##Korean grilled beef

Mentioned Korean cooking barbecue must be essential. Today I bought the big scoop -up of the Korean barbecue at home. Daxi was established in 1975 that it was a must -have for home furnishings in South Korea. Make barbecue and directly use Da Xi Big Barbecue to marinate meat. It is so delicious as the Korean restaurant outside the Korean restaurant.

#烤究美味 灵魂就酱#韩式烤牛肉

By jessica_dai


Niu on the brain half a catty

Half of the onion


Moderate amount of edible oil

#烤究美味 灵魂就酱#韩式烤牛肉

A bag

#烤究美味 灵魂就酱#韩式烤牛肉


Practice step

#烤究美味 灵魂就酱#韩式烤牛肉

1. First prepare the ingredients: Wash the onion, cut the green onions into a section of ginger, sliced ​​and beef, wash the blood with kitchen paper to absorb blood and water

2. Take a clean container pour into the beef ginger and onion and the onion section and add a whole bag of Daxi Boom Bakery all the ingredients and sauces stir well in the refrigerator for about an hour

#烤究美味 灵魂就酱#韩式烤牛肉

3. At the same time, you can also prepare other vegetables: pumpkin corn and shiitake mushrooms.

4. Pour an appropriate amount of olive oil in the multi -functional dish machine and heat the heat in the middle of the heat.

#烤究美味 灵魂就酱#韩式烤牛肉

5. The beef that has been marinated with a big grilled meat sauce is delicious. I don’t need to add other dipping sauce

6. Take a piece of lettuce leaves and put on the roasted onion and green onion and beef and sprinkle some chili noodles to drink sesame seeds to wrap

7. Bite the juice with full flesh and tender and very satisfying.

#烤究美味 灵魂就酱#韩式烤牛肉

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