. She thought she was a clerk, but she did not expect that she was a master’s degree from Jingdezhen Ceramics University. Sometimes, some clever fate will be encountered in Jingdezhen.

After they are familiar, they entertain us to drink tea. The owner is a couple, his wife is a ceramics design, and the gentleman is an industrial design, so their works are more design. And because two people have pets together, many of the small ceramic ornaments created for their own cute pets are warmer. There are no shortage of such small shops on Tao Yi Street. Every family walks in, and you will see a tea table for buying things and talking about stories. You can walk slowly here, almost half of it has something to do with the owner. Here, you can also face face -to -face with the craftsmen of the Oriental Tea.

5. Sanbao Pottery Village (keywords: studio art space)

There are many interesting craftsman studios in Sanbao (many studios are not open, because creation needs a quieter atmosphere). If someone can visit some people in it, it is best to bring someone to bring it, otherwise it will be a little confused. Sanbao is suitable for shopping, but it is not suitable for buying things, everything is relying on fate.

In addition, you can also go to the alley of Fanjiajing to see that it looks like a residential area over there. In fact, many stores are in the alley. There are more.